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ADX/1489: Ronald Everson Collection


Ref: ADX/1489/3/9
Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1489/3/9
Title: Ronald Everson's slides box 9
Date(s): 1970s
Level: file
Extent: 200 slides
Scope and Content: Box 9, 200 slides (Nos. 1,601-1,800). Some of Aberystwyth and Ceredigion, including a series of studies of Aberystwyth Harbour (Nos. 172-192), but were mostly taken elsewhere in Britain. (Including: 1-137 are of various sites in Scotland; 138, Harlech; 139, Snowdonia; 140-147, Ely; 152-160, Bodnant House; 193-200, Portmeirion.)

The following slides have been digitized, and larger images can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail.

148. Teifi Bridge, Cenarth

ADX/1489/3/9/148 Cenarth.

149. Teifi Bridge, Cenarth

ADX/1489/3/9/149 Cenarth.

150. Falls Cenarth

ADX/1489/3/9/150 Cenarth.

151. View Cenarth

ADX/1489/3/9/151 Cenarth.

168. Garden, Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/9/168 Garden, 23 Danycoed.

169. Garden, 23 Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/9/169 Garden, 23 Danycoed.

170. Garden, 23 Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/9/170 Garden, 23 Danycoed.

171. Garden, 23 Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/9/171 Garden, 23 Danycoed.

172. Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/172 Aberystwyth Harbour.

173. Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/173 Aberystwyth Harbour.

174. Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/174 Aberystwyth Harbour.

175. Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/175 Aberystwyth Harbour.

176 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/176 Aberystwyth Harbour.

177 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/177 Aberystwyth Harbour.

178 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/178 Aberystwyth Harbour.

179 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/179 Aberystwyth Harbour.

180 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/180 Aberystwyth Harbour.

181 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/181 Aberystwyth Harbour.

182 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/182 Aberystwyth Harbour.

183 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/183 Aberystwyth Harbour.

184 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S

ADX/1489/3/9/184 Aberystwyth Harbour.

185 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S

ADX/1489/3/9/185 Aberystwyth Harbour.

186 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S

ADX/1489/3/9/186 Aberystwyth Harbour.

187 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S

ADX/1489/3/9/187 Aberystwyth Harbour.

188 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S

ADX/1489/3/9/188 Aberystwyth Harbour.

189 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S

ADX/1489/3/9/189 Aberystwyth Harbour.

190 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S

ADX/1489/3/9/190 Aberystwyth Harbour.

191 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S

ADX/1489/3/9/191 Aberystwyth Harbour.

192 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S

ADX/1489/3/9/192 Aberystwyth Harbour.

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