How to use our online catalogue

Searchers will normally use the website search function (still imperfect but we are working on it!) to look for documents relevant to their research. There will usually be two sets of results: those from our catalogue, and others from our Accessions Register. The Register is a brief record of items acquired by us, whether as a donation, deposit, or by purchase. It is not intended as a full catalogue, or as a substitute for it, but it does mean that the public are made aware of our new acquisitions a lot sooner than would happen were we to wait until the items were fully catalogued.

Catalogue file tree

Both the Catalogue and the Accessions Register can also be browsed directly. To access the latter, please use the left-hand menu on all our pages and click on 'Latest Acquisitions'. Items will be listed starting with the newly acquired all the way back to our beginning.

We thoroughly recommend browsing through our online catalogue; the link is also in the left-hand menu. Once the page is open, the Schedules Menu will appear. Click on the + signs next to the labels to expand the menu. Items are arranged hierarchically, reflecting their provenance and/or nature. For example, expanding the 'County Councils' Records' section will show that there were three incarnations of the local authority since the creation of county councils in 1888. Clicking on each will reveal their internal structure; within the departments there will be catalogues of records created or deposited by them.

The top item in the Schedules Menu ('Indexes, Electoral Registers etc.') lists various sources, compilations and indexes, some compiled by researchers.

The School Records section is an exception in that it compiles items from various collections under the headings of individual schools.

Minor Deposits, Museum Collection, Library Collection and Aberystwyth Yesterday are in reality sets of small collections acquired either from individual depositors and/or donors directly or through another institution.

Look out for 'Introductions' under some catalogue headings for more information about a particular series of records, and have a look at the 'Featured Collections' page, where we highlight some major collections.

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