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CDC/V/2: Cardiganshire Smallholdings

Acc. 87

Ref: CDC/V/2

Reference: [GB 0212] CDC/V/2
Title: Cardiganshire Smallholdings
Date(s): 1920-1951
Level: Fonds
Extent: 20 files

Scope and Content:
1. Gelmast, Cwmystwyth, Cardiganshire - file of correspondence between the lessor (County Council) and the lessees, and between the County Council and the Forestry Commission re. expiry of lease on 29 September 1947.
Ref. 21/SH
June 1947 - December 1947

2. Schedule of holdings (lands, farms, woodlands) of the County Council with lessees, values, annual rents. Statements of expenses incurred by the County Council as owner of the holdings.
Ref. 2/SH
1935 - 1944

3. Cardiganshire County Council Agricultural Committee - correspondence and circulars re its equipment and furniture.
Ref. 4/1/SH
November 1946 - August 1949

4. Income Tax affairs of the holdings of the Cardiganshire County Council. Correspondence between Inland Revenue and the County Council, completed income tax returns, schedules of holdings, occupiers, annual rents, etc.
Ref. 7/SH
1930 - April 1948

5. Correspondence re land and field drainage within Cardiganshire between the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the County Council, and between the County Council and farmers.
Ref. 11/SH
June 1930 - December 1949

6. Correspondence, returns and statistics re the smallholdings of Cardiganshire County Council between the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the County Council.
Ref. 13/SH
May 1920 - March 1950

7. General correspondence, memoranda and circulars re smallholdings in Cardiganshire.
Ref. 8/SH
April 1933 - December 1949

8. Covenants, conditions, correspondence and circulars re. smallholdings in Cardiganshire.
Ref. 3/SH
February 1927 - February 1946

9. Gelmast, Cwmystwyth - correspondence file between the lessor (County Council) and lessees. (Many of the lessees' letters are in Welsh)
Ref. 21/SH
September 1934 - May 1947

10. File containing a letter from Mr. M. J. Jones of Penygraig, Cnwch Coch, to the County Council (undated and a letter from Mr. Gwilym James to the County Council on Mr. Jones' behalf (dated 14th September 1942). The letters refer to a notice to quit served on Mr and Mrs Jones; there is no indication of the outcome.
Ref. 28/SH

11. Correspondence, applications and circulars re. loans for smallholdings in Cardiganshire.
Ref. 12/SH
May 1933 - December 1947

12. Notices from estate agents of land for sale at Llangranog, Cellan and Mwnt Bach and the replies of the County Council.
Ref. 10/SH
October 1933 - June 1939

13. Llwyn Farm, Llanddewi Brefi, Cardiganshire - correspondence, memoranda and applications.
Ref. 23/SH
October 1934 - April 1951

14. Garnfach, Rhydrosser, Cardiganshire - correspondence file and applications for the fields, with replies from the County Land Agent.
Ref. 20/SH
May 1944 - July 1945

15. Glanfroed Field, Llandre, on the Gogerddan Estate: file of correspondence.
Ref. 22/SH
January 1936 - May 1945

16. Tyrabbey Field, Clarach, in the parish of Llangorwen, Cardigansnire - correspondence between the County Council, Mr. D. J. Richards (tenant) and Smith, Davies and Jessop, solicitors.
Ref. 30/SH
September 1939 - October 1947

17. Abertrinant Farm, Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn, Cardiganshire - correspondence, circulars, memoranda, reports, drawings and maps.
Ref. 15/SH
July 1934 - July 1948

18. Mr. William Hughes of Lluest, Ffair Rhos, County Patrol Shepherd for Cardiganshire - correspondence about and time-sheets and reports of him.
Ref. 9/SH
April 1948 - September 1953

19. Unsuccessful applications of persons wanting to farm smallholdings of the County Council, with replies.
Ref. 1/SH
November 1931 - April 1951

20. Correspondence including applications re smallholdings in Cardiganshire.
Ref. 5/SH
March 1949 - April 1950
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