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ADX/847: Borth and the Uppingham School

Ref: ADX/847


Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/847
Title: Borth and the Uppingham School
Date(s): 2001-2002
Level: Fonds
Extent: 9 items

Scope and Content: Articles and books by Nigel Richardson on the subject of Uppingham School and its continuing connection with Borth, following the evacuation of the school to Borth during a typhoid outbreak in the 1870s.

ADX/847/1. Journal Rutland Record no. 21 containing article entitled 'Uppingham by the Sea: Typhoid and the Excursion to Borth' (2001)

ADX/847/2. Incomplete (final page or pages missing) typescript of article entitled 'The Typhoid Outbreak in Uppingham, Rutland 1875-1877' (2002)


ADX/847/3. Bound photocoopy of the article published in Rutland Record 21 (see 1 above)

ADX/847/4. Bound photocopy of article published in Rutland Record 26 entitled 'Uppingham's 1875-77 Typhoid Outbreak: a re-assessment of the social context' (2006)

ADX/847/5. Offprint of article published in Social History of Medicine vol. 20 no. 2 entitled 'The Uppingham Typhoid Outbreaks of 1875-1877: A Rural Case-Study in Public Health Reform' (2007)

ADX/847/6. Printout from the website of publishers Pickering and Chatto describing the book Typhoid in Uppingham: Analysis of a Victorian Town and School in Crisis, 1875-7 by Nigel Richardson (published 2008)

ADX/847/7. USB drive containing an electronic copy of Nigel Richardson's PhD thesis.


Books (PDF format) telling the story from two perspectives: Borth's and Uppingham's.

ADX/847/8. A Spring Invasion. Uppingham School at Borth 1876-7.

ADX/847/9. A Great Deliverance. Uppingham's Typhoid Epidemic 1875-7.

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