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Solicitors Deposits: Wolstenholmes, Cheshire.

Acc. 752

Ref: D/WOL

Reference: [GB 0212] D/WOL
Title: Records from Wolstenholmes Solicitors, Cheshire.
Date(s): 1814-1962
Level: Fonds
Extent: 0.013m3

Source of Acquisition: Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office by Wolstenholmes Solicitors, Cheshire, 22 November 1990.

Scope and Content: Deeds of land and property in the parish of Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, Cardiganshire, relating to the several premises known as Bath, alias Caebach, and Llain with associated lands.

     1. David Davies of Tycoch, pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, joiner and carpenter
     2. William Williams of Knuckmaur in the same pa. joiner and carpenter

Of the messuage called Bath, otherwise Ty David Lewis, and its appurtenances, in pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys.
Consideration: £32
11 October 1814

     1. William Williams of no. 127 Oxford Street, Co. Middlesex, cabinet maker
     2. John Jones of Llaneithir, pa. Llanbadarn Fawr, gent.

Of the messuage called Bath, otherwise Ty David Lewis, pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, formerly in the tenure of Mary Lewis, widow, now or late of Jenkin Lewis and Evan Williams
Consideration: £16 10s.
24 June 1841

     1. Lewis Pugh the younger of Aberystwyth, esq. and John Evans of the same, esq.
     2. Mary Williams of Cnwckynduor, pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, widow.
     3. William Henry Thomas of Aberystwyth, gent.

to 2 by 1 [executors of the late John Jones of Llaneithir], the premises known as Bath, pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, formerly in the occupation of Evan Williams, now deed, now of Mary Williams
Consideration: £19
14 October 1846

     1. William King of Fen Gate nr. Peterborough, gent, and Anne his wife, and John Davies late of Bryncerni, now of Lanllwyd, farmer
     2. David Rees of Tynygwndwn, pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, farmer
     3. David Davies of Fynonhowell, gent.

by [1] to [2] of the property known as Llain, pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys. The property had been bequeathed to Anne Davies, now King, and John Davies [1] by the late William Davies of Aberystwyth [d. 9 January 1843] on trust for his widow, Sarah Davies [d. 3 January 1858]
Consideration: £170
30 August 1859

     1. David Rees of Tyngwndwn, pa. Llanbadarn, Trefeglwys, farmer
     2. David Davies of Fynnonhowell, pa. Llanrhystud.

Of the premises known as Llain, pa. Llanbadarn, Trefeglwys, at 5% interest
Consideration: £100
31 January 1860

     1. David Davies of Rhydlasissa, pa. Llanrhystud, gent.
     2. David Rees of Tyngwndwn, pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, farmer
     3. William Davies of Ffrorfawr, pa. Llanrhystud, gent.
     4. Jenkin James of Penrhior, pa. Llanddewi Aberarth, farmer.

Of the premises called Llain, pa. Llanbadarn, Trefeglwys.
Consideration: £100,paid by [4] to [1]; £60 paid by [4] to [2] and 5s. paid by [4] to [3], at 5% interest.
1 September 1862

     1. David Rees of Tyngwndwn pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, farmer [the elder]
     2. David Rees of Llain, pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, mariner [the younger]

Of the premises called Llain, pa. Llanbadarn, Trefeglwys.
Consideration: £80
29 September 1862

     1. William Jones of Cefngwyn, Minister, Thomas Lewis of Pencwmmynach, preacher, Evan Evans of Pennant, preacher, John Davies of Gorswen, farmer and David Davies the younger of Llwynowen, mill carpenter, all of pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys
     2. David Davies of Bryncerney, pa. Llanbadarn, Trefeglwys, farmer
     3. Stephen Davies alias Stephan Davies of Bryncerney, farmer, and Ellinor Davies of Bryncerney, spinster

Of fields and a stable in pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, formerly in the occupation of Evan Williams, then of John Griffiths, now of Margaret Price; Three fields in pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys and Llansaintfread, called Caetyhwntyf fordd, Caecanol and Caeywaun, all of which are generally known as Gwarycae and Llainllwyd; also the dwelling house called Ty William Evan David, or Tynyffynnon, and Rhosaminiog, pa. Llanrhystud.
Consideration: £100, paid by [3] on the direction of [2] to discharge mortgage, and £80 balance of purchase money paid by [3] to [2]
16 February 1865

     1. Stephen Davies alias Stephan Davies of Bryncerney pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, farmer, and Ellinor Davies of Bryncerney, spinster.
     2. William Jones of Cefngwyn, Minister, Thomas Lewis of Pencwmmynach, preacher, John Davies of Gorswen, Farmer, Evan Evans of Pennant, preacher, David Davies the younger of Llwynowen Mill, carpenter, all of pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys; David James of Penralltwen, farmer, and Evan Evans of Wernllaeth, farmer, both of pa. Llansantfread [Llansaintffraid].

of the properties named in a conveyance of 16 February 1865 (D/WOL/8)
Consideration: £100 at 4.25%.
2 March 1865

     1. Revd Evan John Davies of Parkybedw, pa. Cilie Ayron [Ciliau Aeron], clerk.
     2. David Rees of Llain, pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys master mariner.

Of the property known as Bath, otherwise called Caebach, adjoining land called Llain, formerly in the occupation of Evan Williams [decd] and now of [2]
Consideration: £63
17 October 1865

     1. Francis Green of Carmarthen Esq. and Susanna Mary Abadam of no. 8 Norton, Tenby, widow
     2. William Francis David Saunders of Glanrhwdw, Co. Carmarthen, Esq.
     3. Mary Anne Saunders of Court Henry, Co. Carmarthen, widow
     4. William Evans of Gwarffynon; pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, farmer, and David Rees of Llain, Master Mariner

Of premises called Gwarffynon and Penlône, pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys
Consideration: £420
26 January 1877

ABSTRACT OF THE TITLE of Misses D. G. and M. M. Rees, to the dwelling house called 'Llain' at or near Cross Inn, Llanon, pa. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys [from 1907]

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