Our Search Engine

The Search Engine will now first look for the exact phrase searched for, and any matches will come at the top of the list.

Then, depending on whether the 'all words' option is ticked or not, it will search for all or any of the words anywhere in the collection - the more words are matched, the higher they come up the list.

When you follow the search result link to view the catalogue, if it managed to match the full phrase then only the full phrase is highlighted, otherwise any matching words are highlighted.

Note the full phrase must be exact (other than extra spaces) so if you search for 'Town Hall' then it won't exactly match '...outside the Town. Hall and Oates Ltd submitted a tender...' but in the latter case it would manage an 'all words' match.

N.B. There are two search boxes on our website: on the Catalogue page (with the 'all words' tick-box) and in the left-hand menu. The search via the latter is set to automatically use 'all words' - if that search doesn't find anything then you can uncheck the option on the search results page.

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