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ADX/1489: Ronald Everson Collection


Ref: ADX/1489/3/4

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1489/3/4
Title: Ronald Everson's slides box 4
Date(s): 1970s
Level: file
Extent: 200 slides
Scope and Content: Box 4. 200 slides (Nos. 601-800). These include many views taken in Aberystwyth and northern Ceredigion as well as others of Switzerland, England and other parts of Wales (amongst others: 1-56, Switzerland; 57-61, Bala, Tryweryn etc.; 64-9, Llyn Dinas, Talyllyn; 72-3 Herefordshire; 74-6 Caernarfonshire; 90 Rhayader; 91-3 Stratford; 94-9, Llyn Brianne; 100-121 England, Waltham, Southend, London etc.; 118, 128-9 Aberdyfi; 136-145, England, churches, rivers, etc.; 151-157, Fishguard, St Davids; 158-165 Gwynedd; 166-169, Family; 172-6, Gwynedd)

The following slides have been digitized, and larger images can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail.

62. Cwm Ceulan

ADX/1489/3/4/62 Cwm Ceulan.

63. Cwm Ceulan

ADX/1489/3/4/63 Cwm Ceulan.

70. Scene, Dyfi Estuary

ADX/1489/3/4/70 Dyfi Estuary.

71. Walk, Dyfi estuary

ADX/1489/3/4/71 Dyfi Estuary.

77. Coast, S. Clarach

ADX/1489/3/4/77 S. Clarach.

78. Coast, Clarach, Wallog

ADX/1489/3/4/78 Clarach Wallog.

79. Aberystwyth, Constitution Hill, Victoria Terrace

ADX/1489/3/4/79 Aberystwyth, Constitution Hill, Victoria Terrace.

87. Cwmystwyth

ADX/1489/3/4/87 Cwmystwyth.

88. Miners' Houses [Cwmystwyth]

ADX/1489/3/4/88 Miners' Houses.

89. Devil's Bridge, Hafod Hotel

ADX/1489/3/4/89 Devil's Bridge, Hafod Hotel.

122. Raised Valley, Ponterwyd

ADX/1489/3/4/122 Raised Valley, Ponterwyd.

123. Raised Valley, Ponterwyd

ADX/1489/3/4/123 Raised Valley, Ponterwyd.

125. Waterfall, Devil's Bridge

ADX/1489/3/4/125 Waterfall, Devil's Bridge.

126. Waterfall, Devil's Bridge

ADX/1489/3/4/126 Waterfall, Devil's Bridge.

130. Inner Harbour, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/4/130 Inner Harbour, Aberystwyth.

131. Harbour, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/4/131 Harbour Aberystwyth.

132. Coast, Clarach, Wallog

ADX/1489/3/4/132 Coast, Clarach, Wallog.

133. Coast, Clarach, Wallog

ADX/1489/3/4/133 Coast, Clarach, Wallog.

134. Coast, Clarach, Wallog

ADX/1489/3/4/134 Coast, Clarach, Wallog.

135. Wallog House

ADX/1489/3/4/135 Wallog House.

146. Llyn Craig y Pistyll

ADX/1489/3/4/146 Llyn Craig y Pistyll.

147. Near Power house G[lyn]. R[heidol].

ADX/1489/3/4/147 Glyn Rheidol.

148. Falls, Bridge, Glyn R[heidol]

ADX/1489/3/4/148 Glyn Rheidol.

149. Near Anglers Retreat

ADX/1489/3/4/149 Near Anglers Retreat.

150. Plas y Mynydd

ADX/1489/3/4/150 . Plas y Mynydd.

170. Evening, Ynyslas

ADX/1489/3/4/170 Evening, Ynyslas.

171. View, Cwm Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/4/171 Cwm Rheidol.

179. Hafod Hotel

ADX/1489/3/4/179 Hafod Hotel.

180. Hafod Hotel

ADX/1489/3/4/180 Hafod Hotel.

181. Victoria Terrace

ADX/1489/3/4/181 Victoria Terrace.

182. Aberystwyth Prom

ADX/1489/3/4/182 Aberystwyth Prom.

183. College by the sea

ADX/1489/3/4/183 College by the sea.

184. Rheidol, Trefechan Bridge

ADX/1489/3/4/184 Rheidol, Trefechan Bridge.

185. View, Aberystwyth Harbour

ADX/1489/3/4/185 Aberystwyth Harbour.

195. Storm Clouds, Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/4/195 Storm Clouds, Danycoed.

196. Storm Clouds, Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/4/196 Storm Clouds, Danycoed.

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