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Ref: MUS/499

Reference: [GB 0212] MUS/499
Date(s): 1907-1939
Level: Fonds
Extent: 19 items
Scope and content: Papers of Mrs. Susanna Rudman.
Mrs Susanna Mary Rudman (c. 1847-1927) was the daughter of Francis David and Mary Ann Saunders and married first Conrade Maxwell Macpherson Middleton Abadam (1845-1873), and second Frank Fiddes Rudman (1857-1884). She lived for many years as a widow, and became a well-respected member of the agricultural community. Her principal residences were Glanrhydw, Kidwelly, Carms and Ty Mawr, Cilcennin, Cards.

Mrs R. Saunders of Glanrhydw, Kidwelly: Alliance Assurance Company Limited document for insuring employees at Ty Mawr Farm, Cilcennin, Ciliau Aeron, in this instance farm labourers and occasional hands for haymaking, harvest and other farm work.

Letter to Mrs Rudman at Glanrhydw, Kidwelly from D.F.Lloyd, Deputy Steward of the Crown Manor's Office at Lampeter relating to the Chief Rent payment for the year on Ty Mawr as part of the Manor of Haminiog.
8 December 1911

Receipt from Jones, Sons and Gibbs, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers and Decorators, Curtain and Carpet Factors, Aberystwyth for an old inlaid banner screen priced £2.12.6
7 January 1913

MUS/499/4 (5 items)

MUS/499/4/1. Note from A.E. Steadman of the Great Western Railway at Ciliau Aeron station responding to an enquiry about the relative prices of carriage of hay from Ciliau Aeron to Carmarthen.
13 December 1913

MUS/499/4/2. Invoice to Mrs Rudman Saunders from the Great Western Railway issued from Ciliau Aeron Station for the carriage of hay from Ciliau Aeron to Carmarthen Junction.
18 December 1913

MUS/499/4/3. Invoice to Mrs Rudman Saunders from the Great Western Railway issued from Ciliau Aeron Station for an undercharge on the previous bill for £1.5.0.
25 February 1914

MUS/499/4/4. Receipt to 'Rudman Saunders' for cattle carried on the Great Western Railway from Felinfach station £1.3.2
1 May 1914

MUS/499/4/5. Invoice to Mrs Rudman Saunders at Ty Mawr from the Great Western Railway at Ciliau for excess luggage, two trunks and two hat boxes from Lampeter station
25 September [no year]

Receipt from the Mid-Aeron Bull Club to Mrs Rudman Saunders for fifteen shillings
2 July 1914

Cigarette card depicting silent-screen star Mme Olda Petrova [Muriel Harding] 1884-1977.

Receipt from North Sea Fisheries Co. Pontoon, Grimsby to Mrs Saunders, Kidwelly for £1.0.0
2 May 1917

Carriage Licence for Mrs Susannah Rudman Saunders price one guinea issued at Kidwelly
1 February 1918

Motor Car Licence (not exceeding 26 h.p.) for Mrs Susannah Rudman Saunders price six guineas issued at Kidwelly
1 February 1918

Great Eastern Railway Company Dividend Statement for the half year ended 30 June 1918 addressed to Mrs Susan M Rudman at (first) her Ty Mawr and (secondly) her Glanrhydw address.

Envelope with halfpenny stamp addressed to P.L. Pryse Esq. Ty Mawr, Ciliau Aeron, Cardiganshire headed 'Investment Notes issued by the British, Foreign and Colonial Corporation Ltd'.
13 April 1920

Reminder from The Carmarthen Journal that Mrs Saunders' subscription to the newspaper ceased on 30 September 1921.
7 October 1921

Letter to Mrs Rudman from C.B. Jones of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Welsh Office, 17, Little Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth, relating to her continued service on the Carmarthen County Agricultural Committee
21 April 1922

Letter from Roberts and Evans Solicitors to Mrs Rudman Saunders of Glanrhydw, Kidwelly reminding her to pay last year's tithe, due 1 January.
26 September 1922

Envelope addressed to Captain George R. Pryse Saunders, Ty Mawr, Ciliau Aeron Lampeter, Cardiganshire, from London
31 October 1939

Letter from H. Whatley & Sons, Wine and Spirit Merchants and Shippers of 50 Mark Lane, London to Captain G.R.Pryse-Sounders [sic] to accompany a special list of South Australian wines.
1 November 1939

Letter from Lindeman Australian Wines Ltd. enclosing a copy of their wine list addressed to Captain Pryse Saunders
1 November 1939

Advertisement for Lipton's Coffee and Chicory Essence, French Coffee and Pure Coffee with an informal invoice for groceries to the value of 14/3 addressed to Mrs Saunders Glanrhydw.

Printed envelope addressed to J. Davies, London House, Aberayron

Leach's Jumpers and Coats in Extra Outsize (45 -50 inch bust measurement). Knitting patterns from Leach's Sixpenny Knitting and Handicraft Series no.174.
n.d. c. 1930?

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