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ADX/1489: Ronald Everson Collection 


Ref: ADX/1489/3/13
Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1489/3/13
Title: Ronald Everson's slides box 13
Date(s): 1970s
Level: file
Extent: 200 slides
Scope and Content: Box 13. 200 slides (Nos. 2,401-2,600). These include some of Aberystwyth and district, as well as others taken elsewhere in Wales and in England.

The following slides have been digitized, and larger images can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail.

81.  Cwm Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/13/81  Cwm Rheidol.

82.  Weir, Cwm Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/13/82  Cwm Rheidol.

84.  Waterfall, Cwm Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/13/84  Cwm Rheidol.

93.  Cwm Rheidol waterfall

ADX/1489/3/13/93  Cwm Rheidol.

94.  Dam, River Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/13/94  River Rheidol.

95.  Dam, River Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/13/95  River Rheidol.

96.  Dam, River Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/13/96  River Rheidol.

100.  View of Ponterwyd

ADX/1489/3/13/100  Ponterwyd.

101.  Afforestation [Nant yr Arian?] 

ADX/1489/3/13/101  Afforestation.

102.  Afforestation [Nant yr Arian?] 

ADX/1489/3/13/102  Afforestation.

103.  Afforestation [Nant yr Arian?] 

ADX/1489/3/13/103  Afforestation.

104.  Afforestation [Nant yr Arian?] 

ADX/1489/3/13/104  Afforestation.

105.  Afforestation [Nant yr Arian?] 

ADX/1489/3/13/105  Afforestation.

106.  Afforestation [Nant yr Arian?] 

ADX/1489/3/13/106  Afforestation.

107.  View, Constitution Hill

ADX/1489/3/13/107  View Constitution Hill.

108.  Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill

ADX/1489/3/13/108  Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill.

109.  Aberystwyth Bay winter sun

ADX/1489/3/13/109  Aberystwyth Bay winter sun.

110.  Aberystwyth Prom in Winter

ADX/1489/3/13/110  Aberystwyth Prom in Winter.

111.  Clarach in winter sun

ADX/1489/3/13/111  Clarach in winter sun.

154.  Tresaith

ADX/1489/3/13/154  Tresaith.

155.  Tresaith

ADX/1489/3/13155/  Tresaith.

156.  Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/13/156  Aberystwyth.

157.  Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/13/157  Aberystwyth.

158.  Aberystwyth Harbour

ADX/1489/3/13/158  Aberystwyth.

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