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School Records: County Schools

School records are closed to the public for 30 years after the date at which they were made



The main collection of school records, school board records

and education committee records was transferred to the

Cardiganshire Record Office from the National Library of

Wales in 1989. A list of these records may be consulted in

the search room. The present guide is not an archive list,

but an index intended to help searchers locate all records

relating to individual schools. It therefore refers to

records in deposited as well as official collections and

where appropriate, to newspaper articles and printed

sources. A note is made where schools are mentioned in two

important sources, (1) the Reports of the Commissioners of

Enquiry into the state of Education in Wales, 1847, commonly

called the "Blue Books". A copy of the report can be

consulted in the National Library of Wales; and (11)

Cardiganshire Education Committee, Extracts from Returns

from the Elementary Schools in the county, 1905. A copy may

be consulted at the Record Office.


Intermediate/County School.

This was established under the 1889 Intermediate Education

Act. The school opened in temporary premises on 12 May 1896.

School Records.

School Local Managers, minute books,

30 April 1896-22 December 1904 219a

9 September 1925-24 March 1937 219d

25 June 1937-22 March 1944 219b

26 April 1944-26 January 1949 219c

Register of fees, 1935-1949 220Aa

County Council Records.

School plans, c. 1912-1950s CDC/A/1/7-8, 10,

12-14, 16-17,

23-25, 76, 78-79,





Ardwyn County School. (later Penweddig Comprehensive)

In 1874 a boys' school was opened in North Parade by

Reverend Llewelyn Edwards. After a short while there, it

was moved to Bridge Street and a year or so later to Ardwyn,

a large house off Llanbadarn Road.

As a result of the Intermediate Education Act of 1889 it was

decided to set up a county intermediate school in

Aberystwyth. When Llewelyn Edwards died in 1896, his school

was bought by the County Council and Ardwyn became the

town's county school, under its first headmaster, David

Samuel. The school was opened on 6 October 1896. At first

it took boys only; girls were admitted in 1898.

In 1973 Ardwyn and Dinas schools were combined to form

Penglais Comprehensive School. When the English-speaking

pupils moved to the extended premises on the Waun, Ardwyn

became an all-Welsh comprehensive school, Penweddig.

School Records.

Local Managers' minute book,

5 September 1945-28 February 1949 219A

Register of fees, 1941-1949 220Ab

County Council Records.

School plans, CDC/A/1/136-138



School books of Professor de Lloyd and

his family, County School, Aberystwyth,

1899-1929 ADX/19

Photographs of sports teams, 1955 ADX/49 (Plates)

Copy photograph, Ardwyn school and class ADX/64/17-18

School notebooks of Eleanor J. Edwards,

1901-1910 ADX/155

Receipt for fees, 1922 ADX/214

Handbook ADX 320/39

Dinas Secondary Modern School. (later Penglais Comprehensive)

In September 1955 the senior section of Alexandra Road

School moved to Dinas School, which had been built at

Cefn-llan on the Waun. In 1973-75 extensions were made to

the buildings and the school became Penglais Comprehensive

School .

School Records.

Governors' minute book,

16 August 1948-14 February 1949 220C

Prospectus ADX 320/38


County School.

There had been an endowed grammar school in Cardigan since

the mid seventeenth century. The Intermediate School was

opened in the Cardigan Free Grammar School on 4 November

1895, and a new building was opened on 21 September 1898.

School Records.

Registers of admission and withdrawal,

1895-1907 117Ca

1903-1911 117Cb

1911-1915 117Cc

1915-1918 117Cd

1918-1921 117Ce

1921-1924 117Cf

1924-1926 (incomplete) 117Cg

1923-1929 117Ch

1929-1933 117Ci

1933-1938 117CJ

1938-1941 117Ck

1941-1944 117C1

School fees book, 1927-1932 93A

Register of fees, 1941-1949 220Ac

Governors' minute books,

10 July 1911-31 December 1926 220Ba

31 December 1926-2 November 1935 220Bb

28 December 1935-15 August 1942 220Bc

5 September 1942-11 October 1947 220Bd

8 November 1947-1 February 1949 220Be

Ledgers, 1916-1926 CDC/TR/19

1926-1933 CDC/TR/85

1933-1935 CDC/TR/20

County Council Records.

School plans, 1934 CDC/A/1/6, 139-142


see entries in the index to the Cardigan and Tivyside


St Mary's Secondary Modern School.

School Records.

Register of admission and withdrawal,

1949-1959 117B


Secondary School.

School Records.

Governors' minute book,

4 May 1946-1949 220D


County School.

The school was established under the 1889 Intermediate Act.

It was opened on 24 September 1895.

School Records.

Ledgers, 1895-1914 SED/3/1

1933-1935 215c

Cash books,

1895-1898 220Fb

1929-1935 216c

Register of fees, 1935-1949 220Ae

Receipts books,

1898-1910 SED/3/2

1910-1924 SED/3/3

Governors' minute books,

1894-1905 220Ea

1905-1918 220Eb

1924-1935 220Ec

1935-1942 220Ed

1942-1946 200Ef

1946-1949 200Eg

Admission register, 1895-1909 220Fa

County Council Records.

School plans, nd, 1950 CDC/A/I/I,9,99,100,


1896 CDC/A/6/6


Photograph of Thomas Edgar Davies,

headmaster of Llandysul Grammar School,

1932-1957 ADX/61/1/1

Programme for annual prizegiving, 1965 ADX/61/1/2

Programme for school leaving service, 1968 ADX/61/1/3

School note books, 1974-1980, ADX/65/3

Photograph, 1924-1925 ADX/71/5

Ad Astra, school magazine, 1940, ADX/75/5

see index to the Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser.


County School.

The school was established under the Intermediate Education

Act of 1889, under an amended county scheme of 1893. It was

opened on 17 May 1897.

School Records.

Governors' minute books,

1913-1923 220Ga

1923-1936 CDC/TR/21

1937-1945 22OGb

1945-1949 220Gc

Register of fees, 1935-1949 220Ae

County Council Records.

School plans, 1948 CDC/A/7/35

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