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ABY/H: Aberystwyth Yesterday: Hafod Uchtryd

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Ref: ABY/H

Reference: ABY/H
Title: Aberystwyth Yesterday, Hafod Uchtryd
Date(s): 1947-1990s
Level: Fonds
Extent: 10 files

Scope and Content

Items relating to Hafod Uchtryd mansion and estate


Sale catalogue for Hafod estate, including ‘the well-known’ Hafod Arms Hotel of Devil’s Bridge, Aberystwyth, produced by estate agents Jackson-Stops & Staff. Includes a brief history. Lists areas and rents of the estate lands (total area - an estimated 3,413 acres producing an estimated rental of £2619 14s 6d per annum). Illustrated with photographs. Includes map.


Two surviving pieces of wallpaper from Hafod mansion. White with plants and flowers of differing hues. Collected in 1955.


Photographs of the mansion and grounds

1. Black and white photograph of Hafod in ruins, prior to final demolition.

2. Black and white photograph of Hafod mansion, demonstrating severe damage and dereliction but prior to final demolition.

3. Black and white photograph depicting Hafod mansion prior to demolition, possibly copied from a postcard. 3 copies.

4. Postcard showing a distant view of ‘Hafod Mansion, Devil’s Bridge’. By D.J. Davies, Lampeter.

5. Postcard of ‘Ystwyth Valley and Hafod, near Pontrhydygroes’, showing a distant view of the mansion.

6. Postcard of ‘Hafod (visited by Handel)’, no A331, E.T.W. Dennis & Sons.

7. Postcard of ‘Hafod near Aberystwyth’, published by The Cambrian News.

8. Postcard of ‘Hafod old mansion caravan park’

9. Black and white photograph of a cherub head with wings mounted on the mansion wall.
No date


Photographs of the Hafod Church (Eglwys Newydd) and the Chantrey monument to Mariamne Johnes, situated inside the church and severely damaged in the 1932 fire.

1. Postcard of the Hafod Church. The Dainty Series, A477. 2 copies.

2. Postcard of the Hafod Church. The Milton Post Card.

3. Postcard of the interior of Eglwys Newydd. Posted from Devil’s Bridge by ‘Rhoda’ to Mrs. Hughes of the Royal Oak, Goginan on 19 February 1913.

4. Black and white photograph of Hafod church after the fire.

5. Postcard showing ‘Hafod church fire. Ruins’ with the vicar and another man standing amidst the rubble.

6. Black and white photograph labelled on back ‘Hafod church after the fire 1937’ [recte 1932]

7. Black and white photograph of a naif angel in bas-relief on a gravestone (dated 1750) in the Hafod church graveyard.

8. Display folder containing large photograph of monument by Chantrey, commissioned by Thomas and Jane Johnes in memory of their daughter Mariamne who died in 1811. Photograph by E.T.W. Dennis & Sons, Limited, Scarborough and London.

9. Four different editions of E.T.W. Dennis postcard depicting the Chantrey monument to Mariamne Johnes. No date but pre-1932.

10. Sepia reprint on cream paper of one of the Dennis postcards of the Chantrey monument. 3 copies. Probably produced for the Aberystwyth Yesterday exhibition.

11. Composite postcard ‘Hafod " A Centre of Great Misfortunes’ with four images, all before the fire of 1932: the Chantrey monument, the mansion, the church and the church interior. Valentine & Sons. 3 copies.

12. Composite postcard ‘Hafod Church destroyed by fire’ with four images: the Chantrey monument before and after the fire, the church before the fire and the vicar with the font amongst the rubble. Photograph by A.J. Lewis, Aberystwyth.


Photographs of other local buildings and landmarks, all formerly part of the Hafod Estate

1. Postcard of the Devil’s Bridge Falls, with hotel at the top. Peacock Brand, 3728G.

2. Postcard of Devil’s Bridge showing three bridges and therefore post-1910. Valentine’s 17750.

3. Postcard of the Cwmystwyth Arch, or ‘George III Arch near Hafod’, with a charabanc and cyclists about to pass under it.

4. Postcard of the Post Office, Pontrhydygroes.
Late 19th or early 20th c.

5. Postcard of the Miner’s Arms Hotel, Pontrhydygroes. A.J. Lewis, Aberystwyth.


Photographs of people associated with the Hafod Estate

1. Wedding procession outside ?Eglwys Newydd.
Late 19th or early 20th c.

2. Photograph of a couple outdoors next to a stone wall. Labelled on back: ‘I believe this couple were the senior staff “below stairs” at Hafod. I think his name was Edgington’. Portrait by T. Brown Morgan, Penarth.
Early 20th c.

3. Group photograph of men and women in Edwardian dress, captioned on back: ‘I believe this was part of the house staff at Hafod’
Early 20th c.


‘Man wins big land inheritance’: newspaper cutting of article announcing the inheritance of ‘6500 acres of hill land near Aberystwyth and an estimated £50,000’ by George Drake Lyulph Pryse Lumley of Hastings, Surrey, after the original heiress failed to obey a ‘name and arms clause’
1973 or later



1. ‘Hafod a Centre of Great Misfortunes’: Flyer advertising a performance by the North Dyfed Dance Project using the Hafod estate as its subject, including photographs of the estate, the nearby church and the family memorial. The flyer notes the estate and statues as having been ‘destroyed and demolished’ in 1954.
No date " 1990s?

2. Poster advertising exhibition of ‘bygones of Hafod Mansion and old Cwm Ystwyth’ at Hafod Church.
No date " 1990s?


Other photographs

1. Black and white photographic copy of 18th century painting of a little girl in a white frock, sitting on the ground beneath a tree and holding a tambourine.

2. Postcard of the statue of Thetis dipping Achilles in the river Styx, from the Victoria and Albert Museum. The model for Thetis was Jane Johnes.
Posted in 1973


National Trust guide to Croft Castle, the family seat of the ancestors of Thomas Johnes.

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