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ADX/987: Slides of a quarry in Talgarreg


Ref: ADX/987

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/987
Title: Slides of a quarry in Talgarreg
Date(s): July 1976
Level: Fonds
Extent: 6 items

Scope and Content:
Six colour slides of the Cware Crug-yr-Eryr Quarry (sand and gravel), Talgarreg. Reference to historic Ordnance Survey County Series mapping shows that the quarry originated in a roadside sandpit, depicted between 1889 and 1964. The much larger quarry, branching off away from the road, is first depicted in 1975. It is now (August 2014) described as a family run sand and gravel quarry.
This is a carefully composed collection of photographs, opening with a distant framing shot and then giving views of the various working faces. As such it is a valuable record of a local sand and gravel quarry in the 1970s. A number of the slides show working vehicles, and a Triumph Toledo is visible in three slides.

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1. Distant view from B4459 (to south-east)

Crug-yr-Eryr Quarry, distant view

2. View of quarry working face.

A working face at Crug-yr-Eryr Quarry

3. Quarry face, with car parked nearby.

Crug-yr-Eryr Quarry

4. Quarry and vehicles.

Crug-yr-Eryr Quarry

5. Quarry and vehicles.

Crug-yr-Eryr Quarry

6. Quarry and vehicles.

Crug-yr-Eryr Quarry

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