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HT: Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth

Acc. 2399

Ref: HT

Title: Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth Collection
Reference: HT
Date(s): 1887-1986
Extent: 19 bundles; 14 volumes ; 22 loose items ; 6 folders
Level: Fonds
Scope and Content: Articles of Enquiry, Parochial Statistics, Visitation Returns 1938 – 1962 ; plans of chapel at Great Hall, University of Wales, Aberystwyth; Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth ; Coroners’ Orders for Burial ; Certificates of Registry of Death 1913 – 1924 ; marriage certificates without licence 1887-1913 ; bans of marriage 1893 – 1919 ; marriage licences 1887 – 1927 ; miscellaneous letters and papers (e.g. ‘Voice of the People’ recording, ‘Mission’ celebration, music score (‘Common for a Martyr not a Bishop’) ; various cash books 1925 – 1943 ; Centenary History booklets ; Sunday School, Girls’ Friendly Society literature ; Register of Services 1952 – 1958 (1 volume); Church Students’ Society documents 1899 – 1969 ; church certificates (marriages 1887 – 1927, deaths and burials 1913 – 1924) ; history of church (1986) ; financial papers & correspondence 1932 – 1968 ; Electoral Roll c. 1920 (1 volume) ; Register of Confirmations 1887 – 1928 (1 volume) . ‘Buarth Hall’ file : various financial accounts (Church Warden, Herbert Bequest, National Provincial Bank papers ; Boys’ Brigade 1940 ; Register of Banns of Marriage 1929 – 1993 (1 volume) ; published magazines incl. parish magazine & St David’s Diocesan Gazette 1922 – 1968. Donated by Rev. Ian Aveson, 9th June 2009.
Associated Material: For more documents associated with Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth, (mainly Mothers’ Union and centenary ‘Victorian Evening’) please see Acc. 2422, HT/addl. (appended)

Reference: HT/1
Title: Visitation Records
Date(s): 1938-1962
Extent: 16 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Parochial Statistics, Visitation Returns and Articles of Enquiry detailing information about the Holy Trinity Church for Archdeacons’ visits and Bishops’ Visitations (including services of the church, burials on Sundays, baptisms, church societies, confirmation, church collections, church registers etc.)

HT/1/1 – Archdeacon’s Visitation, 18 June 1956.
HT/1/2 – Archdeacon’s Visitation, 28 April 1958.
HT/1/3 – Archdeacon’s Visitation, 16 May 1955.
HT/1/4 – Archdeacon’s Visitation, 9 May 1949.
HT/1/5 – Brown paper envelope originally containing items 1 to 4.
HT/1/6 – Diocese of St. David’s, Articles of Enquiry preparatory to the Bishop’s Primary Visitation, 10 May 1957.

HT/1/7 – In the Diocese of St. David’s, Archdeaconry of Cardigan. Articles of Enquiry preparatory to the Archdeacon’s Vernal Visitation, 25 April 1962, containing questions concerning the Services of church, furniture, Parsonage house, church societies, burials on Sundays, plays in church, marriages, confirmation, church collections, lay readers, church registers, the churchyard, etc. At the end of the document there is a table detailing the times of services in the parishes of Holy Trinity Aberystwyth. 

HT/1/8 – Diocese of St. David’s – Articles of Enquiry preparatory to the Bishop’s Second Visitation, 2 July 1954.

HT/1/9 – Diocese of St. David’s – Articles of Enquiry preparatory to the Bishop’s Primary Visitation, 2 June 1951.

HT/1/10 – Empty envelope addressed to Reverend Gwilym Owen, Christ-Church Vicarage, Llanelly. Labelled ‘Churchwardens’ Presentments 1938 1941’.

HT/1/11 – Diocese of St. David’s – Articles of Enquiry preparatory to the Bishop’s Sixth Visitation. Document dated 13 April 1947.

HT/1/12 – Diocese of St. David’s – Articles of Enquiry preparatory to the Bishop’s Fifth Visitation. Document dated 13 April 1944.

HT/1/13 – Parish of Aberystwyth, Holy Trinity – Articles of Enquiry preparatory to the Bishop’s Third Visitation. Document dated 18 April 1938.

HT/1/14 – Return of Parochial Statistics – Diocese of St. David’s – Holy Trinity, Vicarage. Document dated 1 July 1938.

HT/1/15 – Diocese of St. David’s – Articles of Enquiry preparatory to the Bishop’s Fourth Visitation, Parish of Aberystwyth: Holy Trinity, 11 April 1941.

HT/1/16 – Diocese of St. David’s – Episcopal Visitation, 9 June 1947 in Church of St. Michael’s Aberystwyth. Document dated 25 March 1947.

Reference: HT/2
Title: UCW Aberystwyth, Great Hall Chapel
Date(s): 1968
Extent: 5 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Documents relating to designing and building of the chapel in the Great Hall at UCW Aberystwyth.

HT/2/1 – Acknowledgement letter addressed to architects Sir Percy Thomas & Son regarding the Chapel in Great Hall at U.C.W. Aberystwyth, 4 October 1968.

HT/2/2 – List containing the estimated extra cost of providing chapel accommodation in lower ground floor of Great Hall. Chartered Quality Surveyors: W.T. Hills & Co. (2 copies)

HT/2/3 – Great Hall interior design for chapel at U.C.W. Aberystwyth – Sir Percy Thomas & Son, Architects, Swansea, August 1968. (2 copies)

Reference: HT/3
Title: Coroner’s Orders.
Date(s): 1913-1918
Extent: 5 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Coroner’s Orders for Burial

HT/3/1 – Coroner’s Orders for Burial of an Unknown Person, lying in the mortuary in Corporation Yard, Aberystwyth. 12 January 1918.

HT/3/2 – Coroner’s Orders for Burial of Elizabeth Frances James (62 years), 44 Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth. 21 April 1917.

HT/3/3 – Note from A. Bannister, Rector Aston with Elton and Leinthall Starks in the Diocese of Hereford confirming that he performed the burial ceremony of Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes on 10 June 1916.

HT/3/4 – Coroner’s Orders for Burial of Frank Dickson (60 years), Aberystwyth. 6 June 1914.

HT/3/5 – Coroner’s Orders for Burial of Richard Morgan (52 years), 6 Union Street, Aberystwyth. 13 December 1913.

HT/3/6 – Coroner’s Orders for Burial of Edward Thomas Shone (69 years), 4 Stanley Road, Aberystwyth. 27 January 1931.

Reference: HT/4
Title: Certificates of Registry of Death.
Date(s): 1913-1924
Extent: 91 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Certificates of Registry of Death (filled in) for burial services at Holy Trinity and burials at town cemetery.

HT/4/1 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Anne Emanuel (61 years), Portland Road, Aberystwyth. 25 January 1913.

HT/4/2 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Mary Sophia Rice Williams (84 years), 124 Shepherds Bush Road, South Hammersmith, London. 28 May 1913.

HT/4/3-Certificate of Registry of Death – Morgan Morgan (54 years), The Coopers Arms, North Gate Street, Aberystwyth. 8 October 1913.

HT/4/4 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Ethel Lilian Fear (13 years), 5 Stanley Road, Aberystwyth. 4 November 1913.

HT/4/5 – Certificate of Registry of Death – John Henry Hunt (7 weeks), 2 Rees Cottages, Portland Road, Aberystwyth. 22 December 1913.

HT/4/6 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Thomas Kemp Walton (70 years), Chatsworth, Cliff Terrace, Vaenor Lower, Aberystwyth. 13 January 1914.

HT/4/7 – Certificate of Registry of Death – William Harold Williams (5 days), 10 Gogerddan Cottages, Aberystwyth. 3 February 1914.

HT/4/8 – Certificate of Registry of Death – William Hughes Jones (72 years), Mona House, Bath Street, Aberystwyth. 25 May 1914.

HT/4/9 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Mary Levetus (24 years), died at the Infirmary, Aberystwyth. 11 July 1914. [Free BMD website has no record of a Mary Levetus but there is a record of death of Nora C. Levetus (24 years) in that quarter]

HT/4/10 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Margaret Anita Williams (28 years), 13 Powell Street, Aberystwyth. 20 July 1914.

HT/4/11 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Nicholas Birdwood Evans (61 years), North Road, Aberystwyth. 5 August 1914.

HT/4/12 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Mary Ann Thomas (28 years, of 15 Queen Street, Pembroke Dock), died at 13 Powell Street, Aberystwyth. 3 October 1914.

HT/4/13 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Ann Haywood (84 years), Bronsiriol, Brynymor Road, Vaenor Lower. 8 October 1914.

HT/4/14 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Michael Slavin (72 years), 1 Penyranchor, Trefechan, Aberystwyth. 28 December 1914.

HT/4/15 – Certificate of Registry of Death – ?Caris Hector Bullock (12 years), Sand Marsh, Queens Road, Aberystwyth. 31 December 1914. [First name reading uncertain; FreeBMD has a Carris H Bullock who died in that quarter]

HT/4/16 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Ann Noke (71 years), ‘Roslyn’, Bath Street, Aberystwyth. 31 January 1915.

HT/4/17 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Sarah ?Madele Zates, (75 years), Bourneville, North Road, Aberystwyth. 1 February 1915. [Surname reading checked on FreeBMD (Sarah M. Zates)]

HT/4/18 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Ellen Morgan (48 years), Northgate Street, Aberystwyth. 4 February 1915.

HT/4/19 – Certificate of Registry of Death – David Morris Davies (65 years), North Gate Street, Aberystwyth. 15 February 1915.

HT/4/20 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Mary Hall (79 years), Bourneville, North Road, Aberystwyth. 19 February 1915.

HT/4/21 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Alice Louvain James (2 weeks), St. John’s Buildings, Aberystwyth. 8 March 1915.

HT/4/22 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Louisa Susan Lloyd Harries (82 years), North Parade, Aberystwyth. 6 April 1915.

HT/4/23 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Gladys Massey (23 years), The Terminus Hotel, Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth. 17 April 1915.

HT/4/24 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Kathleen Roberts (2 months), Cambrian Street, Aberystwyth. 1 June 1915.

HT/4/25 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Fredrick George Evans (38 years), Thespian Street, Aberystwyth. 23 June 1915.

HT/4/26 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Thomas James Radcliffe Morgan (65 years), Kingston, North Road, Aberystwyth. 2 August 1915.

HT/4/27 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Margaret Eleanor Jones (42 years), 40 Cambrian Street, Aberystwyth. 23 August 1915.

HT/4/28 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Alfred Clarence Irmythyge (6 weeks), 18 Portland Road, Aberystwyth. 17 September 1915.

HT/4/29 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Wallace Longmale (1 week), Penparke, Aberystwyth. 22 November 1915.

HT/4/30 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Mary Jane Thompson (65 years), died at 48 High Street, Penydarren, Merthyr Tydfil. 23 November 1913.

HT/4/31 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Mary Stephens (81 years), The Rectory, Bottwnog. Death registered at Aberdaron, Pwllheli Registration District. 28 February 1916.

HT/4/32 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Elizabeth Hughes (77 years), Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth. 8 June 1916.

HT/4/33 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Mary Jane Fear (78 years), Queen’s Square, Aberystwyth. 21 July 1916.

HT/4/34 – Certificate of Registry of Death – William James Watkins (64 years), Brynllan, Caradoc Road, Aberystwyth. 2 August 1916.

HT/4/35 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Nellie Louisa Harries (13 years), 6 Gogerddan Place, Aberystwyth. 21 August 1916.

HT/4/36 –Certificate of Registry of Death – Fannie Elizabeth Ankers (55 years), Gorseland, North Road, Aberystwyth. 20 September 1916.

HT/4/37 – Certificate of Registry of Death – James Biddulph (71 years) of 38 Marine Terrace, died at 4 St. George’s Terrace, Issayndre, Aberystwyth. 27 October 1916.

HT/4/38 –Certificate of Registry of Death – Catherine Morgan (55 years), 6 Union Street, Aberystwyth. 18 November 1916.

HT/4/39 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Hester Hannah Cary (49 years), Mayfield, Norton Terrace, Llanbadarn Road, Aberystwyth. 26 December 1916.

HT/4/40 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Kathleen Evens (7 weeks), Union Workhouse, Aberystwyth. 22 February 1917.

HT/4/41 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Daniel Abbot (61 years), Union Workhouse, Aberystwyth. 4 April 1917.

HT/4/42 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Eleanor Phillips, (78 years), ‘Bwthin’ 73 North Parade, Aberystwyth. 10 April 1917.

HT/4/43 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Thomas Parry (65 years), Roslyn, Bath Street, Aberystwyth. 18 June 1917.

HT/4/44 –Certificate of Registry of Death – Thomas Stephenson (48 years), 18 Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth. 13 August 1917.

HT/4/45 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Jane Evans (71 years), died at St. John’s Vicarage, Nelson, Burnley. Death registered at Nelson, Burnley Registration District. 21 August 1917.

HT/4/46 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Catherine Morgan (72 years), ‘Cwmbwa’, Trinity Road, Aberystwyth. 23 August 1917.

HT/4/47 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Hannah Lewis (47 years), Belmont House, 10 Penglais Terrace, Aberystwyth. 26 September 1917.

HT/4/48 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Margaret Isaac (66 years), the Union Workhouse, Aberystwyth. 1 November 1917.

HT/4/49 – Certificate of Registry of Death – John William Davies (50 years), the Union Workhouse, Aberystwyth. 30 November 1917.

HT/4/50 – Certificate of Registry of Death – John Jenkins Jones (60 years), Stanley Terrace, Aberystwyth. 25 February 1918.

HT/4/51 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Ann Jones (77 years), Queen Street, Aberystwyth. 30 April 1918.

HT/4/52 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Sydney Lewis (67 years), Bronsiriol, Brynymor Road, Aberystwyth. 1 May 1918.

HT/4/53 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Catherine Violet Riddell (77 years), Penglais Road, Aberystwyth. 3 June 1918.

HT/4/54 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Frances Ankers (80 years), Gorseland, North Road, Aberystwyth. 14 June 1918.

HT/4/55 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Elizabeth Jones (78 years), the Union Workhouse, Aberystwyth. 23 October 1918.

HT/4/56 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Hilda Mabel Stephenson (36 years), Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth. 25 October 1918.

HT/4/57 – Certificate of Registry of Death – David Henry Blakie Evans (9 years), Queens Road, Aberystwyth. 28 October 1918.

HT/4/58 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Maggie Daniel (15 months), 25 Portland Road, Aberystwyth. 6 November 1918.

HT/4/59 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Blanche Ann Giles (38 years), died at Brocastle Farm near Cowbridge. Death registered at Cowbridge, Bridgend Registration District. 26 November 1918.

HT/4/60 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Lindsey Davies (22 years), Pembroke House, Queens Road, Aberystwyth. 29 November 1918.

HT/4/61 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Henry Lewis Jeffreys (16 years), 6 Trinity Row, Aberystwyth. 2 December 1918.

HT/4/62 – Certificate of Registry of Death – John George Jones (33 years), Cambrian Street, Aberystwyth. 5 December 1918.

HT/4/63 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Alice Beatrice Fellowes (18 years), 19 Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. 10 December 1918.

HT/4/64 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Sarah Ann Morris (26 years), Glanafon Terrace, Aberystwyth. 14 December 1918.

HT/4/65 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Laura May Hughes (4 years), Spring Gardens, Aberystwyth. 23 January 1919.

HT/4/66 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Joseph Henry Smith (44 years), died at 40 Portland Street, Hereford. Death registered at Hereford Registration District. 27 January 1919.

HT/4/67 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Annie Worthington (41 years), Moor Lane, Aberystwyth. 8 February 1919.

HT/4/68 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Sarah Annie Warburton (51 years), Ceiriog, Cliff Terrace, Aberystwyth. 14 February 1919.

HT/4/69 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Elizabeth Shaw (28 years), The Union Workhouse, Aberystwyth. 9 April 1919.

HT/4/70 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Jane Annie Francis (66 years), ‘Fairlands’ North Road, Aberystwyth. 3 March 1919.

HT/4/71 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Edward Carson Leslie (71 years), the Union Workhouse, Aberystwyth. 25 April 1919.

HT/4/72 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Mary Jane Sheraton (66 years), Tanycoed, Penglais Road, Aberystwyth. 12 June 1919.

HT/4/73 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Selina Phillips (40 years), died at the Infirmary, Aberystwyth. 11 July 1919.

HT/4/74 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Albert Francis Bennett (15 years), Portland Road, Aberystwyth. 3 October 1919.

HT/4/75 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Emily Ainsworth (82 years), died at Kersal, Carmen Sylva Road, Llandudno. Death registered at Llandudno Registration District. 13 February 1920.

HT/4/76 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Ernest Richard Haderup (5 months), died at 36 Alice Road, Cardiff. 9 March 1920. Death registered at Cardiff Registration District.

HT/4/77 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Walter William Pershouse (72 years), ‘Farne Isle’ Caergog, Aberystwyth. 15 April 1920.

HT/4/78 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Georgiana Matilda Hincksman (62 years), Trinity Road, Aberystwyth. 18 May 1920.

HT/4/79 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Mary Williams (91 years), Bronglais, Penglais Road, Aberystwyth. 1 July 1920.

HT/4/80 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Doris Grimes (14 months), 13 Gogerddan Place, Aberystwyth. 19 August 1920.

HT/4/81 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Richard Albert Gurney (79 years), 29 Northgate Street, Aberystwyth. 27 November 1920.

HT/4/82 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Ann Warrington (61 years), 3 Trinity Row, Aberystwyth. 21 January 1921.

HT/4/83 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Catherine Emily Williams (37 years), Gogerddan Cottages, Aberystwyth. 18 September 1920.

HT/4/84 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Maria Jane Jones (28 years), 3 Pound Place, Aberystwyth. 4 March 1921.

HT/4/85 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Ethel Myfanwy Cadwalader (40 years), 16 Queen Street, Aberystwyth. 6 August 1921.

HT/4/86 – Certificate of Registry of Death – John Shore (57 years), Bronglais Penglais Road, Aberystwyth. 13 September 1921.

HT/4/87 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Doris Emily Freeman (26 years), West End, Dinas Terrace, Aberystwyth. 20 October 1921.

HT/4/88 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Jane Jones (85 years), Rhyl, New Street, Lampeter. Death registered at Lampeter. 2 October 1921.

HT/4/89 –Certificate of Registry of Death – Charlotte Coleman (24 years), 2 Trinity Road, Aberystwyth. 30 January 1922.

HT/4/90 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Athelstan Charles Powell (66 years), died at the Infirmary, Aberystwyth. 23 July 1922.

HT/4/91 – Certificate of Registry of Death – Ellen Meredith (23 years), Trinity Row, Aberystwyth. 22 September 1924.

Reference: HT/5
Title: Marriage certificates without licence.
Date(s): 1887-1913
Extent: 6 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Marriage certificates without licence (filled in)

HT/5/1 – Registrar’s Certificate for Marriage without Licence of Edward Morris of 1 Moor Lane, Aberystwyth & Catherine Hamer of Grays Inn Lane, Aberystwyth. 28 December 1887.

HT/5/2 – Registrar’s Certificate for Marriage without Licence of Thomas Parry of Cefn Coch, Llanilar & Margaret Jones of Mayfield House Llanbadarn Road, Aberystwyth. 18 December 1902.

HT/5/3 – Registrar’s Certificate for Marriage without Licence of Davis Pugh Evans of North Parade, Aberystwyth & Mabel Maud Crook of North Parade, Aberystwyth. 24 May 1904.

HT/5/4 – Registrar’s Certificate for Marriage without Licence of William Hemingway of 8 Penglaise Terrace, Aberystwyth & Joyce Jones of 4 Penglaise Road, Aberystwyth. 31 May 1906.

HT/5/5 – Registrar’s Certificate for Marriage without Licence of Thomas Edward Jarman of 46 Cambrian Street, Aberystwyth & Esther Elizabeth Beaumont of Dolfor House, South Road, Aberystwyth. 30 May 1907.

HT/5/6 – Registrar’s Certificate for Marriage without Licence of Alfred Jones of 50 Cambrian Street, Aberystwyth & Emily Lewis of Cambrian Cottage, Kerry Road, Newtown. 30 September 1913. Two copies, one issued at Aberystwyth for the prospective groom, the other at Newtown for the bride.

HT/5/7 – Registrar’s Certificate for Marriage without Licence of William John Mills of Smithfield Road, Aberystwyth & Amy Maria Margaret Richardes of 11 Crefftwr Road, Aberystwyth. 24 November 1904.

Reference: HT/6
Title: Banns of marriage
Date(s): 1893-1919
Extent: 22 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Banns of marriage (filled in) 1893 – 1919

HT/6/1 – Banns of Marriage between John Nightingale Duddington & Elizabeth Anna Bradley. 6 August 1893.

HT/6/2 – Banns of Marriage between William James of Tylorstown, Glamorganshire & Elizabeth Jenkins. 14 October 1895.

HT/6/3 – Banns of Marriage between Thomas Gilbert-Miles & Elizabeth Powell. 25 April 1897.

HT/6/4 –Banns of Marriage between Charles Walton Rudd of Lewisham, London & Mary Elizabeth Sylvanus Williams. 30 September 1901.

HT/6/5 – Banns of Marriage between John Edward Williams & Sarah Ann Cowley. 25 January 1903.

HT/6/6 – Banns of Marriage between Robert Richards of Aberdare, Glamorgan & Mary Jane Jones. 7 November 1904.

HT/6/7 – Banns of Marriage between John Potts & Mary Davies of Aberystwyth. 6 March 1905.

HT/6/8 – Banns of Marriage between Joseph Phillips of the parish of Portsea & Blanche Dunn. 9 April 1905.

HT/6/9 – Banns of Marriage between Harry William Davis of the parish of St. John Harborne, Birmingham & Ethel Sophia Springthorpe. 6 August 1906.

HT/6/10 – Banns of Marriage between David William Griffiths of the p. of St. Mary, Cardigan & Mary Lewis. 11 August 1906.

HT/6/11 – Banns of Marriage between John James Walker of the p. of Ascension, Lower Broughton & Elizabeth Mary Duggan. 26 May 1907.

HT/6/12 – Banns of Marriage between Griffith Leoline Evans of Pontardawe, Glamorgan & Annie Thomas. 30 June 1907.

HT/6/13 – Banns of Marriage between Herbert George Sage of the p. of St. Jude’s, Wolverhampton & Maggie Ann Hunt. 12 September 1907.

HT/6/14 – Banns of Marriage between Henry Rowe Sandford & Jane Lewis. 13 November 1908.

HT/6/15 – Banns of Marriage between Thomas William of Lewisham, London & Agnes Watkins. 17 August 1909.

HT/6/16 – Banns of Marriage between Hugh Winslow Stephenson of the p. of Halesowen & Margretta Lizzie Lewis. 4 May 1913.

HT/6/17 – Banns of Marriage between Richard Morris of the p. of Llandilo Talybont & Elizabeth Anne France. 3 August 1913.

HT/6/18 – Banns of Marriage between Reginald William Newman of Southampton & Elizabeth Anne Gibbons. 3 January 1915. Two copies, one issued at Aberystwyth for the prospective bride, the other at Southampton for the groom.

HT/6/19 – Banns of Marriage between George William Mackie of the p. of Clevedon & Annie Elizabeth Evans. 16 February 1919.

HT/6/20 – Banns of Marriage between John James Potts of Ilkeston & Elsie Maggie Price of Aberystwyth. 20 May 1918.

HT/6/21 – Banns of Marriage between Rees Davies of the p. of Avan Vale & Frances Ann Martin. 13 April 1919.
HT/6/22 – Banns of Marriage between William Rhys Evans of the p. of St. Paul’s, Stafford & Margaret Jones. 12 June 1919.

Reference: HT/7
Title: Marriage Licences
Date(s): 1887-1927
Extent: 84 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Marriage Licences 1887-1927

HT/7/1 – Licence No.164. Marriage between George Edward Andrew, Clerk in Holy Orders, Richmond Road, Malvern Link, Worcs. & Hannah Watson, Railway Terrace, Aberystwyth. 29 November 1887.

HT/7/2 – Licence No. 224. Marriage between John Evans, Master Mariner, 39 North Parade, Aberystwyth & Harriet Anne Michael of 30 Northgate Street, Aberystwyth. 16 January 1888.

HT/7/3 – Licence No. 142. Marriage between Richard Beversley Watkins, farmer, of the p. of Llandegley, Radnorshire & Laura Mary Jenkins, Chrystal Palace Hotel, Aberystwyth. 13 September 1888.

HT/7/4 – Licence No. 144. Marriage between William James Williams, mason, Mill Street, Aberystwyth & Mary Anne Jenkins of Poplar Row, Aberystwyth. 19 November 1888.

HT/7/5 – Licence No. 37. Marriage between Robert Edward Hughes, student, 4 Lewis Street, Canton, Cardiff & Annie Mary Levia Elizabeth Gyett, 56 North Parade, Aberystwyth. 27 September 1889.

HT/7/6 – Licence No. 15. Marriage between Thomas Owen, shopkeeper, Post Office, Llangurig & Elizabeth Thomas, Railway Terrace, Aberystwyth. 25 May 1890.

HT/7/7 – Licence No. 156. Marriage between David Morgan Humphreys, carpenter, Portland Street, Aberystwyth & Sarah Williams, Clwt–y–Coedwr, Llangeitho. 7 August 1890.

HT/7/8 – Licence No. 234. Marriage between George Henry Egford, shipwriter in the Royal Navy, 53 Monument Street, Devonport & Margaret Frances Harry, Barracks, Aberystwyth. 4 January 1892.

HT/7/9 – Licence No. 284. Marriage between John Arthur Jones of 39 Portland Street, Aberystwyth & Mary Jane Owen of 13 George Street, Aberystwyth. 20 July 1893.

HT/7/10 – Licence No. 232. Marriage between Charles Frederick Powell, Sergeant in the Royal Artillery, 5 North Parade, Aberystwyth & Charlotte Spencer of 32 Fenwick Street, Woolwich. 23 December 1893.

HT/7/11 – Licence No. 33. Marriage between Christopher Hall Jenkins of Pound Place, Aberystwyth & Ellen Williams of Goginan. 9 August 1894.

HT/7/12 – Licence No. 134. Marriage between Evan Jones, farmer, of Llanfadog & Alice Ann Abley of 10 Railway Terrace .17 August 1894.

HT/7/13 – Licence No. 34. Marriage between David Thomas Williams of 9 High Street, Lampeter & Mary Edmonds of 41 North Parade, Aberystwyth. 24 September 1894.

HT/7/14 – Licence No. 119. Marriage between William Evans, widower, Snowdon House, Victoria Terrace, Aberystwyth & Emma Maud Mary Bailey of 13 Vaynor, Aberystwyth. 2 August 1895.

HT/7/15 – Licence No. 121. Marriage between Albert Grenville Jones & Emily Harriet Meredith, both of Enfield House, Brynymor Terrace. 24 September 1895.

HT/7/16 – Licence No. 10. Marriage between John Humphreys Davies, warehouseman, 11 Astley Street, Salford & Elizabeth Ann Lewis of Bath Street, Aberystwyth. 4 April 1896.

HT/7/17 – Licence No. 61. Marriage between John Thomas, boot manufacturer, Gerwyn House, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire & Katie Davies of Aberystwyth. 6 April 1896.

HT/7/18 – Licence No. 123. Marriage between William Williams of Upper Wood House , Knighton Radnorshire & Mary Thomas of Cambrian Street, Aberystwyth. 16 June 1896.

HT/7/19 – Licence No. 93. Marriage between James Williams, joiner, 5 Northgate Street , Aberystwyth & Mary James of Frondeg farm, Llanfihangel Geneu’r Glyn. 28 September 1896.

HT/7/20 – Licence No. 124. Marriage between George Llewellyn Davies, merchant, of Pontrhydygroes & Mary Jane Michell of 5 North Road, Aberystwyth. 30 November 1896.

HT/7/21 – Licence No. 213. Marriage between David John Evans, miner, Blaenllechau, Llanwonno, Glamorgan & Elizabeth Ann Edwards of 4 Pound Place, Aberystwyth. 14 November 1896.

HT/7/22 – Licence No. 252. Marriage between Evan Felix , farmer, of Llanbadarn Trefeglwys & Elizabeth Evans of Llanwnen. 7 January 1897.

HT/7/23 – Licence No. 141. Marriage between Frederick Bacon Barwell, gentleman, of Hereford & Sarah Tegwedd Whittle of Aberystwyth. 27 September 1898.

HT/7/24 – Licence No. 142. Marriage between Robert Clark, mechanic, of North Road, Aberystwyth & Katharine Clark of North Road, Aberystwyth. 14 November 1898.

HT/7/25 – Licence No. 31. Marriage between Lewis Thomas, fitter, of Poplar Row, Aberystwyth & Catherine Jane Williams of Portland Lane, Aberystwyth. 1 May 1900.

HT/7/26 – Licence No. 150. Marriage between David Charles Jones, schoolmaster, Roundwood Road, Harlesden & Mary Ann Humphreys of Sunnybank Trinity Square, Aberystwyth. 23 February 1901.

HT/7/27 – Licence No. 113. Marriage between John Jones of Bank Farm, Hanwood , Shropshire & Amelia Jane Leliott of 19 Portland Street, Aberystwyth. 17 August 1901.

HT/7/28 – Licence No. 114. Marriage between Bert Hull Robotham & Annie Fielding of 55 North Parade, Aberystwyth. 2 September 1901.

HT/7/29 – Licence No. 209. Marriage between Rowland Hughes, ?Boat manager, 42 Terrace Road, Aberystwyth & Mary Ellen Felix of Cambrian Street, Aberystwyth. 19 December 1901.

HT/7/30 – Licence No. 115. Marriage between William Michael of Penrhyn Cottage, Stanley Road, Aberystwyth & Mary Elizabeth Morris of 34 Northgate Street, Aberystwyth. 29 December 1901.

HT/7/31 – Licence No. 189. Marriage between Henry Edward Boord, mining engineer, of Brynhyfryd, Trefriw, Caerns. & Eleanor Anne Morgan of Elm Tree Avenue, Aberystwyth. 25 December 1902.

HT/7/32 – Licence No. 52. Marriage between Maurice John Thomas of ?Hawkesbury House, Trinity Road, Aberystwyth & Ada Mary Green of Llanbadarn Road, Aberystwyth. 27 July 1903.

HT/7/33 – Licence No. 133. Marriage between John Rattray McLaren of 7 Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh & Elizabeth Lucy Colby of Carregwen, Aberystwyth. 9 September 1903.

HT/7/34 – Licence No. 170. Marriage between John Jenkins Nelson of 39 Portland Street, Aberystwyth & Susannah Whitthington Jones of Edleston House, Queen Road, Aberystwyth. 1 March 1904.

HT/7/35 – Licence No. 48. Marriage between George Beresford, manager of tin works, Cwmtwrch , Ystradgynlais, Breconshire & Elizabeth Clee of Epworth Terrace, Aberystwyth. 11 August 1904.

HT/7/36 – Licence No. 145. Marriage between Richard Edmund Anstice, gentleman, Iron Bridge, Shropshire & Martha Mary Careswell of Queen’s Hotel, Aberystwyth. 19 August 1904.

HT/7/37 – Licence No. 96. Marriage between David John Hogan, grocer & Mary Ann Powell, widow, both of Glensannox, Brynymor Road, Aberystwyth. 8 September 1904.

HT/7/38 – Licence No. 226. Marriage between Arthur Morris of 10 Thespian Street, Aberystwyth & Alice Bubb of 15 Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth. 8 December 1904.

HT/7/39 – Licence No. 4. Marriage between John Evans gentleman, of Bodlondeb, Llanbadarn Road, Aberystwyth & Harriett Anne Evans of Desdemona, North Parade, Aberystwyth. 25 January 1905.

HT/7/40 – Licence No. 239. Marriage between Frank Ellis Boycott, mining engineer, Chatsworth, Cliff Terrace, Aberystwyth & Louise Anne McKay of 32 Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth. 13 October 1905.

HT/7/41 – Licence No. 5. Marriage between David Hughes, pattern maker, 3 Pont Road, Dowlais, & Elizabeth Roberts of 18 Portland Road, Aberystwyth. 22 December 1905.

HT/7/42 – Licence No. 160. Marriage between Henry James Saycell of Warwick House, Great Darkgate Street & Ethel Cleaton Davies of 21 North Parade. 6 April 1906.

HT/7/43 – Licence No. 57. Marriage between Charles Herbert Mallison , merchant, Astley Bridge, Bolton, Lancs. & Emma Jane Dodd of Clarendon House, Aberystwyth. 3 May 1906.

HT/7/44 – Licence No. 165. Marriage between Arthur Balderstone of Havelock Villa in Llanbadarn Fawr & Hannah Williams of Tugela House, Trinity Road, Aberystwyth. 27 October 1906.

HT/7/45 – Licence No. 179. Marriage between John Peter Lawrie of Terrace Road & Elizabeth Jane Richards of Nantbyr in the Parish of Gwnnws. 19 January 1907.

HT/7/46 – Licence No. 180. Marriage between James Hugh James of 30 North Parade & Mary Benison of 10 Custom House Street. 16 February 1907.

HT/7/47 – Licence No. 15. Marriage between David Jenkins of 78 Cambrian Street & Susanah Evans of New Inn, Pontrhydfendigaid. 23 January 1908.

HT/7/48 – Licence No. 17. Marriage between Gwilym Jones of Herbert House, Heol Gerrig, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan & Zara Louisa Davies of 32 Portland Street, Aberystwyth. 17 February 1908.

HT/7/49 – Licence No. 19. Marriage between Thomas Jones of Figure Four in the Parish of LLanychaiarn & Margaret Thomas of Caradoc Road, Aberystwyth. 11 February 1909.

HT/7/50 – Licence No. 108. Marriage between John Ceredig Davies of Clyde House, Queens Road & Winifred Thomas of 41 Portland Road. 3 May 1909.

HT/7/51 – Licence No. 195. Marriage between William Howard Grey of Tyllwyd, Trinity Road & Sarah Anne Jones also of Tyllwyd. 15 November 1909.

HT/7/52 – Licence No. 231. Marriage between Thomas Davies, plasterer, of Llanfarian & Mary Elizabeth Jenkins of 62 Cambrian Place, Aberystwyth. 16 May 1910.

HT/7/53 – Licence No. 74. Marriage between Ernest Gordon Heal, commercial traveller, of Sholing Lodge Itchin, Hampshire & Florence Emily Wakeling of Stanley House, North Road, Aberystwyth. 1 August 1910.

HT/7/54 – Licence No. 68. Marriage between John Paith Morgan of Banadl Road & Emma Mary Wellings of Ivy Deane, the Parish of Preen, Staffs. 3 June 1911.

HT/7/55 – Licence No. 160. Marriage between Harold Percy Allsworth, musician, of 11 Gogerddan Cottages & Mabel Mills of Markwood, Smithfield Road. 4 January 1913.

HT/7/56 – Licence No. 161. Marriage between Edgar Tom Goddard Atwood, marine engineer, of Cliff View, Victoria Terrace & Blanche Mary Ellen Whitby of Clifton House. 8 March 1913.

HT/7/57 – Licence No. 45. Marriage between David Charles Edwards, draper, 50 Terrace Road & Mary Elizabeth Micklewright of 24 Alexandra Road. 31 May 1913.

HT/7/58 – Licence No. 149. Marriage between John David Williams, widower, Chyandour, Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth & Harrietta Kynaston of ?Refinement House, Welshpool. 25 April 1914.

HT/7/59 – Licence No. 59. Marriage between David Jones Evans of Morwylfa, Banadl Road & Isabella Cruikshank of 15 Queens Terrace, Aberystwyth. 13 March 1915.

HT/7/60 – Licence No. 491. Marriage between Henry Shone, signalman, of Idloes House, Stanley Road & Margaret Jane Davies of Craigfryn Buarth Road. 6 March 1916.

HT/7/61 – Licence No. 169. Marriage between George James Hughes, gunner in 30th R.F.A. & Catherine Jane Morgan, both of 4 North Gate Street. 31 May 1916.

HT/7/62 – Licence No. 201. Marriage between Birtwhistle Miller of 4 Victoria Terrace, Oakworth, Yorks. & Fanny Beresford of Sandmarsh, Queen’s Road. 22 July 1916.

HT/7/63 – Licence No. 258. Marriage between Robert John William, lieutenant, reserve R.W.F. of Clynder, Aberystwyth & Evelyn Clara Bourne-Price of Bank Home, Builth Wells, county of Brecknock. 25 July 1917.

HT/7/64 – Licence No. 88. Marriage between Theophilus John of Penpompren Hall, Talybont in the Parish of Llanfihangel Geneu’r Glyn & Amelia Williams of Primrose House, Stanley Terrace, Aberystwyth. 20 February 1918.

HT/7/65 – Licence No. 169. Marriage between John Melbourne Eaborn, 2nd lieutenant in the 4th Battalion of the R.W.F. of Kinmel Camp, Bodelwyddan & Ada Lily Tatersall of Albert Place, Aberystwyth. 1 July 1918.

HT/7/66 – Licence No. 171. Marriage between Arthur Thomas Neal, corporal in the 9th Scottish Rifles, of 8 Woodbine Place, Wilton Street, Birmingham & Ann Morgan of Hereford House, Queen’s Road. 2 September 1918.

HT/7/67 – Licence No. 330. Marriage between William S. Davies of 15 Little Dark Gate Street & Annie Griffiths of 43 Portland Road. 16 July 1919.

HT/7/68 – Licence No. 331. Marriage between Pryce Jones of Mount Pleasant, Llandinam & Maria Jane White of 3 Pound Place, Trinity Road. 17 July 1919.

HT/7/69 – Licence No. 383. Marriage between Reginald Udall [or Udell] Thomas, captain in the 51st Battalion of the Welsh Regiment, British Army of the Rhine, & Gwladys Isobel Edwards of Tugela, Trinity Road. 16 August 1919.

HT/7/70 – Licence No. 480. Marriage between James Jones of Frongoch, parish of Blaenpenal, & Henrietta Rosser Morgan of Fernville, Llanbadarn Road. 29 November 1920.

HT/7/71 – Licence No. 384. Marriage between Alfred Oliver Hughes of Sefton House, Alexandra Road & Elsie Blodwen Mills of ?Markwood, Smithfield Road. 11 September 1919.

HT/7/72 – Licence No. 385. Marriage between William Davies of 16 North Gate Street & Elizabeth Parry of Compton House, Tregaron. 16 September 1919.

HT/7/73 – Licence No. 60. Marriage between Thomas Davies of 6 Gogerddan Place, Penglais Road & Mary Neale of 18 Marine Terrace. 6 February 1920.

HT/7/74 – Licence No. 61. Marriage between John Arthur Massey of 14 Baker Street & Margaret Blaire of 54 Terrace Road. 29 March 1920.

HT/7/75 – Licence No. 62. Marriage between Septimus Walker, drummer in the Borderer Regiment of 196 Heaton Park Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne & Irene Morris of 26 Glanyrafon Terrace. 21 May 1920.

HT/7/76 – Licence No. 359. Marriage between Baden Powell Davies of 15 Little Dark Gate Street & Mary Ellen Rowlands of Alexandra Hall, Victoria Terrace, Aberystwyth. 17 August 1920.

HT/7/77 – Licence No. 395. Marriage between John Ernest Jones of 39 Cambrian Street & Annie Mary Paterson of Prestwich House, Llanbadarn Road. 23 September 1920.

HT/7/78 – Licence No. 226. Marriage between Richard Charles Mills of Alexandra Road & Catherine Mary Lewis of Rhyd Gelli Dywyll, parish of Llanfihangel Geneu’r Glyn. 11 June 1921.

HT/7/79 – Licence No. 615. Marriage between Griffith Price & Ruby Grace Lilian Beard, both of Brynymor Street, Aberystwyth. 12 July 1921.

HT/7/80 – Licence No. 199. Marriage between Evan Richard Evans, ba
chelor, of Hendon House, Cambrian Street & Hannah Julie Richards of 7 Peterwell Street, Lampeter. 12 September 1923.

HT/7/81 – Licence No. 339. Marriage between David White of 13 Poplar Row & Florence Philips of Triathro, Victoria Terrace, Aberystwyth. 12 May 1924.

HT/7/82 – Licence No. 340. Marriage between Evan Pugh of Gilwern, Buarth Road & Catherine Mary Davies of Ty-Cefn, Llanon. 9 June 1924.

HT/7/83 – Licence No. 52. Marriage between James Edward Archibald Jones of Carlisle House, North Gate Street & Mary Hutchings of 26 Greenfield Street, Aberystwyth. 26 May 1927.

HT/7/84 – Licence No. 53. Marriage between Leslie Watkins of Granville House North Parade & Catherine Marcy Thomas of Bodyal, Borth. 20 June 1927.

Reference: HT/8
Title: Correspondence.
Date(s): 1932-1954
Extent: 24 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: letters (1947 – 1949); 2 re British Broadcasting Corporation ‘Voice of the People’ recording March 1949 ; 3 regrets unable to attend ‘Mission’; letter re overhaul of church organ (1932); 4 re Ordination candidates; 4 from Rev. C.H Bird re debate 1948 – 1949; 1 declining invitation to chair meetings 1948 (Kenyon?); miscellaneous papers (1932 – 1954); Girls’ Friendly Society certificate (not filled in); 2 copies, ‘Application for enrolment on Electoral Roll’; hand made ‘Mission’ poster; ‘Preface’ , typed copy of three addresses given by Rev. C Hartley Bird at 1949 ‘Mission’; handwritten copy ‘As long as war remaineth’, Keith Fleming (?) 1899; music score (Collect & Gospel) ‘Common for a Martyr not a Bishop; “‘The Test’ to state why each of the sayings (or writings) is false”; hand written extract ‘Cambrian News and Welsh Farmers’ Gazette’, April 20th 1894, ‘Canon Scott-Holland at St Michael’s’; 3 leaflets, ‘Gift Day November 20th 1946’, St David’s Day’ (bilingual, no date), ‘Gwasanaeth Heddwch Urdd Gobaith Cymru’, May 1935.

HT/8/1 – Postcard from Edwin, Bishop of Monmouth to Rev. J. Poole Hughes of 39 North Parade, Aberystwyth. 15 October 1948.

HT/8/2 – Three letters (1948 – 1949) to ‘John’ from the Reverend C.H. Bird, Chaplain of St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge.

HT/8/3 – Letter from the Reverend C.H. Bird, Chaplain St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge, (no date).

HT/8/4 – Letter from the Warden of St. Deiniol’s Library, Hawarden to Mr Poole Hughes, expressing regrets for being unable to attend a Mission. 20 October 1948.

HT/8/5 – Hand-written extract from the Cambrian News and Welsh Farmers Gazette of 20 April 1894 about Canon Scott-Holland of St. Paul’s Cathedral visiting St. Michael’s Aberystwyth.

HT/8/6 – Letter addressed to Mr. Poole Hughes from [?Lord] Harlech, 5 Mansfield Street, London W1, expressing regrets for not being able to attend Mission next February. 20 November 1948.

HT/8/7 – Letter addressed to Mr. [Poole] Hughes from ?Elwyn, of Gredington, Whitchurch, Salop, declining the role of the Chair at the Mission. 2 December 1948.

HT/8/8 – Magdalen College, Oxford. Short typed letter signed “C. S. Lewis” 1948, regretting being unable to accept invitation to a ‘Mission’. 27 October 1948.

HT/8/9 – Letter to Poole Hughes from Elwyn Thomas of The Vicarage, Pontyberem, Carms., discussing ordination prospects of D. Hughes Price and other matters. 16 October 1948.

HT/8/10 – Typed letter to Reverend [Poole] Hughes, from David, Bishop of Bangor about the former taking care of ordinands at the University. 11 October 1948.

HT/8/11 – Typed letter to Mr. Poole Hughes from Rev. J.G. James of S. Michael’s College, Llys Esgob, Llandaff, Cardiff, about the former taking care of ordinands at the University. 2 October 1948.

HT/8/12 – ‘The Test’ set by Charles Browne, containing a series of statements of theological nature and inviting those taking the test to comment why each of these sayings is false. January 1947.

HT/8/13 – Girls’ Friendly Society coloured certificate (blank). ‘Bear ye one another’s burdens’

HT/8/14 – 15 February 1932. Typed Letter from Nicholson & Co., (Worcester) Ltd. [Organ builders] signed by Arthur Priestley regarding the overhaul of church organ, with specification of work to modernize and complete the present organ at Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth.

HT/8/15 – slip of paper with 2 names: Rev. C.A. H. Green D D. (the Vicarage, Abendare) and Rev. A.R. Langford Brown (St. Mary’s Vicarage, Rochdale).

HT/8/16 – 2 copies of ‘Application for enrolment on Electoral Roll’. Blank.

HT/8/17 – Printed readings for St. David’s Day, March 1, (bilingual– no date).

HT/8/18 – Hand made ‘Mission’ coloured poster for U.C.W. [University College of Wales] Supported by Principal Edwards, Prof. E.G. Bowen, Dr. Islwyn Davies, Mr. D. Gwenallt Jones and Mr. E.M. Job.

HT/8/19 – Order of Service, ‘Gwasanaeth Heddwch Urdd Gobaith Cymru’, 19 May 1935. In Welsh.

HT/8/20 –Typed copy of three addresses given by Rev. C. Hartley Bird at Aberystwyth in 1949 ‘Mission’ at UCW Aberystwyth. With Preface by James Kinsley, Gwen M. Maddocks and John Poole Hughes.

HT/8/21 – Two typed letters regarding British Broadcasting Corporation ‘Voice of the People’ recording on March 1949. Reference numbers for both of them are: IE/03 (signed by Iris Evans and 02/OMS/RBH signed by R.B. Haddock).

HT/8/22 – Handwritten copy of poem ‘As long as war remaineth’, signed by Keith Fleming on 21 November 1899.

HT/8/23 – Printed leaflet: ‘Gift Day, Wednesday, November 20th’ by Gwilym Owen, Vicar of Holy Trinity. 12 November 1946

HT/8/24 – Handwritten music score ‘Common for a Martyr not a Bishop (Collect & Gospel)’ (no date)

Reference: HT/9
Title: Cash book: 1925-1932
Date(s): 31 December 1925-11 January 1933
Extent: 1 volume
Level: item
Scope and Content: Cash book: 1925-1932 (Rev. Thomas Arthur Roberts) – National Provincial Bank Limited – Aberystwyth Branch, Holy Trinity Church. Detailing collections, Gift Day and miscellaneous donations.

Reference: HT/10
Title: Cash book: 1934-1942
Date(s): 5 July 1934-6 October 1942
Extent: 1 volume
Level: item
Scope and Content: Cash book: 1934-1942 (Rev. Thomas Arthur Roberts/ Rev. Gwilym Owen) – National Provincial Bank Limited – Aberystwyth Branch, Holy Trinity Church.

Reference: HT/11
Title: Cash book: 1942-1943
Date(s): 7 October 1942-31 December 1943
Extent: 1 volume
Level: item
Scope and Content: Cash book: 1942-1943 (Rev. Gwilym Owen) – National Provincial Bank Limited – Aberystwyth Branch, Holy Trinity Church; detailing collections, Gift Day and miscellaneous donations.

Reference: HT/12
Title: Deposit Account Book
Date(s): 7 July 1930 – 3 October 1930
Extent: 1 volume
Level: item
Scope and Content: Deposit Account Book – Ref. No. 4689 covering 1930 (Rev. Thomas Arthur Roberts) – National Provincial Bank Limited – Aberystwyth Branch, Holy Trinity Church; various deposits and withdrawals.

Reference: HT/13
Title: ‘Poor Fund’
Date(s): 1929-1932
Extent: 1 volume
Level: item
Scope and Content: Small red soft cover note book containing ‘Poor fund’ amounts, (no name of the initiator).

Reference: HT/14
Title: Marriage Certificate Stubs
Date(s): 26 September 1958 – 28 August 1961
Extent: 1 item
Level: File
Scope and Content: A green cover note book containing marriage certificate stubs. (D709626 – D709650), Marriages between 1958 and 1961.

Reference: HT/15
Title: Holy Trinity Centenary Publications
Date(s): 1986, 2000
Extent: 2 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: 1 x Yellow soft cover booklet and 1x Red soft cover booklet; ‘Holy Trinity Church Aberystwyth , the first one hundred years 1886 – 1986’. Red cover published July 1986. Yellow cover ‘The Millennium Reprint of the Centenary History’ published May 2000.
Associated Material: For more documents associated with Holy Trinity centenary (Victorian Evening) see Acc. 2422, HTaddl/1-5

Reference: HT/16
Title: Sunday School Office Book and Leaflets
Date(s): 1935-1962
Extent: 15 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: small black hard cover book, plus various small leaflets; ‘Sunday School Office’, ‘Rules’ and invitations; Girls’ Friendly Society literature and Letter of Commendation; Harvest Festival programme.

HT/16/1 – Letter of Commendation signed by Annie Hughes (Dated 8 January 1935) – ‘Girls’ Friendly Society’. To Miss Williams regarding the care of Mary Band who’s moving from Lampeter to Aberystwyth. 

HT/16/2 – The Girls’ Friendly Society Member’s Guide. (not filled in – light blue cover)

HT/16/3 – The Girls’ Friendly Society – Form for Admission of Associates & Members.

HT/16/4 – The Girls’ Friendly Society – Candidate’s Card, (not filled in – red & black ink)

HT/16/5 – The Girls’ Friendly Society – Candidate’s Card Junior, (not filled in)

HT/16/6 – Leaflet announcing the Service of Remembrance which takes place Sunday 11 November 1951 in King’s Hall at 8 p.m.

HT/16/7 – A small leaflet containing information on ‘Clergy and Central Fund – Fourth Quarterly Collection’. Sunday 14 December 1952.

HT/16/8 – Harvest Festival programme. Children’s Service.

HT/16/9 – Harvest Festival programme. Children’s Service. (duplicate)

HT/16/10 – Small typed invitation from Vicar Gwilym Owen to celebrate Mothering Sunday (8 March 1959/ 1 April 1962) at Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth.

HT/16/11 – Small typed invitation to celebrate Annual Christmas Tree Service (Sunday 21 December 1958). Holy Trinity Sunday School.

HT/16/12 – Coloured card containing ‘Prayers for the family to use at home’ (Yr Eglwys Yng Nghymru, The church in Wales).

HT/16/13 – Coloured card containing ‘Ten Golden Rules for Sunday School Teachers’. (duplicate)

HT/16/14 – Coloured card containing ‘Ten Golden Rules for Sunday School Teachers’.

HT/16/15 – ‘Sunday School Office’ (Vicar Thomas Arthur Roberts) – Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth.

Reference: HT/17
Title: Correspondence Files on specific topics.
Date(s): 1938-1943
Extent: 4 bundles, 36 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: “Canon Owen” file, contains ‘Parochial Church Council’, ‘Bishop’, ‘Boys’ Brigade’, ‘Dilapidations (Boiler)’ and ‘SPG’ (Society for the Propagation of the Gospel?);

Reference: HT/17/1
Date(s): 1943
Extent: 3 bundles, 12 loose items
Level: File
Scope and Content: ‘Parochial Church Council’; correspondence re fire insurance and war damage policy 1941-1942; papers re appointment of verger-caretaker; leaflets re Christian Education and Welsh Church Scholarships.

Reference: HT/17/1/1
Date(s): 1941-1942
Extent: 29 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: letters re fire insurance policy Buarth Hall and church (Ecclesiastical Insurance Office, Ltd, Church in Wales, War Department), and fire and war damage policy, War Damage Act 1941; furniture and fittings of churches.

HT/17/1/1 – An empty small white envelope from Ecclesiastical Insurance, Office Ltd., Cotswold Lodge, Norham Road, Oxford and addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen at Holy Trinity Vicarage, Aberystwyth.

HT/17/1/2 – 23 July 1941. The Governing Body of the Church of Wales. 39 Cathedral Road, Cardiff – ‘New Chapter of the Constitution re War Damage’. 

HT/17/1/3 – 1 October 1941. The Representative Body of the Church of Wales. 39 Cathedral Road, Cardiff – Memorandum: ‘War Damage Act, 1941 – Part II’— Insurance of Furniture and Fittings and Churches.

HT/17/1/4 – Letter (ref. E42/ 871) Fire Policy No. 215028, Buarth Hall addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen, Holy Trinity Vicarage, Aberystwyth. 

HT/17/1/5 – Small note from the Ecclesiastical Insurance, Office Ltd., Cotswold Lodge, Norham Road, Oxford.

HT/17/1/6 – An empty white envelope from Ecclesiastical Insurance, Office Ltd., 11 Norfolk Street, Strand, London, W.C. 2 and addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen at Holy Trinity Vicarage, Aberystwyth.

HT/17/1/7 – 16 April 1942. Copy of Agreement sent to War Department (re Property Buarth Hall, Stanley Road, Aberystwyth) signed by Gwilyn Owen, Holy Trinity Vicarage, Aberystwyth.

HT/17/1/8 – 17 April 1942. Typed letter to Rev. Gwilym Owen, Holy Trinity Vicarage. ‘Thank you’ letter from the War Department Land Agent & Valuer, South Wales Area.

HT/17/1/9 – 28 March 1942. Typed letter to Rev. G. Owen – Reimbursement in respect of Fire Insurance from the War Department. 

HT/17/1/10 – 31 March 1942. Typed letter re. Policy No. 215028 -55, Buarth Hall, Stanley Road, Aberystwyth.

HT/17/1/11 – 29 April 1941. Typed letter by Gwilym Owen – Memorandum – War Damage Act, 1941. Part II. Insurance of Furniture & Fittings of Churches.

HT/17/1/12 – 18 March 1942. The Representative Body of the Church of Wales. 39 Cathedral Road, Cardiff (Ref. W.D. 8). ‘War Damage’— Insurance of Furniture and Fittings and Churches for period 1 April to 30 September 1942.

HT/17/1/13 – Handwritten note containing percentages and numbers regarding the War Damage Act – Insurance of Furniture & Fittings.

HT/17/1/14 – An empty brown envelope addressed to (D.74.) Rev. Gwilym Owen, The vicarage, Holy Trinity Aberystwyth. 25 April 1941.

HT/17/1/15 – 23 April 1941. Six typed documents: a letter, a memorandum and notes typed in blue ink concerning the ‘War Damage Act – Part II’— Insurance of Furniture and Fittings and Churches.

HT/17/1/16 – A brown envelope dated 27 March 1941 addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen with 5 documents inside: typed letters, handwritten notes, all related to ‘Contents of the Churches’ and the ‘War Damage Bill’.

HT/17/1/17 – An empty white envelope dated 8 May 1941, from Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Ltd., Cotswold Lodge, Norham Road, Oxford and it’s addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen at Holy Trinity Vicarage, Aberystwyth.

HT/17/1/18 – Two typed documents (Ref. WD/A/121) regarding the War Damage Act 1941 – Insurance Furnishings of Church Halls, Church Schools and a Form of Application for Insurance against War Damage in respect of goods insurable under the business scheme. 8 May 1941.

HT/17/1/19 – A typed document E.1. War Damage Act, 1941.

HT/17/1/20 – Explanatory Memorandum – Private Chattels Scheme. War Damage Act, 1941 (Part II). n.d.

HT/17/1/21 – 12 May 1941. Typed letter addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen regarding ‘War Damage-Church Halls’— Insurance of Furniture and Fittings and Churches. (D.75.)

HT/17/1/22 – May 1941. Typed form containing ‘Particulars of insurance effected by the Representative Body for the period ending 30 September 1941’ – War Damage Act –Part II. (R.B. No D.74)

HT/17/1/23 – Explanatory Memorandum – New War Damage Insurance Schemes. War Damage Act, 1941 (Part II). April 1941.

HT/17/1/24 – 3 June 1941. ‘War Damage Act’. Further information for incumbents and others concerned. (Ref. W.D.4)

HT/17/1/25 – 1 May 1941. ‘War Damage Act’. Information for incumbents and others concerned.

HT/17/1/26 – 30 September 1941. ‘War Damage Act’– Insurance of Furniture and Fittings and Churches. (Ref. W.D.6)

HT/17/1/27 – 31 July 1941. Information for incumbents, churchwardens and others concerned. ‘New Chapter of the Constitution re War Damage. (Ref. W.D.5)

HT/17/1/28 – An empty white envelope addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen, Holy Trinity Vicarage, Aberystwyth. 12 May 1941 from Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Ltd., Cotswold Lodge, Norham Road, Oxford.

HT/17/1/29 – 13 December 1940. Typed letter from Mr. John F. Guile from the Town Hall in Aberystwyth re ‘Fire Damage from Enemy Action’. Trinity Church.

Reference: HT/17/1/2
Date(s): 1943
Extent: 2 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Agreement of Service. 24 December 1943. The Parochial Church Council for the Parish of Holy Trinity, Aberystwyth and Mr. John Hughes Edwards of 3 Thespian Street, Aberystwyth. Plus handwritten draft and a job description.
Associated Material: see HT/26 for more papers re appointment of Verger-Caretaker.

Reference: HT/17/1/3
Date(s): 1941
Extent: 5 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: letters re arrangements for access to church for Home Guard and fire fighters.

HT/17/1/3/1 – 10 February 1941. Typed letter regarding Holy Trinity Church Key (Ref. C.B.5)

HT/17/1/3/2 – 15 July 1941. Typed letter from the town clerk Mr. John F. Guile regarding Fire Prevention – Places of Worship.

HT/17/1/3/3 – 26 July 1941. Typed letter from the town clerk re. Fire Prevention – Places of Worship.

HT/17/1/3/4 – 3 July 1941. Typed letter from the town clerk John F. Guile re. Fire Prevention – Places of Worship.

HT/17/1/3/5 – 8 July 1941. Typed letter from the town clerk re. Fire Prevention – Holy Trinity Church.

Reference: HT/17/1/4
Date(s): 1941
Extent: 5 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: leaflets regarding Christian Education and Welsh Church Scholarship.

Reference: HT/17/1/5
Date(s): 1941-1942
Extent: 10 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: miscellaneous papers re church maintenance, Imperial War Graves and church railings.

HT/17/1/5/1 – 22 October 1941. Typed letter addressed to the Clergy of the Province of Wales regarding the removal of ‘unnecessary’ iron or steel railings in the country including railings from Churchyards. Letter was signed by: L.A. Cambrensis, D.L.S. Davies, Edward Swan ???, John Llandaft, A.R.Monmouth.

HT/17/1/5/2 – 28 May 1942. A typed Memorandum received from Imperial War Graves Commission together with a typed letter from the Archbishop’s Registrar, L.S. Whitehead, dated July 1942.

HT/17/1/5/3 – 12 May 1941. A small slip ‘With Compliments’ from the Ecclesiastical Insurance Office, Ltd. located in Cotswold Lodge, Norham Road, Oxford.

HT/17/1/5/4 – Handwritten note – various activities.

HT/17/1/5/5 – Handwritten note – various calculations.

HT/17/1/5/6 – Handwritten note – various dates and keeping track of activities.

HT/17/1/5/7 – Handwritten note – various dates and calculations.

HT/17/1/5/8 – Correspondence between W.E. Ellery Anderson, Chartered Architect, Consultant Architect to Hereford Cathedral, 12 Imperial Square, Cheltenham. (10 March – 20 March 1942).

HT/17/1/5/9 – 1 July 1941. A typed letter from Mr. H Fowler, Musgrave & Co. Ltd, Engineers, 2 Belle Vue Crescent, Llandaff North, Whitchurch, Cardiff regarding the Buarth Hall Heating Plant.

HT/17/1/5/10 – 3 March 1941. A typed letter from Messrs. Novello & Co. Ltd, 160 Wardour Street, W1 requesting copies of the Anthem and Cathedral Chants.

Reference: HT/17/2
Date(s): 1938-1940
Extent: 12 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: ‘Bishop’ file; letter from Bishop of St David’s re falling circulation of Y Llan and Y Haul magazines (in Welsh); letters/leaflets from Diocese of St David’s & Bangor;‘Information for incumbents and curates’, use of church towers for observation, ringing of church bells to give warning, iron railings in churchyards; Publication-Rules re ‘Air raid damage’; information on observance of Armisticetide 1940, Christian unity, Imperial War Graves; agenda for Executive Committee, St David’s Diocesan Board of Finance (1940); information on ordinations (June 1941), Episcopcal Registers 1397-1518, diocesan retreats (June 1941), request for donations to war damage fund; Church in Wales copy of 1938 Regulations for Churchyard ; request for ‘gift for the benefit of the Forces’; ‘Information for incumbents and curates-in-charge’ re towers, bells, church damage, consecrated buildings and land, iron railings, removal of valuable articles, war memorials; leaflet Ministry of Information (Welsh Region) re mobile film units; extract from ‘The Times’ (July 1940) ‘Lord Halifax replies to Hitler’; St Deiniol’s Library leaflet;

HT/17/2/1 – 4 items: 1 Small brown envelope addressed to Revd. Gwilym Owen & 3 typed letters from D.L. ST. David’s, all letters are dated 31 May 1941. (the 3 letters contain information on ‘The Ordination’ which is due to take place on 15 June 1941; information on ‘Diocesan Retreats’ at St. David’s and at Trinity College, Carmarthen – June 1941; information on Episcopal Registers 1397-1518; request for donations to war damage fund.)

HT/17/2/2 – Typed letter signed by Caleb Rees – Regional Information Officer from Ministry of Information (Welsh Region) re mobile Film Units. Document dated 28 September 1940.

HT/17/2/3 – Typed letter from Bishop of St David’s re falling circulation of Y Llan and Y Haul magazines (in Welsh). Document dated August 1940.

HT/17/2/4 – Formal request for ‘a gift for the benefit of the Forces’ namely a Mobile X-ray Unit for the troops. The typed letter is signed by Alwyn Dunelm, September 1940.  

HT/17/2/5 – Leaflet of St. Deiniol’s Library, Hawarden, near Chester. December 1940.

HT/17/2/6 – Publication: Rules issued by Chief Press Censor re ‘Air Raid Damage’. Document dated 12 December 1940.

HT/17/2/7 – Typed letter signed by Chancellor: Edward Marlay Samson (16 August 1940)—‘Information for Incumbents and Curates in Charge’ related to the use of church towers for observation purposes, ringing of church bells to give warning, iron railings in churchyards.

HT/17/2/8 – Typed letter signed by Secretary L.S. Whitehead (July 1940)—‘Information for incumbents and curates-in-charge’ re towers, bells, church damage, consecrated buildings and land, iron railings, removal of valuable articles, war memorials.

HT/17/2/9 – 23 July 1940. Extract from ‘The Times’ – ‘Lord Halifax replies to Hitler’(‘The meaning of freedom’). Printing House Square, London, E.C.4, England.

HT/17/2/10 – 3 items: Typed letter signed by Secretary and Treasurer: L.S. Whitehead on 31 October 1938 re Fees for Monuments; Church in Wales copy of 31 October 1938 ‘Regulations for the Administration of Churchyards’; A brown envelope (D.74) in which these documents were kept and it is addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen from Holy Trinity, Aberystwyth.

HT/17/2/11 – Typed letter (31 October 1940) signed by L.A. Cambrensis, The Clergy of the Province of Wales, Bishopcourt, Bangor –– ‘Information on Observance of Armisticetide 1940’, Christian Unity and Imperial War Graves Commission.

HT/17/2/12 – Agenda for Executive Committee (a meeting of the Committee held at Church House in Carmarthen), it’s a typed document re ‘St David’s Diocesan Board of Finance’ dated 15 November 1940.

Reference: HT/17/3
Date(s): 1940
Extent: 14 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: ‘Boys’ Brigade’ file ; letters re starting of Boys’ Brigade Company in Aberystwyth (Rev. T.B. Scrutton, Church of England Council, and Rev. Owen (1940)), Buarth Hall bookings (1940) between Rev. Owen and ‘Mr Evans’, Rev. Tron, Wolverhampton and Rev. Owen (1940), letter re Boys’ Brigade and Established Churches , Monica Horton (?) and Rev. Owen ; ‘Boys’ Brigade Gazette’ May 1940 ; other leaflets

HT/17/3/1 – A small white business card of Mr. L.F. Rimbault – District Organiser, 3 Llanished Street, The Heath, Cardiff – ‘The Boys’ Brigade, Abbey House, Westminster, S.W.I.

HT/17/3/2 – 28 May 1940. A handwritten letter addressed to Mr. Evans. From Gwilym Owen, Holy Trinity Vicarage, Aberystwyth.

HT/17/3/3 – 29 January 1940. Typed letter addressed to Mr. Evans. From Gwilym Owen, Holy Trinity Vicarage, Aberystwyth. The letter relates to the lodging of Church Lads’ Brigade Company for a week.  

HT/17/3/4 – 1 June 1940. A handwritten letter from Harry Evans (Captain) and Rev. M. Tron (company chaplain) –‘Church Lads’ Brigade’ – St. Chad’s Wolverhampton Company. This letter is addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen, Holy Trinity Vicarage, Aberystwyth.

HT/17/3/5 – 18 January 1940. A handwritten letter from Harry Evans (Captain) and Rev. M. Tron (company chaplain) –‘Church Lads’ Brigade’ – St. Chad’s Wolverhampton Company. This letter is addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen, Holy Trinity Vicarage, Aberystwyth related to hiring Buarth Hall for one week in August.

HT/17/3/6 – 17 May 1940. A typed letter from G. Stanley Smith (Brigade Secretary) –
 The Boys’ Brigade incorporated), Abbey House, Westminster, S.W.1. This typed letter is addressed to Rev. G. Owen from the Holy Trinity Vicarage, Aberystwyth and it refers to the possibility of forming up a Boys’ Brigade Company. It also encloses an issue of ‘The Boys’ Brigade Gazette’ (May 1940).

HT/17/3/7 – ‘The Boys’ Brigade Gazette’ (May 1940), Vol. XLVIII, No. 9. This Gazette was founded by Sir William A. Smith in 1883.

HT/17/3/8 – A small black & white leaflet: ‘The Boys’ Brigade – Aims and Methods’(n.d.) The front cover presents a photo of two boys dressed up in official camp-outfits.

HT/17/3/9 – An ‘Open Letter to Clergy and Ministers’ by The Right Hon. The Earl of Home, K.T. (Brigade President, The Boys’ Brigade) regarding the formation of a Boys’ Brigade Company.

HT/17/3/10 – A blue leaflet entitled: How the Boys’ Brigade Came to Our Church explaining the purpose of The Boys’ Brigade and what the privileges of membership involved, about 50 of them wished to join.

HT/17/3/11 – An A4 black-white leaflet with pictures entitled: ‘The Boy’ containing ‘Special Points of Boys’ Brigade Work’, describing camping days and drills. 

HT/17/3/12 – A small yellow handwritten telegram addressed to Rev. G. Owen, written and signed by Monica Horton concerning the Boys’ Brigade and the Established Churches – telegram is dated 10 May 1940.

HT/17/3/13 – An A5 black-white leaflet entitled: ‘The Boy and The Church’ (Boys’ Brigade Gazette founded by Sir William A. Smith in 1883).

HT/17/3/14 – A handwritten letter dated 15 May 1940. The letter refers to the starting of a Boys’ Brigade Company in Aberystwyth and it is signed by Rev. T.B. Scrutton – Honorary Secretary: Church of England Council and Rev. Owen).

Reference: HT/17/4
Date(s): 1940 -1942
Extent: 17 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: ‘Dilapidations (boiler)’ file; correspondence.

HT/17/4/1 – A small brown envelope addressed to Rev. G. Owen, M.A., Holy Trinity Vicarage, in Aberystwyth. 

HT/17/4/2 – 2 items: correspondence between E.E. Jenkins, Min y Mor, South Road, Aberystwyth (April 1940 & July 1940) addressed to C.W. Mercer, Esq. from 20 Wind Street, Swansea. The two small letters refer to repairs to the surface of the Dining Room Floor.

HT/17/4/3 – 31 May 1940. Typed letter from Charles W. Mercer (Mercer & Vaughan Registered Architects) addressed to Rev. G. Owen, M.A. – Holy Trinity Vicarage.

HT/17/4/4 – 5 May 1941. A small typed letter addressed to Messrs. Musgrave & Co. Ltd. regarding the installation of the new boiler.

HT/17/4/5 – 9 February 1942. A small handwritten letter by Gwilym Owen addressed to W.E. Elley Anderson from Cheltenham and it is regarding the wood-worm infestation of the Church’s interior oak seats.

HT/17/4/6 – 5 March 1941. Two typed letters signed by H. Fowler, Musgrave & Co. Ltd. Engineers from 2 Belle Vue Crescent, Llandaff North, Whitchurch, Cardiff.
Both letters are addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen and it refers to the ‘Heating Plant’ and the repairs of a 6-Flow Ulster Boiler. 

HT/17/4/7 – 7 March 1941. A typed letter in blue ink from Holy Trinity Vicarage thanking the engineers at Musgrave & Co. Ltd. for supplying and fixing a 6-Flow Ulster Boiler.

HT/17/4/8 – 28 February 1941. A typed letter from H. Fowler of Musgrave & Co. Ltd. addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen regarding the installation of a new boiler at Holy Trinity Vicarage and the quotation for it.

HT/17/4/9 – 26 February 1941. A typed letter in blue-ink from Holy Trinity Vicarage addressed to the engineers at Musgrave & Co. Ltd. regarding the ‘Heating Plant’.

HT/17/4/10 – 14 February 1941. A typed letter of apology from H. Fowler (Musgrave & Co. Ltd.) re the delay in carrying out the repair to the heating plant.

HT/17/4/11 – 23 February 1941. A letter of apology from H. Fowler (Musgrave & Co. Ltd.) addressed to Rev. Gwilym Owen, M.A. from Holy Trinity Vicarage referring to fixing the Heating Plant.

HT/17/4/12 – 30 January 1941. A typed letter in blue-ink from Messrs. Musgrave & Co. Ltd., Whitchurch, Cardiff and it refers to a split in one of the pipes that requires a new elbow in order to stop leaking.

HT/17/4/13 – 21 January 1941. A typed letter in blue-ink from the Holy Trinity Vicarage signalling to the engineers a leakage in the pipes underneath the block floor of the church.

HT/17/4/14 – 20 January 1941. A typed letter signed by H.F. from Musgrave & Co. Ltd., referring to the Heating Plant and solving the complaint.

HT/17/4/15 – 26 October 1940. Typed letter in blue-ink signed by Rev. Gwilym Owen and addressed to C.W. Mercer, Esq. from Swansea referring the work done on the Dining Room Floor.

HT/17/4/16 – 16 August 1940. A typed letter to the Vicar from Charles w. Mercer (registered architect) re the estimate for the repairs to the Dining Room floor and certifying a refund.

HT/17/4/17 – 17 August 1940. A typed letter in blue-ink addressed to Mr. E.E. Jenkins, Min y Mor, South Road, Aberystwyth referring to the estimation of £7.5 for the work on the Dining Room Block Floor. (Rev. G. Owen accepts the estimation).

Reference: HT/17/5
Date(s): 8 January 1941
Extent: 2 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Typed letter in blue-ink (x2 copies) containing a list of contributions from parishes to the General Fund of Society of the Propagation of the Gospel. Document is signed by Gwilym Owen and it is addressed to The Secretary (S.P.G.) situated in 15 Tufton Street, Westminster, S.W.1.

Reference: HT/18
Title: ‘Church Students Society’ file
Date(s): 1899-1969
Extent: 1 bundle, 6 folders, 8 items, 4 volumes, 11 loose sheets
Level: File
Scope and Content: ‘Church Students Society’ file contains miscellaneous papers, letters and documents, for details see HT/18/1-7 below

Reference: HT/18/1
Date(s): 1901 -1950
Extent: 70 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Letters of recommendation for pastoral care – Commending school children in to the care of the church in Aberystwyth (1947—1948) and newspaper cutting (no date or citation); letter signed by Royston Griffiths re Bronglais Hospital League of Friends and Student Christian Movement; letters of acceptance/thanks re invitations to Jubilee Sermon (letters dated February 1945); request for students to ‘wait at supper’, ‘St Michael’s Xmas Tea and Sale of Work’ (24 November 1926); Christian Union Men’s re inviting a ‘prominent Churchman to deliver a sermon’ (23 November 1909); miscellaneous papers including notes for order of Carol Service (1948); statement of accounts of Church Students Society 1926; annual report 1901; Jubilee Sermon literature 1945; extract from University College of Wales Magazine (vol XV11 p. 261, p. 302, p. 334) re lectures and debates; typed copy of ‘Bidding Prayer’ (‘Jubilee’); hand written Church Students’ Society Secretary’s report 1910 – 1911 and 1903 – 1904 (signed on 9 May 1904 by Dora H. Thomas & A. B. Thomas); typed copy Inter-College General Meeting resolutions and proposals, Church Students’ Societies 8 March 1950 re constitutional changes; hand written Annual Report 1901 – 1902. Also Postcards addressed to Rev John R.W. Poole Hughes, 39 North Parade, Aberystwyth.
Associated Material: for more recommendations see HT/18/3/3

Reference: HT/18/2
Date(s): 1933- 1950
Extent: 8 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Church Students’ Society membership cards – University College of Wales, Aberystwyth (session from 1933 – 1950).

Reference: HT/18/3
Date(s): 1944-1948
Extent: 6 folders
Level:  File
Scope and Content: various brown folders containing correspondence, reports and accounts ; ‘Miscellaneous papers’, ‘Commendations and Correspondence’, ‘Sundry Secretary’s Reports’, ‘Jubilee 1945’, ‘1949 Mission File’. For details see HT/3/1 – 6 below.

Reference: HT/18/3/1-2
Date(s): 1944
Extent: 2 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Empty folders: ‘Photographs of Society Officials’; Church Student’s Society –‘Miscellaneous Papers’ (Filed 1944) R. James Tree;

Reference: HT/18/3/3
Date(s): 1944-1948
Extent: 38 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: ‘Commendations and Correspondence’ October 1944 – 48 (R. James Tree); Various letters of recommendation of new students at the university; invitation and acceptances to Church Students’ Society party 1944; invitation from E. G. Bowen, Student Christian Movement – U.C.W., to Ronald Tree re meeting at college (10 February 1945); letters from Church Missionary Society re arrangements for guest speaker (1945); 2 letters of thanks to Rev. Ronald Tree for help, Student Christian Movement (1945 and 1946); Letter of thanks to Rev. Ronald Tree for help in arranging stay at Aberystwyth, Brian (St**d ?) (1945); letter to ‘Padre’ requesting help in arranging meeting of Church Society for talk on ‘the Church Overseas’, Josephine Chapman (1944); letter to Rev. Tree from Rev. Childs, requesting help with collection of signatures of ‘sympathetic clergy’ (?) (5 October 1944); Typed leaflet – Christmas carols; typed leaflet – Universal Day of Prayer for Students (19 February 1939).
Associated Material: for more commendations see HT/18/1

Reference: HT/18/3/4
Date(s): 1946 / 1950
Extent: 1 item
Level: File
Scope and Content: Church Student’s Society – ‘Sundry Secretary’s Reports’ folder dated July 1944; Memoranda 1946 (8 pages & Addenda 1950).

Reference: HT/18/3/5
Date(s): 1886-1945
Extent: 15 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: ‘Jubilee 1945’ – Church Student’s Society (Nov 1944) –‘Historical Information’ folder includes hand-written list of Officers, Parish magazine references, one white small invitation card to attend the Society’s Jubilee Sermon at St. Michael’s Church on 25 February 1945.

Reference: HT/18/3/6
Date(s): 1949
Extent: 10 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Church Student’s Society –‘1949 Mission File’; miscellaneous minor accounts (with Midland Bank Limited, Aberystwyth Branch), notes and copies of typed pamphlets given to students at college re ‘Mission’ (January 1949).

Reference: HT/18/4
Date(s): 1939-1958
Extent: 1 volume & 5 loose sheets
Level: Item
Scope and Content: Blue hard cover library register including loose ‘church warden accounts’ 1955 – 1958. (Parish of Holy Trinity, Aberystwyth)
Associated Material: for more church warden accounts see HT/26

Reference: HT/18/5
Date(s): 1899-1925
Extent: 1 volume
Level: Item
Scope and Content: Black hard cover book ‘Register of members’ and honorary members (Parish of St. Michael, Aberystwyth – Church Students’ Society) ; attached inside 3 sheets note paper acceptances as honorary members.

Reference: HT/18/6
Date(s): 1934-1935
Extent: 1 volume & 4 invitation cards
Level: Item
Scope and Content: Black hard cover book ‘Roll of Church Students 1934 –35 University College, Aberystwyth’; invitation cards 1926 and 1927 loose inside.

Reference: HT/18/7
Date(s): 1947-1970
Extent: 1 volume
Level: Item
Scope and Content: 1 maroon hard cover ‘CSS (Church Students’ Society) address book’.

Reference: HT/19
Title: ‘Churchwardens Cash book’
Date(s): 1932-1941
Extent: 1 volume & 2 loose receipts
Level: Item
Scope and Content: Maroon hard cover ‘Churchwardens Cash book’ & loose inside 2 Cambrian News receipts.

Reference: HT/20
Title: ‘Church Assembly Electoral Roll’
Date(s): 1920
Extent: 1 volume & 4 loose sheets
Level: Item
Scope and Content: ‘Church Assembly Electoral Roll’ (light blue hard cover) ; 4 loose sheets (3 sheets with names, one typed leaflet ‘Welcome Home Social’ dated 1 March 1947 – St. David’s Day).

Reference: HT/21
Title: ‘Parochial Register of Confirmations’
Date(s): 1887-1927
Extent: 1 volume & 2 loose sheets
Level: Item
Scope and Content: ‘Parochial Register of Confirmations’ (black hard cover) Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth; plus 2 handwritten sheets dated 14 March 1928.

Reference: HT/22
Title: ‘Register of Banns of Marriage’
Date(s): 1929-1994
Extent: 1 volume
Level: Item
Scope and Content: ‘Register of Banns of Marriage’ (dark blue hard cover) published in the Parish Church of Holy Trinity, Aberystwyth.

Reference: HT/23
Title: ‘Register of Services’
Date(s): January 1952 – December 1958
Extent: 1 volume & 8 loose sheets
Level: Item
Scope and Content: ‘Register of Services’ (January 1952); 15 loose handwritten sheets, miscellaneous Home and Overseas Mission accounts 1944 – 1959, coloured leaflet.

Reference: HT/24
Title: ‘Aberystwyth Religion and Life Council of Churches’
Date(s): 1945-1949
Extent: 1 volume & 22 loose sheets
Level:  Item
Scope and Content: ‘Aberystwyth Religion and Life Council of Churches’ green hard cover book Minutes of meetings; 1949 -1950 Winter programme booklet; miscellaneous hand written/ typed notes.

Reference: HT/25
Title: ‘Receipts’
Date(s): 1945
Extent: 1 booklet
Level:  Item
Scope and Content: ‘Receipts’ booklet 1945 (green hard cover small check-book).

Reference: HT/26
Title: ‘Buarth Hall (Holy Trinity)’ file
Date(s): 1938 – 1962
Extent: 14 items
Level:  File
Scope and Content: 

HT/26/1 – Marriage licences, affidavit specimens, consent forms for marriage of a minor (1962), forms and blanks, correspondence (various dates 1938, 1950, 1953 – 1963). John Thomas Gibbs Stead married Mary Cawley on the 14 December 1956. Joan Rosina Flora Keefe married Alun Dyfed Morgan on 26 April 1962. Reverend’s hand-written notes on marriages ranging from 1953 to 1963. ‘Diocese of St. Davids’ – marriage affidavit and license (27 January 1909) between William James of Pantyricket, in the Parish of Rudbaxton and Mary Bowen of Penlan, in the Parish of Llangoedmore.

HT/26/2 – Registration of Charities (31 October 1962) typed letter, Charities Act 1960, application form for registration as a charity, brown envelope addressed to Rev. Chancellor G. Owen, the Vicarage, Holy Trinity, sent from the Charity Commission, 14 Ryder Street, London, S.W.1  

HT/26/3 – Correspondence regarding the water coming into the boiler basement (handwritten letter by D. Davies on 2 January 1961), plus a typed ‘Report on external conditions’ of Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth.

HT/26/4 – Specification of an Organ (n.d) for Holy Trinity Church Aberystwyth containing 3 rows of keys and a pedal organ of 5 stops.

HT/26/5 – 18 July 1951. Typed letter ‘The Registry of the Lord Archbishop of Wales’ address: 39 Cathedral Road, Cardiff regarding counsel and guidance from Church in Wales to divorced persons, divorce & re-marriage, admission to Holy Communion and other matters.

HT/26/6 – correspondence from 29 May 1951 between William Manson and Rev. Canon Gwilym Owen, plus an Agreement of Service between the Parochial Church Council and William Mason for post of verger /caretaker 4 December 1944.

HT/26/7 – Church-Warden Accounts 1932, 1954, 1957, ‘Church Completion Fund Account’ – Statement from 31 December 1957.

HT/26/8 – ‘Herbert Bequest’ receipts 1958, typewriter exchange, invoices for electrical fixings, plumbing, wiring and complete installation of heater 1957- 58. 

HT/26/9 – National Provincial Bank Ltd. papers from 1958 and 1959, plus a small white torn envelope addressed to Rev. G. Gwen from Mr. W.H. Ball. M.B.E. from Purley, Surrey – 23 March 1959. 

HT/26/10 – ‘Letter of Instruction to Distributors’ typed on a light blue A5 paper, ‘by order of the Church of England Standing Committee of Lord Wharton’s Trustees’. Small white letter dated 23 March 1959 and containing the address of Rev. Canon Gwilym Owen.

HT/26/11 – miscellaneous papers (distribution of bibles to poor, typed leaflet about the ‘Performing Right Society Ltd.’, cremation, installation of electric lighting – revised regulations 21 July 1950, typed letter from the Board of Finance, Mr. Cecil Tregoning (6 October 1938) advising Rev. Gwilym Owen to invest the Parsonage House Fund in a Trustee Stock, and 3 copies of the ‘Scheme of covenanted subscriptions’ July 1949).

Reference: HT/27
Title: File of Miscelaneous papers
Date(s): 1922-1978
Extent: magazines
Level: File
Scope and Content: 

HT/27/1 – Choral Festival Book (Bilingual) for use in The Church in Wales 1922 (issued by the National Council of Music).

HT/27/2 – 29 January 1949. ‘The Courier’ vol.1, No. 3, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth; and a copy of ‘Welsh Churchman’ September 1982 containing a black and white picture on the cover outlying the ‘Bishops after the Consecration of new Bishop of St. Asaph’.

HT/27/3 – Leaflet about a ‘Special Service at The Parish of St Michael and All Angels’ to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of W.R.V.S. Sunday 9 July 1978.

HT/27/4 – Saint Davids Diocesan Gazette. (editions from 1976 – February; 1975 – May, August, November; 1974 – August, November; 1964 – January, April; 1963 – January, April, July, October; 1962 – January, April, July, October; 1961 – January, April, July, October; 1960 – January, April, July, October; 1954 – January, April; 1953 – October; 1952 – January, July, October; 1951 – January, April, July, October; 1950 – January, April, July, October; 1949 – January, April, July, October; 1948 – January, April, July, October; 1947 – January, April, July, October; 1946 – July, October; 1945 – April; 1943 – January, July; 1942 – January, April, July, October; 1941 – January, April, July, October; 1940 – January, April, July, October; 1939 – January, April, July, October.
HT/27/5 – Parish Magazine for Llanbadarn Fawr, S. Michael & All Angels, and Parish of Holy Trinity. (editions from September 1935, February 1936, March 1945, October 1948, December 1948, January 1949, February 1949, April 1949, May 1949, June 1949, (1951 – June, July, August, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec.), 1952 – January, February, March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Dec. (1975 – Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec).

HT/27/6 – two ‘Y Llan’ periodicals in Welsh dated 16 February 1945 and 2 March 1945 edition.

Acc. 2422

Reference: HT/addl/1–5
Date(s): 1973-1986
Extent: 5 items
Level: File
Scope and Content: Material relating to Holy Trinity Church from the papers of Mrs. Violet Davies

HT/Addl./1 – Blue book hard cover ‘Holy Trinity Church’ Aberystwyth, Social Committee Minutes Book 1973 – 1980 with loose sheets inside it.

HT/Addl./2 – Blue book hard cover ‘Holy Trinity Church’– Centenary Celebrations 1986. (handwritten from both ends of the notebook, detailing all preparations and costs involved).

HT/Addl./3 – Small typed notes (1985–1986) with names of vergers (Mr. Richard James, Mr. W.R. Jenkins, Mr. Manson, Mr. Noel Burgess), organists (Mr. John Williams, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Kenneth Deverill, Mr. Ian Rees, Mr. Chris Rogers, Mr. Lovell, Miss Margaret James, Alice Brome, Mr. Arthur Charles Edwards, Mrs. Edna Jones), vicars (Rev. Evan Owen Phillips 1861; Rev. James Harvard Protheroe 1886; Archdeacon David Williams 1886 – 1928; Rev. Thomas Arthur Roberts 1928–1938; Chancellor Gwylym Owen 1938 – 1963; Rev. Clifford Arthur Williams 1963–1967; Rev. Roy Davies 1967–1977; Rev. Michael Butler 1973–1980; Rev. Robert Melville Capper 1980–1987; Rev. Will Strange 1987 – present day); 1 coloured small booklet ‘Why go to church every Sunday?’; handwritten ‘Centenary Diary’; 23 typed sheets: copy lists of artists ‘Victorian Evening’ at Buarth Hall, on 13 September 1886 and copy lists of the stages of the building, activities between 1886 – 1986 / 2 sets of proof ; 1 photocopy of a chart outlying the population of Great Britain.  

HT/Addl./4 – ‘All the research papers for Victorian Evening for centenary celebrations, Holy Trinity Church 1986’.

HT/Addl./5 – coloured napkins/ serviettes, loose cardboard wraps, 1 booklet re Victorian Evening, Holy Trinity Church Centenary 1886 – 1986 Stationary etc.

Acc. 2783

Reference: HT/Addl./ 6
Title: Green Hard cover book (accounts)
Date(s): 1942-1959
Extent: 1 volume
Level: Item
Scope and Content: A green hard cover accounts book containing the Churchwardens’ Accounts 1942 – 1959 of Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth (‘The Guildhall – Series of Stock Rulings’).

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