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Ref: MUS/230/3

MUS/230/3: Family documents and photographs

MUS/230/3/1: Documents

1. Poem, signed ‘Corduroy’, written out by hand on two sheets of Cavalry Barracks, Windsor headed notepaper. WWI or WWII.
2. Notice from Victor Levett & Co. informing Captain Roberts of a share transaction.
18 June 1946
3. Twenty-four cheques and similar, signed by Richard W. and Mary Roberts.
26 July 1944-24 May 1946
4. Two sheet letter in original envelope addressed to Captain Roberts of the Samkansa (‘My Dear Dick...’) from his mother, then at Childwall, Liverpool.
1 January 1947
5. Three sheet letter in original envelope addressed to Captain Roberts of the Samkansa (‘My Dear Dick...’) from his uncle Whit, then at Childwall, Liverpool, announcing the death of Roberts’ mother.
21 March 1947
6. Fragment of letter (page 3) telling of the ending of a strike, allowing the ship to be unloaded, and the failure of the showers. On reverse address of C.N. Latham of Wellington, Salop.
7. Card of Mr R.W. Roberts of the Devonshire Club, SW1, with several jotted telephone numbers.

MUS/230/3/2: Postcards, unsent

1-2. Black and white views of Portmeirion.
3. Bilingual colour Trans Canadian Air Lines postcard, image of Super Constallation Skyliner disembarking passengers.

MUS/230/3/3: Family and personal photographs

Six photographs of women printed as postcards.

1. Woman in high boots perched on stool. Message on reverse to ‘Dear May’ from M…, ‘Principal Boy in ‘The Pageant of Wale’, Xmas 1919’.
2. Sepia tinted image of woman in costume, ‘Daisy as The Cracker, Dec 17-19.
3. Young woman, barefoot in theatrical garb and pose. Stamp of Culliford, Aberystwyth on reverse.
4-5. Woman with bouquet, standing then seated. Stamps of Culliford, Aberystwyth on reverse.
6. Two young women with fur tippets and muffs.

1-3. Three photographs of Richard W. and Mary Roberts’ wedding day, perhaps taken at the reception or when going away.

Three photographs with clergy.

1. Two women seated with clergyman outside garden door.
2. Group of three clergymen and three women on and around garden bench.
3. Interior, single clergyman " could be a costume.

Garden views and similar.

1. Roberts posed with other man. Note on reverse, ‘my cousin and myself, Santa Cruz Island …’
30 December 1927
2. Man seated on waste paper basket.
3. Snapshot of man wearing blazer.
4. Family group with parasol.
5. Humorous family pose, vertical in garden.
6. Mixed group in summer white with banjo and a youthful Roberts.
7. Mixed group dressed for warmth, possibly including a mature Roberts.
8. A game of tennis.
9. Woman on shingle beach with her hat at her feet.
10. Roberts(?) and companions with sunshade on sandy beach.
11. Mixed group, including a mature Roberts, posed before a pit or quarry.
12-13. Two snapshots of three women with hats.
14. Man (Roberts?) and woman at flower-bedecked grave. Stone right foreground inscribed to Rev Albert P…
15. Woman in hat.
16. Elderly man, younger woman and young child. The woman wears a cloche and fur.
17. Four seated women in hats, men to right.
18. Four women seated in deckchairs with hats, gardens and grand (seaside?) building in background.
19. Two hatless women seated on rustic bench.
20. Two women in hats, one with furs, perch on rocks at the edge of a lake.
21-22. Two women with hats stand in a dirt track beside a tree. Photographer’s shadow foreground. Two copies.
23. Party outside Llandre Church.

Countryside scenes.

1. Mixed part resting or picnicking at foot of open hillside.
2-3. Mixed party taking tea or picnicking on tree-strewn slopes.
4-5. Family group taking tea beneath a tree. Two copies.
6. Chickens in the yard.
7. Flat-capped man on open hill.
8-9. Man wearing cap and gaiters, standing in lane. Two copies.
10. Two men follow sheep at a distance.
11. Man and cow regard one another. Printed as postcard.
12. Man poses with cow.
13-14. Man crouching behind caged ducks. Caption reads, ‘Talybont Show. 1930’. Printed as postcards, two copies.

Pictures with cars.

1. Women seated in chauffeur driven four-door Ford car, date on reverse 1916. The car was registered in Cardiganshire, No. EJ 11-, and should belong either to Ro. Llewelyn Davies of Machynlleth or else John Daniel & sons of Cardigan.
2-3. Unidentified car driven by (2) a woman and (3) a man. 3. has note on reverse, ‘W.T.K. Raw-Rees Chest.(?)’.
4. Young child in rear seat of early car.

Photographs with infants and children.
1. Nurse with infant in front of brick window bow.
2. Woman with infant.
3-4. Boy with golden retriever, house and conservatory in background. Two copies.
5. Young child on tricycle.
6. Boy looking out of car window.
7. Woman blowing up balloons, with young children, on lawn.

Family groups taken in same garden, possibly Tyn’-y-parc, Llandre, home of the Rees’.
1. Boy, house rises behind.
2-3. Family group around bench by house.
4. Informal group behind bench by house.
5-10. The young people on the garden bench by the house, two young men and two young women, in various combinations and poses. One photograph (10) is a double exposure.
11. One of women from above, possibly in another part of the garden.
12. Three women seated on the bench, by the house.
13-14. Family group on and around bench, now beside tennis court.
15-16. On and around deckchairs, trees and shed in background.
17-19. On and around deckchairs, trees and shed in background. Sequence with duplicate, printed as postcards.

Two photographs posed outside an imposing doorway.

1. Two women with infant.
2. Family group, including clergyman?

At the seaside.

1. A young Roberts, sans tie, with two young women, shingle bank behind.
2. The young Roberts in the same state of undress, with another young woman and familiar shingle.
3. Woman in hat on beach.
4-6. Family group with toddler, Borth Hydro hotel in background in 6.

Against a prefab or shed background.

1. RAF officer with dogs.
2. Young women with two of same dogs.


1. Mature woman in hat in from of pebble-dashed house. Note on reverse, ‘Taken on leaving for Llangunnor by car. September 1946. To Dick’.
September 1946
2. Postcard of detached house sent to Mr Rees of Llandre, from RAF Lee on Solent, ‘This is the house I have got’. Stamp, ‘Passed Ships Censor’.
3-4. Woman posed in front of and behind pebble-dashed semi-detached house.
5. Photograph of house printed as postcard.

Holidays photographs, domestic and unidentified locations.

1. View of pier or dock from deck of ship. Note on reverse, ‘May. Can you see yourself + Sam in the middle?’
10 July 1952
2. Dogs’ collecting tin or tree-substitute. Note on reverse, ‘Dogs’ delight, Land’s End not Dogs’ End’.
September 1955
3. Posed snapshot of middle aged or elderly group (of five), trees in background.
4. Posed snapshot of family group (of nine), park gates in background. Note on reverse, ‘May. Left to right, D. Dorris, Maxine Holbert, Hadley Perrin, Grace Perrin, Mary Alice(?) Perrin, Mrs Edna Holbert, Billy Holbert, Ellen Berry.
5. Posed snapshot, mounted on card, of family group, middle aged parent with teenage sons (in Hawaiian shirts). Note on reverse, ‘What(?) Dr(?) Robbie’.
6. Snapshot of middle aged party on deck (of ship or pier?).
7. Snapshot of happy child.

Foreign holiday photographs and related material, including document relating to papal audience.

Possible honeymoon snapshot with copies, contained in two Photo des Nations of Geneva photographic sleeves.
1. Snapshot of a young Roberts and Mrs Roberts(?), possibly on honeymoon, torn at base.
2. Negative of snapshot, including tear.
3. Print of negative, still with tear.

Telegram form addressed to Captain Roberts at Hotel Santalucia, Napoli. Message concerns ‘special visit to Holy Father’, that had exceptionally been obtained for the Captain and Mrs Roberts for the following Monday.
18 June 1949

Photographs of an Italian holiday in 1949.
In the summer of 1949 the Roberts’ cruised on the yacht Niki, belonging to the Greek shipping magnate Eugen Eugenides. Eugenides had founded the Homes Line, based in Genoa, in 1946, which then operated liners and cruise ships, mostly to South America. The Niki had been launched in Britain as the Sunbeam in 1929, later, schooner-rigged, becoming the Swedish training ship Flying Clipper, before being sold to Greece as the Eugen Eugenides.
1-5. The Niki in inlet below Castello Brown at San Giorgio, near Genoa on the Italian Riviera. The Castello’s name may have influenced that of Waugh’s Castello Crouchback, otherwise based on Altachiara (‘Highclere), Portofino. Five copies, 1 with note on reverse, ‘Yacht Niki in which we spent 4 days cruising around Santa Margarita, July/August 1949’.
6-8. Two snapshots, with negative for one, of party, including the Roberts’, probably on the stern of the Niki. Negative in Photo des Nations of Geneva sleeve.
9. Unused card with photograph of the Niki on front, ‘Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year, Eugen Eugenides, Villa Harma, Vaud, Switzerland’.

Photographs of a Roman holiday in 1951.
1-2. Two colour snapshots of Mrs Roberts, wearing distinctive costume, taken in garden with statuary. Dated Eastman Kodak stamps on reverse.
1 March 1951
3-5. Three pictures showing the Roberts’ at a balcony or patio table, together and singularly. Stamp of ‘Vasari " Roma’ on reverse.

Portraits and wedding photographs.

1. Unidentified young woman, head and shoulders.
2-3. Unidentified young man, first in suit, ‘July 1924’ on reverse, then with mortar board and gown, ‘Christmas 1924’ on reverse. Printed as postcards.
4. Woman, head and shoulders, ‘Miss Pym’ on reverse. Printed as postcard by Culverhouse of Hemel Hempstead.
5. Unknown man, half profile, printed as postcard by Heyworth’s, St Annes-on-Sea.
6. Seated portrait, printed on card, of same or similar man as in 5. Label of Lafayette of Deansgate, Manchester on reverse.
7. Group portrait of four unidentified young men, ‘Yours William(?)’ on reverse. Printed as postcard by Davies & Son of Pier Street, Aberystwyth.
7. Informal portrait of two unidentified young girls, mounted on card.
8. Wedding portrait of unidentified bride and groom, costume suggests 1920’s or 1930’s. Printed as a postcard by Culliford of Aberystwyth.
9. Possible wedding portrait, printed as a postcard, of unidentified bride and groom, costume suggests 1920’s or 1930’s.
10. Wedding day portrait, mounted on card, of couple in church porch, signed by Joan English.
11-12. Two colour wedding group portraits, mounted in card folder of the Benjamin Film Laboratories of Toronto. ‘May’ in pencil on both.
13. Large format photograph showing the moment of (infant) christening.
14. Large format photograph, from Desmond O’Neill Features of Ewell, Surrey, showing trio in evening dress, on a minister, seated on a tapestry-backed bench beneath ac large still life.
15. Large format photograph, Luton News copyright, showing the stage at a prize-giving or similar.

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