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Archifdy Ceredigion Archives
CDD/SE: Ceredigion District Council Chief Executive¬ís Department

Acc. 1961

Ref: CDD/SE/13

Reference: [GB 0212] CDD/SE/13
Title: Reports and Local Plans
Date(s): 1976-1995
Level: Fonds
Extent: 42 items

Scope and Content:

1. Local Plans: Framework for Preparation

2. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan
2/1. Introductory Report 1976
2/2. Introductory Report: Report on Consultations 1977
2/3. Community matters, summary report 1977
2/4. Community matters report 1977
2/5. Environment Topic Report. 1979.
2/6. Economy Report ?1978
2/7. Utility Services Report ?1978
2/8. Tourism Report ?1978
2/9. Transport Report 1978

3. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: Aberaeron Town Report. 1980.

4. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: Synod Inn/Post Mawr Village Report n.d.

5. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: Cross Inn Village Report n.d.

6. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: Cwmtudu Village Report n.d.

7. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: Maenygroes Village Report n.d.

8. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: Llwyncelyn Village Report n.d.

9. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: Caerwedros, Llwyndafydd, Nanternis Village Report

10. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: Llanarth Village Report

11. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: New Quay Town Report n.d.

12. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: Aberarth Village Report

13. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: Oakford Village Report

14. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: Gilfachreda Village Report. 1979.

15. Aberaeron and New Quay Area District Plan: Ffosyffin Village Report. 1979.

16. Local Plans: Report on Consultations 1 (Aberystwyth Area District Plan: Interim appraisal and Aberaeron New Quay Area District Plan: Introductory Report)

17. Aberystwyth Area District Plan: 
17/1. Interim appraisal n.d.
17/2. Aberystwyth Housing Land report n.d.
17/3. Aberystwyth Area District Plan. Housing land: Responses and formulation of draft proposals.

18. Cardigan District Plan
18/1. 1-Policy Approach
18/2. 2-Settlement Summaries 1980
18/3. 3-Technical Report 1980
18/4. Appraisal 1 n.d.

19. Lampeter Area District Plan
19/1. Appraisal 1 1981
19/2. Appraisal 2: Settlement Summaries 1981
19/3. Appraisal 3: Technical Appendix

20. Ceredigion 1979: Appraisal and Policies.

21/1-5 Ceredigion Coast: A management initiative, draft (5 volumes)

22. Report of the Director of Planning on Population changes and related matters. 1981.

23. An Investigation of the Effects of Recreation at Mwnt and Llangranog. 1979.

24. Report on Ceredigion Coast Community Programme Footpath Project

25. Report of the Director of Planning upon planning policies of Ceredigion District Council

26. Ceredigion Local Plan, Preparation Working Document: Consultations Summary
March 1995

27. Ceredigion Draft Local Plan
27/1. Consultation Document vol. 1: Written Statement. March 1995
27/2. Consultation Document vol. 2: Proposal and Inset Maps. March 1995
27/3. Maps
Proposals maps
Aberystwyth area
Cardigan area
Lampeter area
Inset maps: 

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