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New documents are always arriving at the archives, and we're very pleased about that! If you have a document or collection you would like to deposit please contact us.
We have listed our new acquisitions below, and the list will be updated regularly. It takes us a while to get documents ready for the public, therefore you may not find the items on this page in the on-line collections. If you would like to know more about anything listed below please contact us.

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Papers of Teleri Bevan (Ref: ADX/1822)
Papers of Teleri Bevan, some relating to Welsh cobs
Acc.No: 4139   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: TBC Not yet in the catalogue

Cyngor Cymuned Llansantffraed Community Council (Ref: Llansantffraed PC & CC)
   3 Mehefin/June 2008-4 Medi/September 2012
   2 Hydref/October 2012-3 Tachwedd/ November 2015

Acc.No: 4138   Date of material: 2008-2015   Extent: 2 gyfrol/vols   Access: TBC Show catalogue(Llansantffraed PC & CC) 

From Uppingham to Borth, From Borth to Uppingham (Ref: ADX/847/10)
The Borth Centenary Magazine commemorating the evacuation of Uppingham School to Borth during the typhoid outbreak in 1875-77.
Acc.No: 4137   Date of material: 1977   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Merched y Wawr Melindwr ac Aberystwyth (Ref: DSO/33/3; DSO/33/16)
Further records of the Merched y Wawr branches at Melindwr (DSO/33/16) and Aberystwyth (DSO/33/3)
Acc.No: 4136   Date of material: 1983-2017   Extent: 1 box   Access: open tbc Show catalogue(DSO/33/16) 

Family and other photographs relating to Penybont, Llangwyryfon and area from the family of Edwin James. (Ref: ADX/1821)
Photographs, memorial and wedding cards relating to the Llangwyryfon area and connected with the family of Edwin James, Penybont. The family were carpenters, funeral directors and smallholders
Acc.No: 4135   Date of material: c1900 -   Extent: 1 box   Access: open tbc Not yet in the catalogue

Documents relating to the life of Morfudd Davies (nee Thomas) 1917-2014, Griffith George Davies 1913-1991 and Dinah Davies (Ref: ADX/1544 (further items))
To be catalogued :
Acc.No: 4134   Date of material: 20th century   Extent: 1 box   Access: open (tbc) Not yet in the catalogue

Cerdd ddathlu canmlwyddiant Capel Horeb, New Cross (Ref: ADX/1820)
Llawysgrif: Cerdd 9 pennill ar adeg 'Dathlu Canmlwyddiant Capel Horeb, New Cross, Aberystwyth' gan Mrs Barbra Elizabeth Davies, nain y rhoddwr. Hefyd trawsgrifiad y gerdd.
Acc.No: 4133   Date of material: 7 October 1959   Extent: 1 eitem   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ADX/1820) 

Fideo ardal Pontarfynach / Devil's Bridge film (Ref: ADX/1819)
Film compilation of archival stills and footage of Devil's Bridge and surrounding area. Compiled by Anne Marie Carty, Care to Connect Project, for the launch of Canolfan Mynach in Devil's Bridge in October 2021.
   Includes photographs from ADX/570.

Acc.No: 4132   Date of material: 2021   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1819) 

View of Pontrhydfendigaid (Ref: ADX/1818)
Copy b/w photograph showing 'The Village, Pontrhydfendigaid' with Red Lion public house foreground left.
Acc.No: 4131   Date of material: n.d.   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1818) 

Photograph of old motorcycle (Ref: ADX/1817)
Colour photograph of vintage Raleigh moped with Cardiganshire registration number KEJ 25 (1959)
Acc.No: 4130   Date of material: c. 2020   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1817) 

Aberystwyth Christian Aid photographs (Ref: DSO/184)
Colour photographs of Aberystwyth annual Christian Aid Shop, a fundraising event organized by Aberystwyth Christian Aid. Some people are identified.
Acc.No: 4129   Date of material: 1980s   Extent: 19 prints   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

St Michael's Church interior (Ref: ADX/1816)
Colour print (from digital scan) depicting 'Interior of second St. Michael's church, Aberystwyth'. Artist unknown.
Acc.No: 4128   Date of material: n.d.   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1816) 

3rd Cards. Battalion Home Guard by J. Davies and J.E. Lloyd (Ref: ADX/1150/2)
Book detailing the story of the 3rd Cards Home Guard (see also ADX/1150 for photocopy of the same book) which covered the area including New Quay, Llanon, Cribyn, Llanwnen, Lampeter, Llangeitho, Blaenpennal Tregaron, Llanddewi Brefi and across to the Breconshire border.
Acc.No: 4127   Date of material: 1947   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1150) 

A Good Name Hath Endured (Ref: ADX/1815)
Book: A Good Name Hath Endured: The history of Shaw & Sons 1750-2020 by Crispin Williams
Acc.No: 4126   Date of material: 2020   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1815) 

Photograph of a picnic at Piercefield (Ref: ADX/1814)
Photograph of a picnic at Piercefield taken on the 29th July 1892. D.J. Lewis Photographer, 15 Great Dargate Street, Aberystwyth.
Acc.No: 4125   Date of material: 29 July 1892   Extent: 1 photograph   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1814) 

Documents relating to the Llandysul and some areas in Carmarthenshire (Ref: ADX/1813)
Documents relating to the Llandysul and some areas in Carmarthenshire
Acc.No: 4124   Date of material: 18th-19th century   Extent: 1 bundle   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Restaurant bill: Casablanca, Eastgate, Aberystwyth (Ref: CSC/RO/6)
Bill for the final Christmas dinner held at the Casablanca restaurant by members of staff of the Archives, Information and Records Management Service, with choices and prices listed.
Acc.No: 4123   Date of material: 2019   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(CSC/RO/6) 

Further records of the Llanilar Community Development Association and Llanilar School Records (Ref: DSO/120/2, CDC/ED/47/1-2)
DSO/120/2 Further records of the Llanilar Community Development Association relating to the project to convert the old school into a community amenity :
   1. Lever arch file containing correspondence
   2. Tender, preliminaries and general conditions, specification and bill of quantities for proposed refurbishment by Lionel Curtis, chartered architect, Aberystwyth
   3. Report on tenders
   4. Plans of proposed refurbishment
   5. 1906 2nd edition Ordnance Survey Map X.SE ( Llanilar )
   6. 1906 2nd edition Ordnance Survey Map XV. NE ( Lledrod)
   1. Plan of proposed concreting of playground extention 1931
   2. Eight group photographs of Llanilar schoolchildren ( one original, others photocopied with many children identified)

Acc.No: 4122   Date of material: 1906, 1931, 2002-2005 and others   Extent: 1 box plus 3 plans   Access: Restricted Access Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire County Council Driver's time-keeping log (Ref: CDC/ED/VA/37)
Time-keeping book produced under the Road and Rail Traffic Act 1933 for drivers for Cardiganshire County Council driver G.H.V. Jones working for the Visual Aids Department December 1965-January 1967
Acc.No: 4121   Date of material: 1965-1967   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Books of secondary school statistics and education in Wales (Ref: CDC/ED/46/1-18)
Reports and inspections of secondary schools in Wales 1914 - 1948, reports of the Board of Education 1930-1939 and other publications relating to education in Wales
Acc.No: 4120   Date of material: 1914-1962   Extent: 1 box   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire County Council Smallholdings Correspondence (Ref: CDC/V/2/21-23)
Correspondence relating to Cardiganshire County Council
Acc.No: 4119   Date of material: 1949-1968   Extent: 1 box   Access: restricted access Not yet in the catalogue

Civil Defence Records for the county of Cardiganshire (Ref: CDC/CD/)
Civil Defence Records of Cardiganshire County Council
Acc.No: 4118   Date of material: 1949-1970   Extent: 2 boxes   Access: Restricted access Not yet in the catalogue

Childhood reminiscences (Ref: ADX/1812)
Childhood reminiscences of Arthur Chater of Aberystwyth 1930s-1940s
Acc.No: 4117   Date of material: 2021   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1812) 

Books by Nigel Richardson about the Uppingham School and Borth (Ref: ADX/847/8-9)
Books by Nigel Richardson about the Uppingham School and Borth. Uppingham School evacuated to Borth during the typhoid epidemic of 1875-77, beginning a long association between the School and Borth. These two books tell the story from two perspectives: Borth's and Uppingham's.
   ADX/847/8 A Spring Invasion. Uppingham School at Borth 1876-7 (2 copies and a PDF file)
   ADX/847/9 A Great Deliverance. Uppingham's Typhoid Epidemic 1875-7 (2 copies and a PDF file)

Acc.No: 4116   Date of material: 2021   Extent: 4 vols & 2 PDF files   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

MIND War Memorials Survey (Ref: ADX/1811)
Electronic book (PDF format): Final report for a project undertaken by Mind Aberystwyth to produce a survey of War Memorials across the Northern part of Ceredigion and beyond.
   The idea of the project was to provide mental health service users with an experience of archaeological field survey to boost self-esteem and promote good mental health and wellbeing by producing high standard data enabling damaged or defaced monuments to be reconstructed should the need arise.
   An Archaeology for Mental Health project.

Acc.No: 4115   Date of material: 2017   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1811) 

Tourist Information Booklet (Ref: ADX/1810)
"The Charms of Cardigan Bay Resorts, Wales' Holiday Playground : Booklet of information regarding fourteen of the most charming, delightful and fascinating holiday centres" includes Cardigan, Aberystwyth, and other resorts beyond Cardiganshire
Acc.No: 4114   Date of material: n.d. but c. 1947   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1810) 

Byr Hanes am Blwyf Nantcwnlle (Ref: ADX/1809)
Byr Hanes am Blwyf Nantcwnlle gan y Parch. E. Edwardes M.A. Cambrian News 1930
Acc.No: 4113   Date of material: 1930   Extent: 1 volume   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1809) 

Llyfrau gan D. Geraint Lewis (Ref: ADX/1339/13)
13. Enwau Cymru ac Enwau'r Cymry : Y berthynas annatod rhwng wlad a'i phobl (2020)
Acc.No: 4111   Date of material: 2020   Extent: 1 volume   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Working papers of Councillor T.Haydn Lewis (Ref: CSC/5/1)
File of papers relating to part of the career of Dyfed and Ceredigion County Councillor T Haydn Lewis, member for Ferwig until 2017. The papers relate mostly to roads and footpaths in south Ceredigion
Acc.No: 4110   Date of material: 1993-2009   Extent: 1 file   Access: RESTRICTED ACCESS - DP ISSUES Not yet in the catalogue

Hafod Estate Abstract of Title and photographs relating to Brynglas, Brynafan (Ref: ADX/1808)
1. Abstract of the Title of Mr John James Rennie to properties known as Hafod Estate in the County of Cardigan. A copy of a typescript document.
   2. Photographs of exterior and interior of Brynglas, Brynafan, Llanafan with text describing the cottage ( now demolished) [ In Electronic Collections ]

Acc.No: 4109   Date of material: 1947 - 1988   Extent: 2 items   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1808) 

Transcriptions of gravestones at St Michael's, Aberystwyth (Ref: CPR/ASTM/293/1-2)
1. St Michael's Churchyard, transcription of headstones 1972. Surnames, in alphabetical order
   2. St Michael's Churchyard, transcription of headstones 1972.Listed by original placement of gravestones. Does NOT include descriptions of gravestones themselves.

Acc.No: 4108   Date of material: 1972 but database later   Extent: 2 items   Access: open Show catalogue(CPR/ASTM) 

Additonal items for the H.C. Jones Collection (Ref: ADX/34/18)
1. Printed account of the family of Robert Griffith Davies "Bob the Roller" (1878-1959 )
   2. Copy of article from The Border Mail 12th May 2014 concerning H.C. Jones career as a writer

Acc.No: 4107   Date of material: 2014-2015   Extent: 2 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Orders of Funeral Service (Ref: ADX/1346/15 - 18)
15. Order of service for the funeral of Michael John Corlett May/June 2015
   16. Order of Service for the funeral of Alan Nigel Morley 1945-2015
   17.Order of Service for the funeral of John Leeding (d. 2016)
   18. Order of Service for the funeral of John Martin Evans (1932-2021)

Acc.No: 4106   Date of material: 2015-2016   Extent: 4 items   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1346) 

Sioe Talybont Show programme 2015 (Ref: DSO/51)
Sioe Talybont Show programme 2015
Acc.No: 4105   Date of material: 2015   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(DSO/51) 

Welsh Mines Preservation Trust (Ref: DSO/96/addl)
Welsh Mines Preservation Trust newsletter no.33 Spring 2015. Paper copy
Acc.No: 4104   Date of material: 2015   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Receipts relating to Lampeter (Ref: ADX/1807)
Receipts from business conducted by Roderick Evans, Chemist of Lampeter with other local tradesmen including W. Jones, meat purveyor, High Street Lampeter, the Old Quarry Aerated Water Company, Lampeter, David James, White Hall, Lampeter (corn, flour,salt, oil cake, condiment and food merchants ) and others.
Acc.No: 4103   Date of material: 1901-1902   Extent: 17 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs of lady cyclist (Ref: ADX/1806)
1. Photograph of bicycle with seated woman beyond titled "On road to Aberystwyth August 1959" and overleaf "'A' pouring milk 16 miles from Aberystwyth".
   2. Photograph of woman cycling in shorts entitled "On Road Home!! 70 miles to go. August 1959" on reverse " 'A' cycling home".

Acc.No: 4102   Date of material: 1959   Extent: 2 items   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1806) 

Photographs of architectural details of Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1805)
Folder of coloured photographs of Aberystwyth - details of buildings especially windows. 1990s
Acc.No: 4101   Date of material: 1990s   Extent: 1 folder   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Material of Aberystwyth / St Brieuc twinning (Ref: ABT/T/6)
Minutes and agendas, tourist leaflets, accounts, correspondence
Acc.No: 4100   Date of material: 2014-2019   Extent: 1 file   Access: RESTRICTED ACCESS TO PARTS ( CORRESPONDENCE) Not yet in the catalogue

A lockdown walk map of Llanilar (Ref: CSC/RO/11/2)
A lockdown walk map of Llanilar with two essays.
Acc.No: 4099   Date of material: 2021   Extent: 1 box   Access: open Show catalogue(CSC/RO/11) 

Items from Wenallt Cottage, Llanafan relating to the village of Llanafan (Ref: ADX/1804)
1. Material relating to Capel Afan, Llanafan including certificates issued for collecting money for the C.M. overseas mission, for attendance at Sunday School, and for membership of Clwb Plant y Cymro, "Braslun o Hanes Henaduriaeth Gogledd Aberteifi 1873-1972" by D. Lewis Evans, 2 newspaper clippings relating to weddings at the chapel, a Christmas card containing a photograph of the interior of the chapel (1953), a photograph of a wedding in the chapel (1986) a photograph of the "Sasiwn 1965", an order of service for the funeral of Y Parchedig Arthur Wynn Williams (died 1959), photograph of the re-opening of Capel Swyddffynnon(1950s?), formal photograph of seated young men tentatively identified as Ystrad Meurig School.
   2. Material relating to the Lisburne family of Trawscoed including Orders of Service for Major the Right Honourable Ernest Edmund Henry Malet, 7th Earl of Lisburne (1892-1965) with newspaper cuttings, Captain the Right Honorable John David Malet Vaughan, 8th Earl of Lisburne ( d. 2014) with obituary from The Times and printed version of online obituary, Honor Morvyth Malet Llewellyn ( 1919-2018), a photograph titled "Earl Lisburne's Coming of Age, Llanafan School Children at Crosswood Mansion n.d. but could be 1913, newspaper cutting from The Daily Telegraph on the sale of Trawscoed in 2005, article by Eirionedd Baskerville from a papur pawb ( n.d. ), Souvenir programme relating to the marriage of Viscount and Viscountess Vaugan 1943 with photographs, letter from Shelagh Lisburne to Mrs Evans Wenallt Fawr, copy of the "Orpen" portrait of Regina Lisburne 1932, small photograph of Richard Rowland Evans Wenallt and Richard Griffiths 1970.
   3.Material relating to Ardwyn Grammar School including a photograph of prefects 1955 ( named ) fifth form 1953 ( some names) , "Cymraeg" exercise book, school reports of the donor 1947-1954, programme for the Dedication and Opening of the Organ 1953, Programme for a production of Merrie England 1953, Ardwyn Speech Day and Prize Distribution programme held at the King's Hall 1951 and 1954 , General Certificates of Education awarded to the donor (1953-55)

Acc.No: 4098   Date of material: 1930s-2018   Extent: 1 file   Access: RESTRICTED ACCESS on items in (3) Not yet in the catalogue

Various items (Ref: )
1. Ephemera delivered to Primrose Hill, Llanbadarn Fawr during 2020
   2. Pamphlet on the amenities on Constitution Hill c.1990 ?
   3. A list of Welsh place names for Cardiganshire compiled by G. Ellis Department of Botany, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff 1968
   4. Report ( typescript, illustrations, maps, plans ) on ruins near the coast at Llanon ( Llansantffraid) and Llanrhystud Ceredigion. Prepared by Michael Freeman for a tour of Llanrhystud / Llanon lime kilns 19th May, 2018
   5. File of photocopied material relating to use by the Royal Family of the Cambrian Railway in 1896 [ title on file may be ignored ]
   6. Cambrian Archaeological Association, visit to Capel Bethania , Aberteifi [Cardigan] Stanley Cox, Welsh School of Architecture UWIST Cardiff 1972
   7. Copy of an Act to enable the Reverend Alban Thomas Jones Gwynne..

Acc.No: 4097   Date of material: 1972-2020   Extent: 1 box   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Trees of Hafod Estate (Ref: FOH Friends of Hafod addl)
The file contains correspondence relating to Hafod Estate with members of the Friends of Hafod, The Forestry Commission Wales and Alan Mitchell of TROBI ( Tree Register of the British Isles). There is a scrapbook containing some samples of leaves &c. There are also colour photographs of trees on sites on the Hafod Estate.
Acc.No: 4096   Date of material: 1988-1992   Extent: 1 folder   Access: RESTRICTED ACCESS - personal addresses Not yet in the catalogue

Papers relating to the life and career of Canon William Watkins (Ref: ADX/1652 (further items))
Papers relating to the life and career of Canon William Watkins of Nant-Yr-Arian, Llanbadarn ( 1936-2018)
Acc.No: 4095   Date of material: 1936-2018 mainly   Extent: many boxes !   Access: Some DP material. May be restricted acccess Not yet in the catalogue

Material from Tregaron Library (Ref: DYC/LI/3 and CDC/LI/9)
Llyfrgell Ceredigion Llawlyfr Staff 1954 Staff Handbook for Cardiganshire Joint Library (fully bi-lingual)
   Borrowers Register 1953-1971
   4 volumes of daily borrowing figures for Tregaron Library divided into "English Books" and "Welsh Books" borrowed 1973 - 1990 plus typescript, computer statistics 1991-1996.
   I packet photographs with associated letter from 1999 adressed to Miss Morgan. The colour photographs depict a spinning and weaving event and [?] Tregaron Library.
   5 photographs of the interior of Tregaron Library showing pupils at work and pupils and adulyts using computers. By Tim Jones of Llainwen Llangeitho, June 1999
   4 Photographs of pony trekking near Tregaron c. 1975
   2 b/w photographs of views of the Teify Pools
   32 "Photostat facsimiles" mounted on card all copies of documents with relevance to the history of Tregaron and surroundings (including Llangeitho). A full list is required.
   Nine encapsulated sets of extracts from newspapers ( c. 1897>) relating to Tregaron School.
   Newspaper article on the opening ceremony at Tregaron school n.d.
   B/W photograph of unattributed watercolour painting entitled "Tregarron Cardiganshire July 24th"
   Programme for Rali Heddwch/Peace Rally at Tregaron 18.09.1982
   4 postcards relating to "Tom" (Master Tom Handee Merchant) at 17 South Marine Terrace Abersystwyth, one sent from Hamburg by Tom, the others to Tom from "Dad" from Liverpool. C. 1920
   INCOMPLETE - asking Ania to check some things

Acc.No: 4094   Date of material: Personal letter with the bundle of photographs   Extent: 1 box, outsize items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Papers relating to William Rowland Morgan of the Talbot Hotel Tregaron (Ref: ADX/1803)
Two exercise books of Mary Griffiths, Tynewydd, Llangoedmore, one mathematical, the other a handwriting copybook. 1828 and 1829
   Encapsulated document relating to a case in the county court at Lampeter between David Rowlands and other v. Rev W. E. Jones 1871
   Programme of the opening and unveiling ceremony of the Tregaron War Memorial ( and Memorial Hall) 4January 1922
   Service sheet for the unveiling of the war memorial in St Caron's 30th March 1922

Acc.No: 4093   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1803) 

Aber Afon Dyfi: Hanes Darluniadol /The Dyfi Estuary: An Illustrated History (Ref: ADX/1801)
The Dyfi Estuary : An Illustrated History by Richard Mayou published by The Machynlleth Tabernacle Trust
Acc.No: 4092   Date of material: 2021   Extent: 1 volume   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1801) 

Further papers relating to Ffinant Isaf, Alltyblacca (Ref: ADX/1352)
Further papers relating to Ffinant Isaf, Alltyblacca formerly the property of JDM Jones and Dwynwen Jones, Brooklyn, Talybont. One file relates mainly to litigation and other matters dealt with by J H Jones FRICS as agent for J D M Jones and earlier agent's work by J D M Jones and John Protheroe.
Acc.No: 4091   Date of material: c. 1975-c. 2015   Extent: 1 box file   Access: Open but check HMRC issues ? Not yet in the catalogue

Archif Menywod Cymru /Women's Archive Wales (Ref: DSO/188)
Archif Menywod Cymru /Women's Archive Wales : Taith Gerdded Treftadaeth Menywod Aberystwyth / Women's Heritage Walk Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 4090   Date of material: 2021   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(DSO/188) 

Photographs and postcards (Ref: ADX/1799/11-51)
40 portrait photographs (single, double, familiesand groups ) all unidentified but believed to relate to Cardiganshire. Babies, youngsters, women and men.
Acc.No: 4089   Date of material: c.1890-1945   Extent: 40 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

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