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ADX/1489: Ronald Everson Collection


Ref: ADX/1489/3/3

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1489/3/3
Title: Ronald Everson's slides box 3
Date(s): 1970s
Level: file
Extent: 200 slides
Scope and Content: 3. Box 3. 200 slides (Nos. 401-600). These include many views taken in Aberystwyth and northern Ceredigion such as start of cycle race along South Marine Terrace July 1972; Penglais Campus; and Royal Welch Fusiliers' band, as well as others of Scandinavia, Scotland, Switzerland, England and other parts of Wales.
The following slides have been digitized, and larger images can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail.

15. Cycle Race Start 1972, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/15 Cycle Race Start 1972, Aberystwyth.

16. Cycle Race July 1972, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/16 Cycle Race Start 1972, Aberystwyth.

17. Cycle Race July 1972, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/17 Cycle Race Start 1972, Aberystwyth.

26. Ystrad Fflur

ADX/1489/3/2/26 Ystrad Fflur.

89. Milestone, Penglais

ADX/1489/3/2/89 Milestone, Penglais.

90. Milestone, Penglais

ADX/1489/3/2/90 Milestone, Penglais.

91. Milestone, Penglais

ADX/1489/3/2/91 Milestone, Penglais.

92. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/92 Glyn Rheidol.

96. Autumn, Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/96 Autumn, Glyn Rheidol.

97. Old Coach Road, Cwmystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/97 Old Coach Road, Cwmystwyth.

98. Penglais Campus

ADX/1489/3/2/98 Penglais Campus.

99. Entrance to Rural Studies Department

ADX/1489/3/2/99 Entrance to Rural Studies Department.

100. Doorway, Rural Studies department

ADX/1489/3/2/101 Doorway, rural studies department.

101. Figure in stone from Rural Studies department entrance

ADX/1489/3/2/101 Figure in stone from Rural Studies department entrance.

102. Figure in stone from Rural Studies department entrance

ADX/1489/3/2/102 Figure in stone from rural studies department entrance.

103. Figure in stone from Rural Studies department entrance

ADX/1489/3/2/103 Figure in stone from rural studies department entrance.

104. Ystwyth, upper reaches

ADX/1489/3/2/104 Ystwyth, upper reaches.

105. Ystwyth, upper reaches

ADX/1489/3/2/105 Ystwyth upper reaches.

106. Ystwyth, upper reaches

ADX/1489/3/2/106 Ystwyth upper reaches.

119. Snow on rooftops, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/119 Snow on rooftops, Aberystwyth.

120. Snow, Pendinas

ADX/1489/3/2/129 Snow Pendinas.

125. Houses, Aberaeron

ADX/1489/3/2/125 Houses, Aberaeron.

126. Harbour, New Quay

ADX/1489/3/2/126 Harbour, New Quay.

132. Dawn, Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/2/132 Dawn, Danycoed.

134. Bwa Drain

ADX/1489/3/2/134 Bwa Drain.

135. Dyfi Bridge

ADX/1489/3/2/135 Dyfi Bridge.

136. Ystwyth valley

ADX/1489/3/2/136 Ystwyth valley.

137. Rheidol Valley

ADX/1489/3/2/137 Rheidol Valley.

138. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/138 Glyn Rheidol.

139. Rheidol, Ponterwyd

ADX/1489/3/2/139 Rheidol Ponerwyd.

140. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/140 Glyn Rheidol.

141. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/141 Glyn Rheidol.

142. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/142 Glyn Rheidol.

143. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/143 Glyn Rheidol.

157. Shiloh, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/157 Shiloh, Aberystwyth.

158. Town House, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/158 Town House, Aberystwyth.

160. Royal Welch Fusiliers, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/160 Royal Welch Fusiliers, Aberystwyth.

161. Royal Welch Fusiliers, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/161 Royal Welch Fusiliers, Aberystwyth.

162. Royal Welch Fusiliers in front of Shiloh, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/162 Royal Welsh Fusiliers in front of Shiloh, Aberystwyth.

163. Ardwyn School Playground, 1973

ADX/1489/3/2/163 Ardwyn School Playground, 1973.

164. Adwyn, 1973

ADX/1489/3/2/164 Adwyn, 1973.

173. Roses, Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/2/173 Roses, Danycoed.

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