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Reference: [GB 0212] LIB/59
Title: Cardiganshire illustrative material
Date(s): c. 1610-1937
Level: Fonds
Extent: 76 items

Scope and Content:

Engravings, prints, photographs and other illustrative material relating to Cardiganshire.

County Maps

1-2. Saxton's Map of Cardiganshire (c. 1610), 2 copies.


3. Coloured map of Cardiganshire, 'Drawn and engraved for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary', of which four editions were published between 1833 and 1849.


4. Proof printed map, 'Enwogion Dyffryn Teifi. Rhan I', based on Cardiganshire parishes, signed J.T. Williams '54.

Archaeological maps, plans and similar, some intended for publication in the Welsh Gazette.

1. Plan of Castell Gwallter, Llandre, signed 'F.S.W. 13/4/11'. In pencil above, 'Line Block reduced to 7 inches width', and on reverse, 'Welsh Gazette, Aberystwyth'.
This plan was used to illustrate an article in the short series, 'Some Norman Fortresses near Aberystwyth', by F.S. Wright (10, 17 October 1912), as well as 'Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society. A Visit to Cwm (Cwmcynfelin)' (4 September 1913). The Norman Fortresses series was preceded by an article on Pen Dinas illustrated, by permission of the University College of Wales magazine, The Dragon, with a plan dated 20 April 1911, and so it would seem that these sites were surveyed in the Easter vacation, the articles being submitted after the summer vacation. 13 April 1911

2. Plan of Castell Ystrad Peithyll. In pencil above, 'Line Block Reduced to 7 inches in width', and on reverse, 'Welsh Gazette, Mon ap. 11.'

3. 'Sectional Diagram of a "Restored" Motte and Bailey Fortress'. In pencil on reverse, 'Welsh Gazette Monday'.

4. Rough map, 'The Roman Road in Cardiganshire, Dec 27 1926' with monograph G. R. ?

5. More finished copy of previous, still with corrections marked, 6 January 1927. In ink below, 'Line Block 2½" in width when mounted - Welsh Gazette'. This plan, suitably cropped, was printed as an illustration for a Welsh language series 'Sarn Helen, Olion y Rhufeiniaid yr Sir Aberdyfi'signed S.R. (30 December 1926, 6, 13, 27 January 1927).


Prints and engravings.

1-2. Buck Bros. 'East View of Aberystwyth Castle, in the County of Cardigan' (1741). 2 copies.


3. Engraving of Aberystwyth Castle after the Buck Bros. view (above).


4-5. 'Aberystwyth Castle, Cardiganshire. Drawn & engraved for Dugdales England & Wales Delineated' (c. 1830). 2 copies.


6-7. View of Trefechan Bridge from the Castle. 'Vale of the Rheidol near Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire', drawn by H. Gastineau. 2 copies copies, number 6 published by Jones & Co. Temple of the Muses, Finsbury Square.



8. View across North Bay from the Castle. 'Aberystwyth from the Castle Ruins', drawn and printed by W. Crane, Chester, and published by J. Cox Aberystwyth.


9-11. View of the town from North Beach, 'To the Rt. Hon. Lord Visct. Bateman, this view of the Town of Aberystwyth, is by permission most humbly inscribed by his lordship's most obt. Servts, T. Jones & J. Hassell'. Published at London 1 January 1796. Shows bathing machines and promenaders on the beach, with the windmill being the town's most prominent feature. 3 copies, numbers 9 and 10 individually coloured. Number 10 mounted on green card.




12. 'Aberystwyth from the Quarry, Constitution Hill'. Bristol lithographed & published by W.A. Frank, 6 Augustine's Parade. This depicts Marine Terrace before it extended beyond the Bath House in the 1860s, but does show the second St Michael's, consecrated by 1833. Mounted on green card.


13. Similar view after previous (number 12), but much reduced, 'Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire'. Mounted on green card, newspaper cutting affixed to reverse.


14. 'Aberystwyth Castle and Church', Newman & Co., Watling Street, London. This depicts Castle House, the second St Michael's and the castle headland in considerable detail.


15. Spirited copy of previous, published by H. Humphreys of Aberystwyth. Gatefold has lengthy arithmetic in pencil.


17. View from near Constitution Hill, across North Bay to the Castle and harbour beyond, showing the stone pier built from 1834. 'Aberystwyth from the North', sketched by Capt. R.G. Roberts and published by John Cox Library, Aberystwyth. Date in pencil, c. 1835.


18-19. 'View near Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire'. Drawn and engraved by Wm. Daniell and published by Messrs. Longman & Co. of Paternoster Row. 1 November 1814. Idlers inspecting a wrecked ship on beach at harbour entrance, Tan-y-bwlch in background. 2 copies.


20. 'Church of Llanbadarn Fawr, near Aberystwyth', c. 1850. Published by Cox Library, Aberystwyth.


Photographic views

1. View along the Marine Terrace promenade towards Constitution Hill, showing Bath House (demolished 1892). Mounted on green card.


2. View from beach along Marine Terrace by E.R. Gyde, short text below about Aberystwyth. 290" on bottom of page. The Bath House has gone, but the Cliff Railway has yet to be built (1896). Photograph and text for Stamford on reverse, numbered "89". Had been mounted on blue card.


3-4. 'The Terrace, Aberystwyth', T.W.D. Marine Terrace looking towards the Cliff Railway (built 1896) and Luna Park on Constitution Hill. Taken before construction of the Bandstand (built by 1905). 2 copies, number 3 mounted on dark green card.


5. 'The Beach, Aberystwyth'. View from beach along Marine Terrace showing the Bandstand, but not the Shelter of c. 1924. Post funicular railway construction in 1896.


6. Sailing ship and boats in the inner harbour, Aberystwyth.


7. View along South Beach towards stone harbour pier, Tan-y-bwlch in background.


8. View from Pendinas across Penparcau towards Llanbadarn Fawr.


Architectural drawings, plans, perspectives and a photograph, of buildings constructed or planned in Aberystwyth taken from building periodicals.

1. Main floor plan and elevation of principal front from selected design for National Library of Wales (S.K. Greenslade, A.R.I.B.A.), taken from The Builder, 19 June 1909.


2. Lower floor plan and transverse section from selected design for National Library of Wales (S.K. Greenslade, A.R.I.B.A.), taken from The Builder, 19 June 1909.


3. Elevations from selected design for National Library of Wales (S.K. Greenslade, A.R.I.B.A.), taken from The Builder 19 June 1909.


4. Prospect of National Library of Wales (S.K. Greenslade, A.R.I.B.A.), taken from The Builder, 14 July 1911.


5. New Church (Holy Trinity): Aberystwyth, by Middleton & Son, Architects, Westminster. Taken from The Building News, 16 June 1882. Had been mounted on blue card.


6. Plan & elevations for proposed hall of residence for University College, Aberystwyth. Joint architects: C.J. Ferguson FSA; T.E. Morgan. Taken from The Building News, 23 August 1895. Mounted on green card.


7. First premiated design for the University College of Wales Aberystwyth, F. Boreham A.R.I.B.A. Taken from The Building News, 1 October 1886. Mounted on green card.


8. New Buildings University College, Aberystwyth, South Wales. Details illustrating lecture on "Working Drawings" by J.P. Seddon F.R.I.B.A. Taken from The Building News, 1 December 1882. Mounted on green card.


9. University College of Wales, as about to be restored (plans & prospect). Taken from The Building News, 18 February 1887. Had been mounted on blue card.


10. Print from Supplement to the Cambrian News, Friday 5 June 1903, 'The new premises of the National Provincial Bank of England at Aberystwyth'.


1-3. Poster of Aberystwyth showing view from Constitution Hill along Marine Terrace, greyscale with title in red. Photo H.H. Davies, printed at the Welsh Gazette, Aberystwyth. The photograph does not show the bandstand that had been built by 1905. 3 copies.

Prints from The London Illustrated News and The Graphic, July 4 1896 covering the visit of the Prince of Wales to Aberystwyth & installation as University of Wales Chancellor. 3 copies. All were mounted on dark green card, which has been removed from Number 3.

1. Title page of The London Illustrated News, 'The Prince in his Principality: the royal procession in Great Duke Gate Street and North Parade, Aberystwyth', engraving from a photograph by Gyde of Pier St.

2. Centrefold of The London Illustrated News, 'The Prince in his Principality.- Installation of the Prince of Wales as Chancellor of the Welsh University: the Princess of Wales receiving the degree of Doctor of Music. On reverse are pages 15 and 18 of The London Illustrated News, 4 July 1896.

3. Illustration on page 15 of The Graphic, 'The Prince of Wales as Chancellor at the University of Wales', drawn by Sydney P. Hall from a sketch by T.H. Thomas.
Mounted above on backing paper (now shows as reverse) cutting from The Graphic, July 4th 1896: article on the installation of the royal chancellor, with illustration of University seal.

Hafod, Devil's Bridge and the Vale of Rheidol

1. Engraving, 'Bwlch Gwalter Bridge', of the Alpine Bridge at Hafod, 1812. Published in Wood's 'Principal Rivers of Wales' (1813). Mounted in stiff green card frame.


2. Exploded cutting mounted for display on green paper, 'Fire Destroys Welsh Church and Treasures', taken from the Western Mail (25 April 1931). Describes fire at Hafod Church.

3. Etching, 'Devil's Bridge, North Wales', drawn by P.S. Minn, etched by Lettitia Byrne and published by Thos. Palser, Surrey Side, Westminster Bridge, 2 January 1809. Mounted on green paper.


4. Miniature copy of previous (number 3), published by S. Leigh of The Strand.


5. Imaginative lithograph, 'The Devil's Bridge, Cardiganshire', published by J. Cox Library Aberystwyth. Had been mounted on green card.


6-7. Photograph, 'Devil's Bridge, Aberystwyth', taken prior to the construction of the third bridge in 1901. 2 copies, one mounted on green paper.

8. Photograph taken from same viewpoint as previous, again prior to 1901, slight changes to trees, stairs and viewing platform indicate that this is somewhat later.

9. Photograph on card mount, '92. Devil's Bridge, Pont-y-Mynach', taken by F. Bedford and sold by Dix of New Compton Street, Charing Cross Road. More distant view than previous and again taken prior to 1901.

10. Linocut, 'Pont ar Fynach', showing third bridge of 1901. Artist and date unknown.


11-12. Lithographs of the Devil's Bridge Falls, drawn and printed by W. Crane of Chester. Two different views with stylised trees, both entitled 'Falls of Pont y Monach, Devil's Bridge', number 11 published by J. Cox of Aberystwyth, number 12 mounted on green paper.



13.Engraving, 'Fall of the Rheidol, near the Devil's Bridge', drawn by Capt. Batty, engraved by Ed. Finden and published by John Murray of London, March 1823.


14. Engraving, 'Valley of the Rheidol, looking towards the Devil's Bridge', drawn by Capt. Batty, engraved by Ed. Finden and published by John Murray of London, 1 August 1823.


15. Two tone engraving, 'View from the Inn at the Devil's Bridge, Cardiganshire', drawn by D. Cox, engraved by H. Pyall and published by T. Clay of Ludgate Hill, 2 July 1827.


16. Two tone engraving, 'Vale of the Rheidol, Devil's Bridge, Cardiganshire', drawn by J. Glover, engraved by H. Pyall and published by T. Clay of Ludgate Hill, 1828.


17. Photograph, 'View on the Vale of Rheidol Railway'. Mounted on green paper.

Cardigan and the lower Teifi valley.

1. Buck Brothers engraving, 'The South View of Cardigan Castle and Priory'. Had been mounted on green paper. 25 March 1741


2. Engraving, 'Cardigan Castle in Cardiganshire', published by Hogg of Paternoster Row. Simplified copy of previous. Date in pencil, 1769.


3. Photograph of Cardigan Bridge, mounted on card. In ink on label on reverse, 'Alexander Grace, 1895, Cardigan Bridge', with pencil notes.


4. Newspaper cutting mounted on green paper, 'Old Bridge over the Teify at Cardigan. An etching by Roy Saunders showing the winding entrance to the town before the houses on the right were demolished'. Western Mail, 11 December 1937.


5. Engraving, 'Kenarth Bridg, on the Teify, Cardiganshire', drawn by H. Gastineau, engraved by S. Fisher and published by Jones & Co. of the Muses, Finsbury Square.


6. Engraving, 'Kilgerran Castle, Pembrokeshire'.


7. Engraving, 'Fall of the Teify, Cardiganshire'.


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