1. Before filming can take place

1.1 Ceredigion Archives requires advance notice of the intended use of original documents for filming. It is advisable for a member of the production team to discuss the proposed filming with the Archives at least 2 weeks in advance of the intended filming (earlier in the case of large scale filming)

1.2 It is advisable for a member of the production team to visit the Archives to assess its suitability as a location for filming. It is the responsibility of the production team to confirm such suitability.

1.3 Permission from the owners of any documents to be used in filming must be obtained in writing. Ceredigion Archives will seek such necessary permissions on behalf of the company. A charge for this will be included in the facility fee.

1.4 Accurate references for the final selection of documents to be used during filming are
required at least 2 days in advance of the intended filming. It is advisable for a member of the production team to visit the Archives and consult the catalogues for this purpose.

2. Practical measures to be adopted during filming or other media use of documents

2.1 An agreement to abide by the conditions set out in this document must be signed in advance. Filming will not be permitted without a signed agreement.

1.2 The security and physical safety of the documents is the priority of Ceredigion Archives

2.3 Documents will only be produced for filming where the risk of damage is minimal.

2.4 Filming will take place during normal Ceredigion Archives opening hours. In exceptional circumstances out of hours filming may be arranged, for an additional fee, dependent upon the availability of staff. Filming will normally take place only in Ceredigion Archives.

2.5 The filming and use of documents will, at all times, be supervised by Archives staff.

2.6 All filming must stop on request, and the office further reserves the right to withdraw a document from filming if it appears to be at risk. The general rules of Ceredigion Archives on use of archives apply.

2.7 Ceredigion Archives emergency procedures apply - if the fire alarm sounds, filming will cease immediately and all persons will evacuate the building.

2.8 The documents must not be subjected to excessive heat. Cold lights should be used wherever possible.

2.9 Documents must be handled with care and respect. Handling by the production team must be kept to a minimum if it cannot be avoided. If extensive handling of the documents is required, the right to insist on the use of "dummies" is reserved. These can be provided by the Archives with adequate notice.

2.10 Use of the documents as artistic props must be avoided. Positioning of the documents will be undertaken by staff only. Documents will not be laid on top of one another for artistic effect. If such artistic effect is required, "dummies" must be used.

2.11 Any weights, rests or protective materials provided by Ceredigion Archives for the safety of the documents must be used during filming. It is accepted that filming cannot take place through polyester protective sleeves, but handling of documents which would otherwise be protected in this way must be kept to a minimum.

2.13 Correct acknowledgements must be made on the finished product. Where required, the names of the owners of the documents should also appear in the credits. Document references may also be required to appear in the credits.

3. Fees

3.1 The facility fee must be agreed in advance.

3.2 The facility fee will include the cost of hiring the premises, staff time, the use of utilities, the use of documents and/or "dummies", the cost of any preliminary conservation assessment and an acknowledgement of the professional expertise of staff.

3.3 Invoice payment details (where and to whom) must be provided in advance of filming.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a copy of the contract agreement form.

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