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Ref: MUS/196

Material, principally certificates, relating to Frances A. Richards, John Maldwyn Rees and Patrick Francis de Sales Pickering

Three certificates awarded to Frances A. Richards.
1. Board of Education Cookery Teacher’s Full Diploma second class, December 1902, following training at the South Wales and Monmouth Training School of Cookery, 1901-1902 (vellum).
2. The Technical School of the County Borough of Cardiff, award of second class in Domestic Economy, 1902 (paper).
3. University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire, Dept. Of the Training School of Cookery and the Domestic Arts: first class diploma in Cookery for Teachers, following seven terms of training, March 1904 (vellum).

Certificate awarded to John Maldwyn Rees, with whom a commonplace book and an earlier annual of ‘Chatterbox’ might also be associated.
1. National Society of Art Masters (Patron: His Most Gracious Majesty The King) Art Examination for Secondary and other Schools. Certificate of Second Class in the Lower Section in Drawing from Familiar Objects and Drawing from Nature Forms, at the Carmarthen School of Art, 1932 (paper).
2. ‘Notebook’ of Maglona: M. Rees. Commonplace book containing essays on a variety of subjects, including ‘Peace and Disarmament’, and ‘Disarmament and Unemployment’, together with a large number of cuttings of an anodyne or sententious nature. Also contains: cuttings of ‘... Pageant of Men and ...’ from the Saturday Herald of Wales, 14 April to 12 May 1934; teetotaller pamphlets; three photographs, one of woman posing by a car with a Hastings registration number (DYL619), one of a clergyman and one of a priest.
3. Incomplete and damaged 1904 bound copy of the ‘Chatterbox’ 1904 Annual (magazine for older children). Name ‘Ceredig Rees’ at rear with sundry pencil sketches.

Material relating to Patrick Francis de Sales Pickering.
1. Colour photograph. On reverse, ‘June 1974. Mr. Pickering of Wern? Near New Quay’.
2. Documents connected with the transfer of the lease of the ground floor flat at ‘High House’, Hagley Road, Oldwinford, Stourbridge (Worcestershire) to P.F. de S. Pickering, 30 June 1962. These are: 1. lease; 2. assignment; 3. grant of licence to assign; 4-5. two letters; 6. original envelope.
3. Five certificates with postage tube.
3/1. Certificate of associate membership of The Chartered Auctioneers’ and Estate Agents’ Institute, July 1954.
3/2. The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health admission of membership, November 1960.
3/3. The Rating and Valuation Association Certificate of membership, 25 November 1960, with compliments slip.
3/4. Diploma certifying P.F. de S. Pickering as a professional associate of the newly reconstituted Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 8 June 1970, with covering letter.
3/5. Diploma certificate certifying fellowship of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 1 March 1971, with covering letter.
3/6. Tube.

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