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Acc. 1064

Ref: MUS/90 

Letter to the Mayor and Burgesses of Cardigan concerning non-payment of tolls

Letter from ‘His Highnes’ [the Prince of Wales, later Charles I] Counsell Chamber in Fleete Street, London’  to 'our lovinge freindes the Mayor and  Burgesses of the Towne of Cardigan' reminding them of the rights of Roger Mills gent. farmer of tolls in the town of Cardigan and requesting them to respect these rights. 
Signed by: Lord Chief Justice James Ley; Sir James Fullerton, one of the gentlemen of His Majesty's bedchamber; Sir John Walter, chief baron of His Majesty's court of the Exchequer; Sir Thomas Trevor, one of the justices of the said court; Richard Smythe.
12 December 1621

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