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CDC/ML: Motor Licensing.

Acc. 167, 260, 264, 285, 904


Reference: [GB 0212] CDC/ML
Title: Records of Motor Vehicle Licensing in the County of Cardiganshire.
Date(s): 1903-1978
Level: Fonds

Administrative History: Under the Motor Car Act 1903, all motor vehicles and motor cycles had to be licensed by their local county for use on public roads, and were assigned a unique registration number. Drivers of motor vehicles were also licensed by their local authority. Local authority powers were consolidated by the Roads Act 1920. There were 17 registration authorities in Wales, who acted as agents for the Ministry of Transport. A new system of central administration was started in 1965, but the transition from local authority control to the new central office, based in Swansea, took until 1978. Local offices across the UK dealt mainly with the registration of new and imported vehicles. The local vehicle licensing office in Aberystwyth was responsible for the registration of vehicles and drivers in Cardiganshire and Dyfed until c.1985

Source of Acquisition:
Acc. 167, Items transferred from the Motor Taxation Office Aberystwyth. 16 March 1978.
Acc. 260, Transferred by the Local Vehicle Licensing Office, Aberystwyth. 23 April 1980.
Acc. 264, Transferred by the Local Vehicle Licensing Office, Aberystwyth. 14 May 1980.
Acc. 285, Transferred by the Local Vehicle Licensing Office, Aberystwyth. 6 November 1980.
Acc. 904, Transferred from the National Library of Wales, 23 June 1994.

Scope and Content:
The collection contains; records of motor vehicle licensing, 1903-1978, including registers, 1903-1976; motor vehicle registration cards; transfer cards and acknowledgement of take-on of vehicle record cards; registers of incoming car registration documents, 1957-1966; cash books for taxation of vehicles, 1970-1977; registers of motor vehicle licenses, 1918-1978; summaries of duties on vehicle licenses, 1967-1978; vehicle excise licenses monthly statement of refunds, 1971-1975; registers of driving licenses, 1908-1973; driving license copy books, 1930-1950; registers of trade number plates, 1954-1976; receipt books of full licenses, 1975-1976; records of spoilt licenses, 1970-1978; financial records, 1961-1978; and miscellaneous, 1927-1978.

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