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Ref: MUS/335

Reference: [GB 0212] MUS/335
Date(s): 1870-1938
Level: Fonds
Extent: 6 series
Scope and content: Material concerning the Evans family of Llanbadarn Fawr. This includes collections of memorial cards and cigarette silks, certificates of discharge, receipts and legal documents.

Robert Evans (b. 1841) was a sailor who was employed largely in the South America trade. He married Jane Edwards (b. c. 1841) daughter of Thomas Edwards (b. c. 1801), a carpenter and joiner who owned two houses in Llanbadarn Fawr. Edwards died in 1880/81, leaving Glyn Cottage and Castle Cottage firstly to his wife Anne (b. c. 1799), Glyn Cottage then going to her daughter, Miss Anne Edwards (b. c. 1831) and thence to her son Thomas Hughes (b. c. 1868), whilst Castle Cottage was to have gone to Mrs Robert Evans.

Robert and Jane Evans had at least three children, William (b. c. 1872), Thomas (c. 1877-1923) and Elizabeth Anne (1880-1972). The Evans were at North Parade in 1871, Quebec Row in 1872 and Mariners, Llanbadarn, in 1885. They first appear at Glyn Cottage in 1888, overlapping with one of the Anne Edwards. Jane is last heard of at the cottage in 1915, but Elizabeth Anne was still there in 1928. Elizabeth Anne was headmistress at Commins Coch School from 1907 to 1946.

Three memorial cards and one black-bordered envelope, all of which have been torn in half.

1. Embossed card signed Mansell with border of white raised above black, featuring weeping willow, crying child, gravesafe with gravestone, tomb, and wreathed cross. 'In affectionate remembrance of Robert James, the son of George and Mary Lewis, High Street, Aberystwyth, who died on Sunday the 2nd of January, 1870, aged 2 years and 6 months' " followed by Welsh language verse.

2. Embossed card signed Wood, white with narrow black border, featuring weeping willows, an obelisk and a weeping woman. 'In affectionate remembrance of Mary, the beloved wife of David Humphreys, Stone Mason, High Street, Aberystwyth, and the youngest daughter of Capt. David Morgans, who died on the 24th of March 1870, aged 26 years' " followed by memorial verse.

3. Card with black crossed ribbon borders. 'In affectionate remembrance of Benjamin Hughes of Aberystwyth, who died the 30th of January, 1873, aged 51 years' " followed by verse from Psalms.

4. Black bordered envelope, probably used for No. 3 (above), addressed to Mr Robert Evans, Mariner, Llanbadarn.

Masters' references and Certificates of Discharge belonging to Robert E. Evans. Evans had gained his Only Mate's certificate (No. 93402) at Aberystwyth on 13 September 1870. The discharge certificates provide a near complete record of Evans' voyages between 1876 and 1890, one of the gaps being covered by a masters' reference (MUS/335/2/1/3).

MUS/335/2/1: References from ship's masters

1. From William Davies, master of the Hazelwood of Aberystwyth, dated at Liverpool. Roberts served as mate on a voyage to the west coast of South America in a sober, honest and faithful manner. See discharge certificate MUS/335/2/2/1.
31 January 1877

2. From Stephens, master of the Barquentine Bridegroom, dated at Hamburg. Roberts had served as mate on the Bridegroom for the previous four months, being very sober and steady. See discharge certificate MUS/335/2/2/6.
10 June 1881

3. From John Simon, master of the Brig Edith Mary, dated at Liverpool. Roberts had served as mate on the Edith Mary for fourteen months, being sober and attentive to his duties.
29 August 1882

4. From David Jones, master of the Barque Hawkeye, dated at Belle View Street, Swansea. Roberts had served as chief officer on a voyage from Swansea to Para (Brazil) and back, being a good officer in every way. See discharge certificate MUS/335/2/2/15.
24 July 1886

MUS/335/2/2: Certificates of Discharge

1. Mate on Hazelwood of Aberystwyth, engaged at Swansea, 23 March 1876, discharged Liverpool, 14 January 1877. See master's reference MUS/335/2/1/1.

2. Mate on Hazelwood of Aberystwyth voyaging to Demerara, engaged 22 December 1877, discharged at London, 14 November 1878.

3. Mate on Hazelwood of Aberystwyth, engaged at London, 21 August 1878, discharged at the same port, 27 August 1879.

4. Mate on Forest Prince of Newport voyaging to Lisbon, engaged at Cardiff, 18 October 1879, discharged Newport, 18 December 1879.

5. Mate on the Vesper of Salcombe voyaging to Trinidad, engaged at Troon, 20 December 1879, discharged Yarmouth 16 August 1880.

6. Mate on the Bridegroom of Swansea on a foreign voyage, engaged 18 January 1881, discharged at Hamburg, 10 June 1881. See master's reference MUS/335/2/1/2.

7. Mate on the Edith Mary of Liverpool voyaging to Jamaica, Oporto etc., engaged at Glasgow, 26 July 1881, discharged at Liverpool, 24 March 1882.

8. Mate on the Edith Mary of Liverpool, engaged at Liverpool, 11 April 1882, discharged at Workington, 29 July 1882.

9. Mate on the Estella of Liverpool, engaged at Swansea, 9 January 1883, discharged at South Shields, 23 April 1883.

10. Mate on the City of Saint Asaph of Liverpool on a voyage to Aruba, engaged at Swansea, 3 May 1883, discharged Borrowstoness, 13 September 1883.

11. Mate on Effendi of Swansea on a voyage to Tucacas (Venezuela), engaged at Swansea, 18 March 1884, discharged at Liverpool, 14 July 1884.

12. Mate on the England, engaged at Cardiff, 11 August 1884, discharged at the same port, 13 October 1884.

11. Mate on the Isabella of Swansea on a voyage to Santos, engaged at Swansea, 22 December 1884, discharged at the same port, 3 July 1885.

14. Mate on the Theta of Swansea on a voyage to Para, engaged at Swansea, 20 July 1885, discharged at the same port, 9 January 1886.

15. Mate on the Hawkeye of Swansea on a voyage to Para etc., engaged at Swansea, 9 January 1886 and discharged at the same port, 8 July 1886. See master's reference MUS/335/2/1/4.

16. Mate on the Ethels of London on a foreign voyage, engaged at Swansea, 2 August 1886, discharged at Hamburg, 1 September 1887.

17. Mate on the Ella of Aberystwyth on a South American voyage, engaged at Cardiff, 18 November 1887, discharged Middlesbrough, 27 July 1888.

18. Mate on the Ella of Aberystwyth on a voyage to Buenos Ayres, engaged at Middlesbrough, 8 August 1888, discharged at Plymouth, 28 August 1888.

19. Mate on the Florence for a voyage to Rosario, engaged at Swansea, 3 September 1888 and discharged at the same port, 12 June 1889.

20. Mate on the Glenariff of Swansea on a voyage to Buenos Ayres, engaged at Whitehaven, 2 July 1889, discharged at Swansea, 5 March 1890.

MUS/335/3: Legal documents, notice to vaccinate, insurance certificates and premium cards.

1. 'Copy of the probate of Mr Thos. Edwards, Glyn Cottage, Llanbadarn Fawr', Hugh Hughes, Aberystwyth. By the terms of his will Edwards left his two houses or cottages in Llanbadarn Fawr to his wife, Anne Edwards. On her death Glyn Cottage was to go to her daughter, another Anne Edwards, and on her demise to her son Thomas Hughes. Castle Cottage was to go to the second daughter, Jane, wife of Robert Evans, and on her death to her son William Evans.
30 July 1874

2. Bill for £1-18-4 addressed to the executors of late Mr Thomas Edwards, Llanbadarn Fawr, from Hugh Hughes & Sons, Solicitor, Aberystwyth. This was for arranging a mortgage to secure £50 and interest as instructed on 1 June 1880. Settled 1882.

3. Bill for £3-11-5 addressed to Mrs Anne Edwards and Mrs Robert Evans, Llanbadarn, from Hugh Hughes, Solicitor of Aberystwyth. This was for arranging a mortgage of to secure £108-12-8 on the leasehold properties occupied by the sisters in June 1889. Settled 10 April 1890.

4. Bill for £1-13-6 addressed to Miss Edwards and Mr Thomas Hughes, Glyn Cottage, Llanbadarn, from Hugh Hughes, Solicitor of Aberystwyth. This was for arranging a mortgage on Glyn Cottage for £95-15-0, 30 May and 17 December 1892.

5. Receipt from Hugh Hughes, Solicitor, for £200 together with interest of £35-19-8 from Mrs Robert Jones.
26 February 1897

6. Handwritten receipt from Jane Parry, Kilgerran Rectory, for £2-14-0 from Mrs Evans, 'being half years interest due March 4th 1900'.
17 March 1900

7. Bill for £2-15-0 addressed to Mrs Jane Evans of Glyn Cottage, from Hugh Hughes, Solicitor, Aberystwyth. This was for arranging the sale of Glyn Cottage from Mr Thomas Hughes to his aunt, Mrs Jane Evans, in April 1907. Settled 4 May 1907.

8. Notice of the requirement of vaccination for William Evans, addressed to Robert Evans at North Parade.
30 November 1871

9. Prudential Assurance Company certificate of Infantile Policy taken out by Robert Evans of Quebec Row, Llanbadarn Fawr, for his child, William Evans, then aged one. The policy required the payment of weekly penny premiums and would yield £10 in case of death after ten years.
29 January 1872

10. Mutual Fire Insurance Corporation, Aberystwyth Agent William Williams of 60 Marine Terrace, £200 household insurance issued to Mrs Jane Evans, Glyn Cottage.
4 March 1889

11. Palatine Insurance Company (into which the Mutual had been merged), William Williams agent, £200 insurance certificate issued to Mrs J. Evans.
8 April 1891

12. Palatine Insurance Company, William Williams agent, £200 insurance certificate issued to Mrs J. Evans.
8 April 1892

13. Sun Insurance Office, Hugh Hughes agent, £100 insurance certificate issued to Mrs A. Edwards.
30 June 1894

14. Sun Insurance Office, Hugh Hughes agent, £200 insurance certificate issued to Mrs Jane Evans.
14 July 1896

15. Sun Insurance Office, Hugh Hughes agent, £200 insurance certificate issued to Mrs Jane Evans.
22 July 1897

16. Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society, Aberystwyth Agent J. Williams of Portland Lane, collector Edward Jones. Premium card, April 1893 to March 1895, belonging to Mrs Jane Evans, aged 46 years when policy begun in August 1889.

17. Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society. Premium card for period between April 1895 and March 1897, belonging to Mrs Jane Evans.

18. Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society, Aberystwyth Agent now T.A, Davies of Chalybeate St. and collector now Thomas Jones. Premium card for period between April 1897 and March 1899.

18. Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society, J. Williams Aberystwyth District Agent, J. H. Hodgson collector. Life insurance policy certificate belonging to Jane Evans, aged 74, of Glyn House.
5 March 1917

Bills, mostly from Aberystwyth shopkeepers and addressed to Edwards or Evans of Glyn Cottage. The earliest is 1875, the latest 1928.

MUS/335/4/1: Handwritten bills

1. John Edwards to R. Jones, £0-7-3 for 17 […] holders.
12 May 1882

2. Account for boots.
October 1885

3. Bill to Miss Evans from N. Pierce, Milliner of 24 Cambrian St., for a hat, buckle, ribbons etc., in total £0-2-2½.
31 October 1903

4. Bill to Mrs Evans from J.W. Edwards of Minafon, Llanbadarn, 'For making Half of a Chimney' - £0-10-2.
3 December 1910

Two bills from P.P. Rowland, surgeon, Aberystwyth, both dated 25 May 1899. One, for 5s, is addressed to Mrs Evans of Glyn Cottage, the other, for £1-9-6, to Mrs Edwards, Glyn Cottage. Both were settled 26 May 1899.

Bill from R.J. Davies, Funeral Director of Swansea, , dated 9 February 1923 and addressed to Mrs Evans of 98 Rhondda Street, Swansea, for the burial expenses of the late Thomas Edward Evans. Thomas Evans was buried in an unpolished elm coffin with silver-plated fittings. Settled 16 February 1923. Note in pencil on reverse, 'Son of Robt. Evans'.

Twenty-four grocers' bills from the period 1875-1915. The earliest are three from Richard Morgan of 7 Great Darkgate Street. Two of these, dated November 1875 and April 1882, are addressed to Mr(s) Evans, the third (August 1882) to Mrs Edwards. Twelve bills are from J. Walters of the County and Boro' Stores of 4 Great Darkgate St. Eleven are addressed to Evans of Glyn Cottage, one to Edwards at the same address (10 May 1912). The first six (May 1911 to July 1912) bear the slogan, 'Agent for Nectar Tea', and the last three, from 1915, have an engraving of the Stores. Five bills from E.C. Jones, Cash Tea Stores, Brewer St. ('Always Use Milkmaid Full Cream Milk'). These date from between November 1911 and September 1912 and are all addressed to Evans, Glyn Cottage. Four bills are from A.G. Clarke, all addressed to Evans, Glyn Cottage. The first of these, from June 1913, advertises Zebra Black Lead ('Intensely Black') and comes from the Star Emporium of Chalybeate St. The next two, from July and December the same year, again comer from Chalybeate St. The last, from January 1915, is adapted from an E.C. Jones bill of the Cash Tea Stores of Brewer St. and Llanfarian.

Thirty-two drapers and milliners bills from the period 1875-1920. Eleven come from John Thomas of 9 Market Street and date from between October 1875 and May 1899. Most are addressed to Mrs Evans/Mrs Robert Evans, although one (June 1887) is made out to Mrs Edwards and another has Edwards crossed out and replaced by Mrs Robert Evans. In 1875 John Thomas was at 9 Market St., but had moved to 33 Great Darkgate St. by 1887 and 27 Great Darkgate St. by 1892. Three bills from Thomas Davies of 57 Great Darkgate St. and 5 Church St., are made out to Robert Evans (June 1887; Xmas 1891) and Mrs A. Edwards (May 1889). There are single bills from T. Simon & Son (January 1888) and Evan Simon (January 1899), both of the Post Office, Llanbadarn. The first of these is made out to Mr Evans, Glyn Cottage, for an overcoat for his son William and a suit for his son Thomas. The second, addressed to Mr Thomas Hughes, is for trousers. A bill from Hollier's of Bridge St. and Queen St, to Mr(s) Evans dates to the 1890's. Ten bills from J.E. Hughes of 34 Little Darkgate St., are mostly addressed to Miss/Mrs L/E(?).A. Evans and date from June 1903 to September 1920. By 1908 Hughes had acquired additional premises at No. 36 and by 1920 had moved to 1 Great Darkgate St. and 2 Baker St. A single bill from John Evans ('High Class Ladies' and Gents' Tailor') of 11 Great Darkgate St. is dated December 1909 and addressed to Miss Evans, Glyn Cottage. A single bill from John E. Wones of Vienna House, Great Darkgate St., is dated to August 1913. Two bills dating from the 1910s come from J. & R. Baird of Oswestry and are addressed to Miss/Mrs Evans. A single undated bill comes from J.R. Morris of 7 & 9 Princess St. and Bridge St.

Nine bills from boot and shoe makers. Five bills from Jane Samuel of 24 Great Darkgate St. date from February 1885 to July 1887. The earliest is addressed to Mr Evans of Mariner, Llanbadarn, the remainder to Mr or Mrs Evans of Llanbadarn. Two bills from David R. Jones of 4 Bridge St. are dated July 1886 and August 1888. The first is addressed to Mrs Evans, the second to Mr William Evans. Two bills from Dicks of 12 Great Darkgate St., dated May 1909 and April 1928, are addressed to Miss Evans.

Seven bills from John Jones, South Gate, coal merchant. Sent between July 1882 and January 1886 to Robert Evans, sometimes addressed as Capt., of Llanbadarn.

Two ironmonger's bills. The first, of May 1882, is from David Ellis of the Ironmongery Stores, 30 Great Darkgate St., to Mrs Evans. The second, of June 1892, is from Robert Doughton, opposite Town Clock and 1, 3 and 5 Bridge St, to Mrs Robert Evans.

Documents relating to the career of Elizabeth Anne Evans who was headmistress at Commins Coch Council School from 1907 to 1946, dying in 1972 aged 92 (Ceredigion 10.2 (1985), 161-179).

1. Memorandum of agreement between the School Board of Llanbadarnfawr U.D., pupil-teacher Elizabeth A. Evans and her mother, Jane Evans of Glyn Cottage, acting as surety. Elizabeth Anne was engaged to serve under a certified teacher at Llanbarnfawr Penyfron Board School from 1 February 1896 to 31 January 1900. She was to be given at least five hours of special instruction per week.
19 March 1896

2. Letter of recommendation from Hugh Hughes to the Cardiganshire Education Committee concerning the application of Miss Elizabeth Evans of Glyn Cottage for the position of Head Mistress of Comminscoch School. Hughes had been a member of the Llanbadarn School Board when Elizabeth Evans was apprenticed to it and since her qualification she had been Assistant Mistress in the Senior Department Llanbadarn School.
30 October 1907

3. Letter from Jenkin James of the Cardiganshire Education Committee to Miss E.A. Evans, Glyn Cottage, informing her that she had been appointed Headteacher of the Comminscoch Council School with a salary of £70.
19 December 1907

4. Letter from Jenkin James of the Cardiganshire Education Committee to Miss E.A. Evans, Glyn Cottage, acknowledging her acceptance of the Headteachership of Comminscoch Council School and enclosing a copy of, 'Instructions and Information for the Use of Teachers'.
21 December 1907

5. Letter from Jenkin James of the Cardiganshire Education Committee to Miss Evans of Council School, Comminscoch, informing her that her salary would rise by increments up to £80.

6. Aberystwyth District Education Committee school attendance return for month ending October 25th, 1912. Comminscoch Council School won the Attendance Banner for the Aberystwyth District Borough Division.

7. Income Tax: Year 1919-1920. Notice of Assessment addressed to Miss E.A. Evans of Council School, Comminscoch. Miss Evans' income had been assessed at £135.
17 October 1919

8. Printed bill dated 12 November 1938 from William Jenkins, haulage contractor, coal and general merchant of Tymawr Garage, Llanbadarn, to Miss Evans, Commins Coch Schoolmistress, for £3-10-0, apparently for carriage for 30 from Llanbadarn to Commis Coch School and return, on 28 and 30 June 1938. Settled 3 December 1938

Twenty-seven cigarette silks and one cigarette card. Silks were small printed or embroidered pieces of satin issued with cigarette packets and intended to be worn as badges. Most silks date to the period c. 1900 - 1922, although there are some later examples. They were most popular during the Great War when allied flags, regimental badges and war heroes were in vogue. This collection has: eleven flags, including three outsize Union Jacks; three regimental badges or colours with another on the sole card; a town arms; the Australian Premier; two Victoria Crosses (L-Cpl. Michael O'Leary and Major C.A.L. Yate); seven flowers; one 'Head of Child'. Only one example, clasped hands with the British and American flags, is embroidered. The 'Royal Irish Lancers' retains its backing card advertising 'Chairman', 'Vice Chair' and 'Chairman Medium' cigarettes made by R.J. Lea of Manchester.

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