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CDM: Records of Cardigan Borough Council.

Acc. 6, 37, 38, 40, 43, 133, 173, 306, 685, 686, 744, 754

Ref: CDM

Reference: [GB 0212] CDM
Title: Records of Cardigan Borough Council
Date(s): 1768-1975 (accumulated 1858 onwards)
Level: Fonds
Extent: 3.13m3

Administrative History:
The Borough came into existence in 1527, upon the grant of Henry VIII to the people of Cardigan. The Borough was reformed in 1835 by the Municipal Corporation Act, and the burgesses became responsible for the poor rate. In 1858 the Cardigan Borough Council was formed; the Council acted as Port Sanitary authority and later performed the functions of an Urban District Council.

Scource of Acquisition:
Acc. 6: by the clerk to Cardigan Town Council 29 October 1974
Acc. 37: by the same, 7 November 1975
Acc. 38: by the same, 19 November 1975
Acc. 40: by the same, 20 November 1975
Acc. 43: by the same, 27 November 1975
Acc. 133: by the Chief Executive, Ceredigion District Council, 20 January 1977
Acc. 173: by the same, 25 April 1978
Acc. 306: transferred from Ceredigion Library per National Library of Wales, 25 March 1981
Acc. 685: by Cardigan Town Hall, per Ceredigion Museum, 24 May 1989
Acc. 686: by Ceredigion Library, 6 June 1989
Acc. 744: by the Director of Administration, Ceredigion District Council, 30 October 1990
Acc. 754: by Ceredigion Museum, 6 December 1990

Scope and Content: The records have been arranged as follows

CDM/1-55: Records of the unreformed borough.
CDM/HE: Records of the Public Health Department.
CDM/HE/1: Health Reports
CDM/HE/2: Miscellaneous items on Public Health
CDM/HI: Records of the Highways Department
CDM/HI/1: Reports.
CDM/HI/2: Financial Records.
CDM/HI/3: Miscellaneous
CDM/SE: Records of the Clerk's Department.
CDM/SE/1: Minutes of council and committees
CDM/SE/2: Mayor, councillors, council officers, and J.P.s
CDM/SE/3: Cardigan Burial Board
CDM/SE/4: Port Sanitary Authority
CDM/SE/5: Board of Guardians
CDM/SE/6: Electors and Burgesses
CDM/SE/7: Royal proclamations
CDM/SE/8: Council property
CDM/SE/9: Byelaws
CDM/SE/10: Acts of Parliament
CDM/SE/11: Registers and licences
CDM/SE/12: Correspondence
CDM/SE/13: Evacuation records
CDM/SE/14: Miscellaneous
CDM/SE/15: Maps
CDM/SE/16: Local Land Charges
CDM/TR: Records of the Treasurer's Department.
CDM/TR/1: Abstracts of accounts
CDM/TR/2: Rate Books
CDM/TR/3: Valuation records
CDM/TR/4: Rating Records (other than rate books and valuation lists)
CDM/TR/5: Financial records of the Burial Board of St Mary, Cardigan.
CDM/TR/6: Salaries and employees.
CDM/TR/7: Bank Account books.
CDM/TR/8: Treasurer's Account Books and Ledgers

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