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ADX/2: Great Sessions

Acc. 12

Ref: ADX/2

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/2
Title: Final concords in the Great Sessions held at Cardigan
Date(s): 1584-1774
Level: Fonds
Extent: 4 items

Scope and Content:
1. Exemplification of a final concord in the Great Sessions held at Cardigan 29th July 1583 between David Lloyd Griffith ap Howell complainant and David Lloyd ap Jenkin deforciant of four messuages, four gardens, a hundred acres of land twenty acres of meadow, sixty acres of pasture, thirty acres of woodland and twenty acres of heath with appurtenances in Llandissell (Llandyssul)
10 August 26 Eliz. Seal (1584)

2. Final concord between Cynon Thomas Eynon gent complainant and William James gent and his wife Margaret deforciants of two messuages, one cottage and lands in Llandingad
21 August 28 Car.II (1668)

3. Final concord between (Cedruim) Price gent complainant and John Lloyd gent and Jotosa his wife, Richard Phillipps esq. and Bridgett his wife deforciants of land in Llannarth
11 September 1708

4. Final concord between William Powell the elder, clerk, doctor of laws, John Lewes esq., William Bonville, sadler and Theophilus Jones gentleman, plaintiffs and Llewellin Parry esq., David Edward Lewes esq. John Philipps clerk and David Williams clerk and Margaret his wife deforciants, of thirty-five messuages, two water corn grist mills, fifty gardens, fifty orchards, 2500 acres of land, fifty acres of meadow, 400 acres of pasture, thirty acres of wood and underwood, 1500 acres of furze and heath and common of pasture for all manner of cattle and turbary, with their appurtenances and also a fair called Cappell Cunnon fair with the tolls and appurtenances in the parishes of Llangunllo, Llandevryog, Llandissiliogogo and Llanvairorllwyn
English 1
1 April 14 Geo. Ill (1774)
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