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DB/19: Pwll Roman and Bryn Arian Silver Lead Mines

Acc. 990

Ref: DB/19

Reference: [GB 0212] DB/19
Title: Documents relating to the Pwll Roman and Bryn Arian Silver Lead Mines near Tre Taliesin, Cardiganshire.
Date(s): 1853-1995 (mostly 1853-1860)
Level: Fonds
Extent: 0.031m3

Administrative History:
Jeremiah (1807-1885) and Edward (1808-1874) Colman, uncles to Jeremiah James Colman, who built up the Colman's Mustard Company in Norwich, were shareholders in these concerns. Other principal shareholders were James Prybus and George Mason. Both mines were situated on the estate of Dolyclettwr; the mining company was set up in 1853, "to be worked on the cost book system". The enterprise was short-lived and the company wound up in 1860. 

Scope and Content:
1. Cost book of Pwll Roman Silver Lead Mine containing "Adventurer's agreement on mine cost", share transfers, and costs and minutes of meetings. 

2. Day book of Pwll Roman Silver Lead Mine: worker's wages and work accomplished.
January 1855-July 1857 with additional payments September 1857

3. Bundle marked "Transfers Pwll Roman" containing share certificates and mine cost book notices allotting 1/16th shares in the mine.

4. Itemised invoice for preparing lease of watercourse at Pwllroman Mine, and lease of Brynarian mine, by Cooper and Hodgson, solicitors. With share certificate of Thomas William Prybus on Pwll Roman Silver Lead Mine

5. Cost sheets and bills (24 numbered items) and assay of ore. 1853-1854

6-24. Monthly Mine Costs
6. 31 December 1854-27 January 1855
7. 27 January 1855-24 February 1855 with labour costs to 3 March
8. February 1855
9. 21 April 1855-25 June 1855
10. 16 June 1855-14 July 1855 with labour costs to 21 July
11. 14 July 1855-11 August 1855
12. 11 August 1855-8 September 1855 with labour costs to 15 September
13. 8 September 1855-6 October 1855 with labour costs to 12 October
14. November 1855
15. 3 November 1855-1 December 1855
16. 1 December 1855-31 December 1855
17. 1 January 1856-26 January 1856 with labour costs to 2 February 1856
18. 26 January 1856-23 February 1856 with labour costs to 1 March 1856 (and invoices and receipts January-February) 
19. 23 February 1856-22 March 1856 with labour costs to 29 March (and invoices and receipts) 
20. 22 March 1856-19 April 1856 with labour costs to 26 April
21. 19 April 1856-17 May 1856 with labour costs to 24 May
22. 17 May 1856-14 June 1856 with labour costs to 21 June
23. 14 June 1856-12 July 1856 with labour costs to 19 June
24. 12 July 1856-9 August 1856 with labour costs to 16 August (and invoices and receipts) 

25. Invoices and receipts to the Pwll Roman Mining Company 1853-1855
26. Invoices and receipts to the Pwll Roman Mining Company 1855-1856
27. Invoices and receipts to the Pwll Roman Mining Company 1855-1856
28. Invoices and receipts to the Pwll Roman Mining Company 1856

29. Cheque book stubs from the Commercial Bank of London account of James Prybus

30. Deposit book for the Commercial Bank of London (only 3 pages used).

31. Bank book of the Commercial Bank of London, Lothbury & 6 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden on account of Jeremiah Colman, George Mason & James Prybus

32. Used cheques from the account of "Colman and others" drawn on the Commercial Bank of London. Bundle marked "Tax Receipts Mrs. West's Cottage".

33. Business correspondence concerning the construction of Pwll Roman Mine from Henry Francis, Captn. Jones and Charles Williams to James Prybus, Henry Watson, and others.

34. Correspondence from Charles Williams, James Prybus and others re: Pwll Roman and Bryn Arian lead mines.

35. Copies of letters, mainly concerning Bryn Arian silver lead mine. Including a plan, transverse section, and section of Pwll Roman Mine.
June-July 1856

36. Correspondence re: Pwll Roman mine 1857

37. Correspondence re: Pwll Roman mine 1858

38. Inventory of convertible materials, machinery, ores and implements on the mines of Pwll Roman and Bryn Arian n.d. With letters from John Davies of Newtown re: disposal of mine implements.
June-October 1857

39. Report on the Pwll Roman Lead Mine and Brynarian Mine by Henry Watson
July 1856

40. Insurance certificate issued by the Royal Exchange Assurance of London on the premises of the Pwll Roman mining company in Aberystwyth. 1855-1856

41-45. Colman Family
41. Family tree of the Colman family

42. The History of J. & J. Colman, S.H.Edgar (typescript)

43. Jeremiah James Colman (1830-1898) - an offprint from Enlightened Entrepreneurs by Ian Campbell Bradley 1987

44. The Story of Colman's Mustard (brochure) n.d. c.1995

45. "The Carrow Colony": a history of Colman's of Norwich 6pp. n.d.
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