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Parish and Community Councils: Llanwenog Parish and Community Council

Acc.61, 2442

Ref: Llanwenog PC & CC

Records of the Llanwenog Parish and Community Councils.

1. Minute book of the Vestry/Parish Meetings for the parish of Llanwenog [English and Welsh],
2 April 1875-14 March 1956

2. Minute book of Llanwenog Parish Council [Welsh],
3 January 1895-29 March 1941

3. Minute book of Llanwenog Parish Council [Welsh and English], 
26 April 1941-13 October 1969

4. Minute book of the Llanwenog Parish Council, then Llanwenog Community Council.
Mehefin/June 1969-Chwefror/February 1989
Llanwenog Community Council from 23 April 1974.

5. Minute book of the Llanwenog Community Council.
Ebrill/April 1989-Ebrill/April 2000
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