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ADX/404: Various items


Ref: ADX/404

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/404
Title: Various items, many from the WW1 and WW2 periods
Date(s): 1853-1954
Level: Fonds
Extent: 100 items
Scope and Content

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1. Facsimile of the Welsh newspaper Yr Oes
July 1853

2. Envelope containing: The Cambrian News
12 January 1900

3. Postcard/photograph of a procession, possibly a church parade. "Howell Squibs, Cardigan" embossed on the card
n.d. (early 20th century?)

Procession - a church parade?

Alexandra School, Aberystwyth:

4. Programme - handwritten programme for an eisteddfod held in the Infants School, Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth. Page torn from an exercise book. Welsh language.
17 March 1917

5. School exercise book: Infants School, Alexandra Road. [Aberystwyth.] War Savings with details of monies raised between 1941 and 1945 for the war effort. (See 53).

ADX/404/5, Cover

First World War


6. Agricultural Census showing details of acreage employees and livestock. Name of holding: Bryn yr Eglwys, name of occupier: Josiah Jones. Llanwenog, Cardigan.
November 1916

7. Page torn out of newspaper: "Prices for the 1917 Crops for the Farmer and Stock -Breeder."
20 August 1917

War Department:

8.a. Receipt: For Wool Purchase
b) Letter: A covering letter, sent with the receipt, to explain that the receipt needed a stamp before being returned. With the Letterhead:" G.E.O. BRIGGS & CO."The Foundry, Alexandra Rd., Aberystwyth.
27 July 1917

Postcard:*Inserted here because of 10. below.

9. Printed Field Service Postcard: The sender could only write his signature. Information about being in hospital (sick, wounded, discharged etc.) was given by deleting out the printed sentences not required. This sender hoped to be discharged soon. Sent to: Mr. J. Hinton Jones, London. From "David" 14 November 1918 - signature and 29 October 1918 - card dated.

Peace Celebrations in the Borough of Aberystwyth:

10. Dinner Invitation to D. Hinton-Jones from the Mayor and Corporation of Aberystwyth.
18 July 1919

11. Toast List and Programme for the Borough of Aberystwyth Dinner for Sailors and Soldiers.

12. Menu for The Borough of Aberystwyth dinner for sailors and soldiers. A toast is given on the back.
18 July 1919

ADX/404/12. Dinner menu, front

13. Programme for a Peace Procession in the Borough of Aberystwyth, showing the order of marching, suggesting dress codes etc.
19 July 1919

Aberystwyth War Memorial:

14. Savings Book for the National Provincial and Union Bank of Scotland - Aberystwyth Town, War Memorial Fund. Treasurer: J.W. Parry Esq.
June 1920-September 1923

15. An appeal to raise funds for the statue ('designed by Professor of Rome') intended to be erected in the Castle Grounds as a War Memorial. Large leaflet showing an artist's sketch. The estimated cost of the statue was £5,000. It is mentioned that the bronze, statues, palms and dragons were already being built in Rome. The column and base were to be made of local stone, a gift from the corporation of Aberystwyth
November 1921

16. Programmes: Two programmes for the Unveiling Ceremony of the Aberystwyth War Memorial.
14 September 1923

17. Photograph - "Opening of War Memorial" The photograph is mounted on card. The names of the men in the photograph are pencilled in the margin. Some of the men are in uniform. All are wearing medals.

U.C.W. Aberystwyth: Involvement in War Memorial:

18. Bank Book. The National Provincial Union Bank Of England Ltd., Aberystwyth Branch. Account Book for the War Memorial Bazaar which was opened by J. Barclay Jenkins Esq.

19. Programme of Events for a Grand Bazaar, held over three days in September 1923 and organized by U.C.W. Aberystwyth. A list of the stalls and refreshments is given. Picture of the War Memorial on the front cover.
September 1923

ADX/404/19, cover showing Aberystwyth War Memorial

Memorials for local men who died in the 1914-1918 war

20. Order of Service for the dedication of the Chancel Screen and Cross, a memorial for those who died in the First World War. Held at St. Michaels Church for the Parish of St. Michael & All Angels, Aberystwyth
20 January 1922

ADX/404/20, front page

21. Order of Service for the funeral of Private John Davies of the 5th South Wales Borderers, born on 24 July 1895, died on 12 June 1918. With picture of John Davies in uniform on front page. (Welsh language)
25 August 1918

Order of Service, funeral of Private John Davies

22. Cambrian News Supplement - Photographs and names of local men who gave their lives in the 1914-1918 War.
14 September 1923

23. Newspaper cutting: "A Llanon Hero." Obituary of Lieutenant D. L. Jenkins who took part in the Sulva Bay Landing, fought in Gallipoli and was a member of the Royal Flying Corps. Photograph shown.
No date

Obituary of Lieutenant D. L. Jenkins, Llanon


24. Souvenir booklet of the Celebration of the Peace at Lampeter; 'a day of thanksgiving, festivities, a procession and a late-night bonfire'. (Publ. by J.D. Lewis, Printer, Gomerian Press, Llandyssul.)
July 1919

Celebration of the Peace at Lampeter booklet

25. Lampeter War Memorial: list of Subscribers and a Balance Sheet. (Caxton Hall Printing Company, Lampeter)
15 December 1921

Lampeter War Memorial, list of Subscribers

26. War Memorial Book: Town and Parish of Lampeter. The story of Lampeter and its people during the First World War, photographs of some of those who died in the war and a complete memorial list. Caxton Hall Printing Company, Lampeter.

27. Photograph of a crowd at a War Memorial. Pencilled in on the back: "Dre-Fach Felindre, Nr. Llanybyther" and "Unveiling War Memorial at Dre-Fach, Felindre."

The British Legion:

28. Order Of Service. A British Legion "Drum Head Service" to be held on the Castle Grounds and conducted by the Chaplain of the H.M.S. Valiant.
n.d. (c.1920s?)

29. Order of Service. The British Legion "Service of Remembrance and Peace" The wearing of a poppy is requested. (2 Copies)
10 November 1935

30. Photograph - Pickford Photographs, Aberystwyth. A dinner. [village/town hall?]. A Memorial Dinner as the men are wearing poppies?
n.d. (c.1930s)

Ministry of Foods 1914-1918:

31. Leaflet: - arrangements for the 1918 potato crop in Great Britain.
1 January 1918

32. Permit: -Under the Sugar for Jam Distribution Scheme. (Pontardawe Food Office). Authorising Mr. Davies of Cartref, New Road, Trebanos to buy sugar for jam making.
5 May 1918

33. Certificate of authorization (Pontardawe Food Office) enabling Mr. Davies of Cartref, New Road, Trebanos to register with a retailer for butter. The card had to be taken to a named retailer along with the ration book for registration.
15 July 1918

34. Half an envelope containing 4 National Ration Books (Pontardawe Food Office) issued to Elizabeth M. Davies, Cartref, New Roads, Trebanos. Also, a child: Morgan Jenkin Gwynne Davies.
16 October 1918

35. Ration Books: Elizabeth M. Davies Davies, Cartref, New Roads, Trebanos.
16 October 1918

36. Ration books counterfoils issued to the Davies family, New Road, Trebanos.
9 November 1918

37. Rationing Order: A slip of paper inserted into the ration book explaining the requirement of registering the book with your present retailers of butcher's meat, bacon, lard butter and margarine.

Ration book insert

38. Envelope containing a Ration Book and Sugar Tickets issued to Eleanor Dilys Davies and a Mrs. Davies [same person?] of School House, Felinfach, Cardiganshire.
October 1918

39. Envelope containing:
2 Ration Books - issued to J. Evans, Glyn Cottage, Llanbadarn Fawr.
2 Sugar Tickets - issued to Jane Evans and Anne Evans respectively.
Retailer's stamp: J Walter, County and Borough Store, Aberystwyth and E. R. Davies, Llanbadarn Fawr.
9 July 1918

40. 3 Rationing cards - Food Office: Rural Aberystwyth stamp. Issued to Margaret M. Davies, Pantydolau, Llanbadarn, Aberystwyth.

Rationing card

41. Sugar Ticket- stamped by Newquay Agricultural Society. Issued to Mary Anne Jones.
n.d. (c.1914-1918)

42. Aberayron Rural District Food Control Committee. An Application Form. The applicant, a retail butcher, would complete this form with details of meat sold in the previous year, usual purchases of cattle and sheep etc. [cyclostyle]

43. Certificate of Butter Procured for Home Preservation. (unused)

Butter certificate


44. Certificate under the National Registration Act, 1915, issued to Margaret Mary Davies, Cartref, New Road, Trebanos, Pontardawe.

45. Certificate as above issued to the Rev. David Davies, a clerk in Holy Orders. Cartref, New Road, Trebanos, Pontardawe
27 April 1918


46. First World War Booklet.Counsel and Comfort For Soldiers and Sailors On Active Service. Publ. London. Scripture Gift Mission 14, Bedford St. Strand.W.C.2.

47. Booklet: Our Work In The Great War. Huntley and Palmers Ltd., Reading. A record of the biscuit factory from the outbreak of war in August 1914 to its post-war reconstruction. Illustrated with photographs.

48. Bandaging Diagrams - A companion folder to First Aid In Few Words and Home Nursing In Few Words by J.M. Carvell - Used as a pocket companion for Red Cross and Ambulance Workers, Sailors etc. The folder was distributed annually by employers among their industrial workers. Publ. by John Bale & Staples Ltd., 83-91 Great Titchfield St.,W1.

Inter-War Years 1918-1939

Borough Of Aberystwyth Armistice Day Celebrations:

49. Programme - For an Armistice Day Public Ceremony at the War Memorial, Castle Grounds. Showing the route of the procession and giving a roll-call of those who died in the Great War. (Mayor: Councillor T .H. Edwards.)
11 November 1928

50. Programme - For an Armistice Day Public Ceremony at the War Memorial, Castle Grounds - showing the route of the procession and giving a roll-call of those who died in the Great War. (Mayor: Alderman Hugh Hughes)
11 November 1929

51. Programme - For an Armistice Day Public Ceremony at the Municipal Hall, Marine Terrace - showing the route of the procession and giving a roll-call of those who died in the Great War. (Mayor: Councillor Jenkin Humphreys.)
11 November 1935

52. Photograph with the printed words: "Coronation", "Cardigan" and the date. A crowd of people are gathered around a table by a sign post for Carmarthen
12 May 1937

The Second World War Years

Funding for the War:

53. Cardiganshire County Council. Printed announcement of Cardiganshire War Weapons Week to be held on 15-22 March 1941.The slogan: "Lend to Defend the Right to be Free" is used. (See 5.)
February 1941

War Weapons Week 1941 announcement

54. Pamphlet - issued by the Scottish National Savings Committee to persuade children to save using the slogan: "Lend to Defend The Right To Be Free."
n.d. (c.WW2?)

School Savings Group pamphlet cover

55. Printed card from the Exchequer, inserted into the Ration Books, explaining the need/duty to invest your money in National War Bonds.
n.d. (c.WW2?)


56. Poster - H.M.S.O. Issued by the National Savings Committee, London.

57. Poster - H.M.S.O. - An advertisement for Premium bonds (using a large black cat) by Wiseman. Issued by the National Savings Committee.

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF)

Dig for Victory Leaflets:

58. Welsh Language leaflets: Wynwyn - Cennin - Shallots - Garlleg [Onions, Leeks, Shallots and Garlic]. Issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, 17 Eastgate St., Aberystwyth. (4 copies)
n.d. (c.WW2?)

Taflen garddio

59. How to Grow Small Fruits. (3 copies)
n.d. (c.WW2?)

How to Grow Small Fruits

60. Better Fruit: Disease Control In Private Gardens. (3 copies)
n.d. (c.WW2)

Better Fruit

61. Making the Most of a Small Plot - colour printed. On the reverse is a plan for a vegetable plot. (5 copies)
n.d. (c.WW2?)

Making the Most of a Small Plot

County Garden Produce Central Committee (under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries):

62. Pamphlets: - General information for Village Produce Associations. Persuasion and advice for rural people to grow their own foods. (2 copies)

MAF pamphlet for Village Produce Associations

63. Printed letter to the Secretary of each Association asking for their "Programme of Demonstrations & Lectures" for the Winter and Spring months of 1943-1944, so that they might produce a booklet.
20 May 1943

VPA printed circular, front

VPA printed circular, back

64. Handbook of information on Home Grown Food for Village Produce Association, Allotment Societies and Clubs.

Home Grown Food pamphlet

National Registration:

65. Identity card for Thomas David Rees, policeman. (Date of Birth 24 June 1887) Address: 37 Bridge St., Lampeter. Photograph and N.I. number of holder given. Signed by the Cardiganshire Police Constable. A local return address: Cardiganshire Executive Council, 23 Gt. Darkgate St., Aberystwyth.
26 September 1940

66. Envelope containing 2 National Registration Identity Cards:
1) David John Jones - (Date of Birth 17 July 1898) A Police Officer. Endorsement stamp (Police Constable's Office) and photograph.
2) Sally A. Jones

67. National Registration Identity Card: Margaret Ellen Dalton.(Date of Birth 26 March (?)43)
29 March 1943

68. National Registration Identity Card: Eleanor Thomas. 37 Bridge St. Lampeter.

Identity Card, cover

69. Six Registration Forms (2 incomplete) - For use in Hotels, Inns, Lodging-Houses etc., under the provinces of Article 7 of the Aliens Order. Unused.

Registration form for lodgers, boarders etc., front

Registration form for lodgers, boarders etc., back

Ministry of Foods:

70. Envelope containing:
a) 5 Forces Ration Cards.
b) 9 Forces Point Cards.
Unused, no names.

71a. Ration Books issued to 1) Reed-Victor H. and 2) Thomas Griffith, of the same address: 43 St. Mary St., Cardigan.

71b. Ration Books issued to Annie C. Jones, Gwynfa, Bowstreet.

Ration books

72. Rations Coupons (2 sheets, part used)

Ration coupon

73. Ration Book Wallet [leather?]

Ration book wallet


74. Certificate of welcome home to David Bland. From the Mayor and Citizens of the Borough of Aberystwyth.

Welcome Home certificate

75. Envelope (Buckingham Palace stamp) and printed message from Buckingham Palace. The message/certificate is from Elizabeth R (Queen to George VI.) to a Mrs. Owen for giving a home to evacuees in 1939.

Message from Queen Elizabeth

76. A printed message/certificate from the King given to each school child after the war. Significant War Dates are printed on the back and there is space for their own family's war record.
8 June 1946

Message from the King p. 1

Message from the King p. 2

Board of Trade:

77. Notice to the Public - concerning Clothing and Footwear Rationing

Rationing information leaflet, front

Rationing information leaflet, back

78. Newspaper cuttings of the Board Of Trades "Surprise Announcement" concerning the rationing, or Fair Shares, of clothing, cloth and footwear, from 1 June 1941.Coupons were to be given which could be presented to any shop without the need to register. From this date on it was illegal to sell rationed items except against coupons. The number of coupons needed for various items are listed as are the goods which could be bought without coupons.

Newspaper cutting about rationing

Newspaper cutting about rationing

Newspaper cutting about rationing

79. Consumer Rationing Order. Traders Instruction and Guide to "Bank Accounts for Clothing Coupons."
1 May 1942

Guide to Bank Accounts for Clothing Coupons (front cover)

80. Newspaper Cutting. Board of Trade Announcement. Clothing coupons ration was to be increased two fold.

Information on clothes rationing

Air Raid Precautions:

81. Mounted photograph with names. Aberystwyth Borough A.R.P. Wardens sitting outside the Town Hall in their uniforms. The Mayor of Aberystwyth (1943-1944), a Mr. Bryce, is sitting in the centre of the front row.

Aberystwyth Borough A.R.P. Wardens

82. Wardens Report Form. A printed Form to report on Air Raid Damage.

Warden's Report Form

83. Training Manual. Basic Training In Air Raid Precautions. Illustrated. Published London H.M.S.O.

Basic Training In Air Raid Precautions, cover

84. Booklet: First Aid in Air Raids - The practice of War-Time First Aid. The authors' names are not given but their experience in the Blitz is mentioned.
Faber & Faber Ltd., 24 Russell Square, London.

First Aid in Air Raids

H.M.S.O. Publications:

85. Book: National Service - including an "Application for enrolment" form.
Published London H.M.S.O. Also, Red Cross leaflet (insert) - An appeal to be generous when the collector calls for donations.

Book: National Service

Red Cross leaflet, front

Red Cross leaflet, back

86. Pamphlet: The Battle of Britain. An Air Ministry account of the Battle. Illustrated. 1st. Pubd. 1941 H.M.S.O.,London

Pamphlet: The Battle of Britain

87. Pamphlet: Atomic Warfare. The foreword explains that the object of the pamphlet was to provide members of the Civil Defence Corps with a manual of practical information about the atomic bomb and its effects. Illustrated with photographs of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Atomic Warfare

Official War Time Notices to Civilians:

88. Police Notice: Lighting Instructions. All premises such as private houses, shops etc. were required to mask windows, skylights and doors. Shops etc with often used doors were required to make special arrangements. A copy of Regulations appertaining to road vehicles could be obtained from the Police Station. Printed by "The Cambrian News" (Aberystwyth), Ltd.
n.d. (c.WW2)

Police Notice: Lighting Instructions

89. Leaflet: Official War Emergency Information and Instructions. Information & Advice on Food Supplies, Air Raids, Evacuation of Children, Carrying your Gas Mask etc.
n.d. (c.WW2)

Official War Emergency Information

90. Labour Party Pamphlet: The Nation's Food. The outlining of a post-war Food Policy.
December 1943

The Nation's Food

91. Application Form (and the necessary accompanying remittance) for a War Damage Contribution. Name given: Miss M. Jones. 14 Princess St. Aberystwyth.

War Damage Contribution form, front

War Damage Contribution form, back

War Damage Contribution receipt, front

War Damage Contribution receipt, back

92. Circular: From Patons & Baldwins to "Misses Jones. 14 Princess St., Aberystwyth." Seven forms variously dated, with information on the rationing of wool.

Wool supplier's circulars

93. Posters - 7 "Careless Talk Costs Lives" by Fougasse. Humorous illustrations conveying the message: German Spies are everywhere!

Careless Talk Costs Lives

Careless Talk Costs Lives

Careless Talk Costs Lives

Careless Talk Costs Lives

Careless Talk Costs Lives

Careless Talk Costs Lives

Careless Talk Costs Lives

94. Leaflet, with printed articles from The Times. An appeal for the support of a centre for ex-servicemen and women in London. i.e. The Victory Club.

Victory Club appeal, front page

95. War Economy Envelope. The front of the envelope recommends recycling.
17 April 1942

War Economy envelope recommending recycling

96. Envelope - Headed with "On Active Service" stamped by the censor. Date is difficult to read (16 July 1945?)

'On Active Service' envelope with censor's stamp

97. a) Journal: The Illustrated Carpenter and Builder (no cover)
7 June 1940
b) Cover: The Illustrated Carpenter and Builder
5 September 1941

98. Book: War Time First Aid for Everyman by E. G. Bailey. General advice in Section One. Section Two concentrates on the dangers of War. Illustrated. University of London Press Ltd.

War Time First Aid for Everyman

99. Photograph. Uniformed men marching down a lane. [Home Guards?]
n.d. (c.WW2?)

100. Postcard - Royal Air Force Postcard sent to "Relatives and Friends" of the Second Tactical Air Force to celebrate and give thanks for V.E. Day.
May 8 1945.

Victory in Europe postcard, front

Victory in Europe postcard, back

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