Archifdy Ceredigion Archives

Acc. 3213

Ref: MUS/137

School exercise books and 1940s knitting patterns

Benjamin D. Evans of Llanwnen

1. English Composition, November 1870
2. Parsing, August 1870
3. Morell [Grammatical and parsing exercises], October 1870
4. Dictation, March 1871
5. [Mathematics], March 1870

Titus Evans

6. English and French exercises. Commenced July 1875.

7. Cash book recording payments, receipts and stock purchases of a shop, probably the Post Office in Llanwnen, between the 1920s and 1932. Only some later records remain as the book has been reused and printed knitting patterns, mostly from the 1940s, have been glued over the pages. Some loose items among the pages, presumably intended to be pasted in.

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