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DSO/34: Merched y Wawr, 

Acc. 2403, 2657

Ref: DSO/34

Reference: [GB 0212] DSO/34
Title: Cofnodion y Merched y Wawr, Ceredigion / Records of Merched y Wawr, Ceredigion
Date(s): 1969-1997
Level: Fonds
Extent: 0.013m3

Scope and Content: Cofnodion Cyffredinol y Merched y Wawr yng Ngheredigion. Am canghennau penodol, gweler y DSO/33. / General Records of Merched y Wawr in Ceredigion. For specific branches see DSO/33.

1. Cofnodion ariannol/financial records 1969-1971 a 1971-1989
2. Cofnodion ariannol/financial records 1989-1990
3. Cofnodion ariannol/financial records 1988-1997

4. Llyfr cofnodion a map o gynhadledd breswyl Merched y Wawr 1971 a gynhaliwyd yn Aberystwyth.
Minute book and a map of Merched y Wawr 1971 residential conference held in Aberystwyth

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