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Ref: MUS/83

1st Cardiganshire Battalion Home Guard

Acc. 2599

Scrapbook-style book [photographs & duplicated typed notes] concerning the 1st Cardiganshire Battalion Home Guard. Text by Major S.J.F. Philpott. This may be one of only six copies produced by the Cambrian News. Contains a history, information on individuals in the regiment, an illustration of the command structure and a number of photographs. The volume was presented to the Regimental Sergeant Major Jack Roberts 'for sterling services rendered'
No date – c. 1945

Acc. 2606

Another copy of the same scrapbook, incl. newspaper cutting (undated) about the Battalion's annual dinner, and Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Lt. Col. D. C. Lewis, the Battalion’s Commanding Officer (to whom this book was presented) by the Western Command on 1 January 1945

Also photocopy of item 2.

Acc. 3300

Another copy of the same scrapbook. The volume was presented to the Sector Commander Col. B. Taylor Lloyd, D.L., M.C., 'as a token of our deep appreciation of his inspiring leadership'

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