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ADX/1489: Ronald Everson Collection


Ref: ADX/1489/3/5
Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1489/3/5
Title: Ronald Everson's slides box 5
Date(s): 1970s
Level: file
Extent: 200 slides
Scope and Content: Box 5. 200 slides (Nos. 801-1,000) These include many views taken in Aberystwyth and northern Ceredigion as well as others of England. Undigitized images depict: 1-47, Shipping etc.; 55-7, Aberdyfi; 81 -94, England, Stratford, Market Harlow, Woburn, Sawbridgeworth; 107-10, Nature and agriculture scenes; 111-2, Aberdyfi; 113-122, Woolwich, Greenwich, Cutty Sark etc.; 130-132 Plants in bloom, snow; 134-140, Precipice walk, Snowdonia?; 148-152, flowers; 152-200, England, Yorkshire, Richmond Castle, Knaresborough, Knaresborough Bedrace, etc.

The following slides have been digitized, and larger images can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail.

48. Borth beach from south

ADX/1489/3/5/48 Borth beach from south.

49. Dolybont, Borth

ADX/1489/3/5/49 Dolybont, Borth.

50. Devil's Bridge, Mountain Scenery

ADX/1489/3/5/50 Devil's Bridge, Mountain Scenery.

52. River Teifi, Cardigan

ADX/1489/3/5/52 River Teifi, Cardigan.

53. Sunset Aberystwyth Castle

ADX/1489/3/5/53 Sunset Aberystwyth Castle.

54. Aberystwyth Castle Tower

ADX/1489/3/5/54 Aberystwyth Castle Tower.

58. Old Goginan mine waste

ADX/1489/3/5/58 Old Goginan mine waste.

59. Nant yr Arian

ADX/1489/3/5/59 Nant yr Arian.

60. Cwm Ceulan

ADX/1489/3/5/60 Cwm Ceulan.

61. Borth Main Street

ADX/1489/3/5/61 Borth Main Street.

62. Borth from Old Road

ADX/1489/3/5/62 Borth from Old Road.

63. Borth from Old Road

ADX/1489/3/5/63 Borth from Old Road.

64. Miners' houses, New Road

ADX/1489/3/5/64 Miners' houses, New Road.

65. Nant y Moch Distant View

ADX/1489/3/5/65 Nant y Moch.

66. Nant y Moch Distant View

ADX/1489/3/5/66 Nant y Moch.

67. Nant y Moch Dam

ADX/1489/3/5/67 Nant y Moch.

68. Plynlimon

ADX/1489/3/5/68 Plymlymon.

69. Nant y Moch Fishing nets

ADX/1489/3/5/69 Nant y Moch Fishing nets.

70. Nant y Moch road sign

ADX/1489/3/5/70 Nant y Moch road sign.

71. Llyn Nant y Moch

ADX/1489/3/5/71 Llyn Nant y Moch.

72. Llyn Nant y Moch

ADX/1489/3/5/72 Llyn Nant y Moch.

74. Quayside, Aberaeron, Harbourmaster Hotel

ADX/1489/3/5/74 Aberaeron.

75. Breakers, Aberaeron

ADX/1489/3/5/75 Aberaeron.

76. Lovers Bridge, Aberaeron

ADX/1489/3/5/76 Aberaeron.

77. Aberaeron, river and bridge

ADX/1489/3/5/77 Aberaeron.

78. Rough sea, Borth

ADX/1489/3/5/78 Rough sea, Borth.

79. Evening Borth

ADX/1489/3/5/80 South Aberarth.

95. Aberystwyth War Memorial

ADX/1489/3/5/95 Aberystwyth War Memorial.

96. Aberystwyth War Memorial

ADX/1489/3/5/96 Aberystwyth War Memorial.

97. Aberystwyth War Memorial

ADX/1489/3/5/97 Aberystwyth War Memorial.

98. View of Cwmystwyth

ADX/1489/3/5/98 Cwmystwyth.

99. Cwmrheidol cottages

ADX/1489/3/5/99 Cwmrheidol cottage.

100. Cwmrheidol cottage

ADX/1489/3/5/100 Cwmrheidol cottage.

101. Mine entrance

ADX/1489/3/5/101 Mine entrance.

102. Lead mine entrance

ADX/1489/3/5/102 Lead mine entrance.

103. Lead mine notice

ADX/1489/3/5/103 Lead mine notice.

104. Cwm Rheidol in the snow

ADX/1489/3/5/104 Cwm Rheidol in the snow.

105. Snow Scene, 1975, Devil's Bridge Rd

ADX/1489/3/5/105 Snow Scene, 1975, Devil's Bridge Rd.

106. Snow Scene, 1975, Devil's Bridge Rd

ADX/1489/3/5/106 Snow Scene, 1975, Devil's Bridge Rd.

123. Upper Rheidol Valley

ADX/1489/3/5/123 Upper Rheidol Valley.

124. Upper Rheidol Valley

ADX/1489/3/5/124 Upper Rheidol Valley.

125. Upper Rheidol Falls

ADX/1489/3/5/125 Upper Rheidol Falls.

126. Chapel, Upper Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/5/126 Chapel, Upper Rheidol.

127. Sheep and lambs

ADX/1489/3/5/127 Sheep and lambs.

128. Sunset, Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/5/128 Sunset, Danycoed.

129. Snowstorm, Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/5/129 Snowstorm, Danycoed.

141. Caravans, Clarach

ADX/1489/3/5/141 Clarach.

142. Caravans, Clarach

ADX/1489/3/5/142 Clarach.

143. Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill

ADX/1489/3/5/143 Aberystwyth.

144. Aberystwyth from Penygraig

ADX/1489/3/5/144 Aberystwyth.

145. Aberystwyth from Penygraig

ADX/1489/3/5/145 Aberystwyth.

146. Tanybwlch from Pendinas

ADX/1489/3/5/146 Tanybwlch from Pendinas.

147. View from Pendinas

ADX/1489/3/5/147 View from Pendinas.

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