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ADX/1262: Glass slides on the subject of Syphilis


Ref: ADX/1262

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1262
Title: Glass slides on the subject of Syphilis
Date(s): c.1919
Level: Fonds
Extent: 47 slides

Scope and Content:
Set of glass slides in a wooden box (47 slides, and box.). The subjects include photographic reproductions of artworks, botanical details, photographs of social activities, and photographs relating to the temperance movement. A number of the slides illustrate the dangers of syphilis, its mode of transmission, its prevention, treatment and consequences both to the individual and to society. Box is lined with a newspaper dated 1919. Slide 1 is quite badly damaged, and slides 10, 12 and 14 are missing.The scanning of the slides is slightly imperfect, covering only the majority of each plate rather than the whole.


1. The Beauty of Life, a hand-coloured plate showing lilies.

ADX1262/1 - The Beauty of Life.

2. Narcissi, hand-coloured photographic plate

ADX1262/2 - Narcissi.

3. Fifteen botanical illustrations showing parts of plants.

ADX1262/3 - Botanical illustrations.

4. Botanical illustrations showing parts of plants

ADX1262/4 - Botanical illustrations.

5. Botanical illustrations showing parts of plants

ADX1262/5 - Botanical illustrations.

6. Illustration of swallows over a shoreline

ADX1262/6 - Illustration of swallows.

7. Sculpture Gallery 'Venus + Cupid.'

ADX1262/7 - Venus + Cupid.

8. Laocoon

ADX1262/8 - Laocoon.

9. Statuary, Early Struggles, L. A. Malempre

ADX1262/9 - Early Struggles.

10. Absent

11. Grayston Bird, Bath. The order of the bath, A Clean bloy

ADX1262/11 - The order of the bath.

12. Absent

13. Beware the Racial Poisons

ADX1262/13 - Racial Poisons.

14. Absent

15. Old King Cole, Drink and the Social Question

ADX1262/15 - Drink and the Social Question.

16. Old King Cole, Cry of the Children

ADX1262/16 - Cry of the Children.

17. Illustration of population proportion infected with syphilis

ADX1262/17 - .

18. Comparison of venereal disease victims in relation to war casualties

ADX1262/18 - Population proportion infected with syphilis.

19. Diagram showing syphilis organism

ADX1262/19 - The syphilis organism.

20. Spirochete pallida, microscope image

ADX1262/20 - Spirochete pallida.

21. How syphilis is passed on

ADX1262/21 - How syphilis is passed on.

22. Syphilis, a terrible record

ADX1262/22 - Syphilis, a terrible record.

23. Illustration of infant with syphilitic sores

ADX1262/23 - Illustration of infant.

24. Pop. Syph in circles, illustration of child with syphilitic sores

ADX1262/24 - Illustration of child.

25. Synovitis of wrists, knees, and ankles in a subject of hereditary syphilis

ADX1262/25 - Synovitis of wrists, knees, and ankles.

26. Portrait

ADX1262/26 - Portrait.

27. Series of miniature portraits

ADX1262/27 - Series of miniature portraits.

28. Comparison of brain cross-sections from healthy and syphilitic males

ADX1262/28 - Comparison of brain cross-sections.

29. Inaltation (?), portrait

ADX1262/29 - Portrait.

30. Hogarth's drawing: General paralysis of insane

ADX1262/30 - Hogarth's drawing.

31. Conjugal G.P.I., portraits

ADX1262/31 - Conjugal G.P.I..

32. Aneurism of carotid

ADX1262/32 - Aneurism of carotid.

33. Syphilitic teeth

ADX1262/33 - Syphilitic teeth.

34. Microscopic details

ADX1262/34 - Microscope insets.

35. Proportion of blindness in children due to venereal disease

ADX1262/35 - Proportion of blindness in children due to venereal disease.

36. Group of blind children

ADX1262/36 - Group of blind children.

37. Diagram to illustrate Haemolysis

ADX1262/37 - Diagram to illustrate Haemolysis.

38. Samples of cerebro-spinal fluid

ADX1262/38 - Samples of cerebro-spinal fluid.

39. The government provides free and confidential treatment

ADX1262/39 - The government provides free and confidential treatment.

40. Statistics relating to venereal disease and treatment

ADX1262/40 - Statistics relating to venereal disease and treatment.

41. The value of ante-natal treatment

ADX1262/41 - The value of ante-natal treatment.

42. Value of treatment

ADX1262/42 - Value of treatment.

43. Value of treatment

ADX1262/43 - Value of treatment.

44. Result of Quack versus Scientific treatment

ADX1262/44 - Result of Quack versus Scientific treatment.

45. A game of water polo

ADX1262/45 - A game of water polo.

46. A ladies bicycling rally leaving after the start

ADX1262/46 - A ladies bicycling rally leaving after the start.

47. 'The Arches' in the Butterfly Dance

ADX1262/47 - 'The Arches' in the Butterfly Dance.

48. The Marriage, illustration

ADX1262/48 - The Marriage, illustration.

49. Untitled photograph of a sculpture

ADX1262/49 - Untitled photograph of a sculpture.

50. The Star of Bethlehem

ADX1262/50 - The Star of Bethlehem.

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