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ADX/1489: Ronald Everson Collection


Ref: ADX/1489/3/8
Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1489/3/8
Title: Ronald Everson's slides box 8
Date(s): 1970s
Level: file
Extent: 200 slides
Scope and Content: Box 8, 200 slides (Nos. 1,401-1,600). These include a few of Aberystwyth and district, but were mostly taken in England and other parts of Wales. (Mainly England and landmarks, also Aberdyfi, Harlech, Tywyn, etc.)

The following slides have been digitized, and larger images can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail.
135. Aberaeron

ADX/1489/3/8/135 Aberaeron.

136. Aberaeron

ADX/1489/3/8/136 Aberaeron.

137. Sun Penglais Road

ADX/1489/3/8/137 Sun Penglais Road.

138. Seagull in snow

ADX/1489/3/8/138 Seagull in snow.

139. Seagull in snow

ADX/1489/3/8/139 Seagull in snow.

167. Llangorwen

ADX/1489/3/8/167 Llangorwen.

169. Clarach from Constitution Hill

ADX/1489/3/8/169 Clarach.

177. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/177 Glyn Rheidol.

178. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/178 Glyn Rheidol.

179. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/179 Glyn Rheidol.

180. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/180 Glyn Rheidol.

181. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/181 Glyn Rheidol.

182. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/182 Glyn Rheidol.

183. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/183 Glyn Rheidol.

184. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/184 Glyn Rheidol.

185. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/185 Glyn Rheidol.

186. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/186 Glyn Rheidol.

187. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/187 Glyn Rheidol.

188. Ynyslas beach

ADX/1489/3/8/188 Borth Breakwater.

189. Borth Breakwater

ADX/1489/3/8/189 Borth Breakwater.

190. Ynyslas beach

ADX/1489/3/8/190 Ynyslas beach.

191. Ynyslas submerged forest

ADX/1489/3/8/191 Ynyslas submerged forest.

192. Ynyslas submerged forest

ADX/1489/3/8/192 Ynyslas submerged forest.

193. Devil’s bridge train Railway

ADX/1489/3/8/193 Devil’s bridge train.

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