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Solicitors Deposits: John Francis, Carmarthen

Acc. 848

Ref: D/JF

Reference: [GB 0212] D/JF
Title: Records from John Francis, Solicitors, Carmarthen.
Date(s): 1795-1964
Level: Fonds

Source of Acquisition: Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office by John Francis, Estate Agents, Queen Street, Carmarthen per County Archivist 10 March 1993

Scope and Content: Records, mostly maps and sale catalogues of Estates in Cardiganshire. Mostly relating to the Bronwydd Estate, but also Castell Howell, Gwernant and Derry Ormond.

1. Map of the Castle Howell Estate belonging to David Lloyd esq. by Charles Hassall, 1795

2. Annotated 1st edn. 1" O.S. map of Cardiganshire [1834], marked "Index to the Tithe Survey" and "James Wyld, geographer to the Queen, 11 and 12 Charing Cross Road". 

3. Box of maps, marked Gwernant Estate, G. Lloyd Williams, containing: 
OS 25" Pembs. Sheet II.13 [1889] 
OS 25" Pembs. Sheet 11.14 [1889] 
OS 25" Pembs. Sheet VI.1 [1889] 
OS 25" Cards. Sheet XXIV.12 [1890] 
OS.25" Cards. Sheet XXXI.9 [1889] 
OS 25" Cards. Sheet XXXIX.4 [1889] 
showing properties belonging to the Gwernant Estate [pa. Troedyraur, map ref. 337463] 

4. Folding plan of the Derry Ormond Estate, OS 6" to one mile, 1904 revision of the 1886/7 survey

5. OS. 6" to one mile, Cardigan sheet VI SE, 2nd edn. 1906, showing properties belonging to the Nanteos estate

6-25. Papers relating to the Bronwydd Estate, pas. Llangynllo, Llandyfriog, Llanbadarn Trefeglwys

6. Map of Bronwydd Estate, for sale by auction 5 August 1937

7-9. The Bronwydd Estate, sale catalogue, 1937

10. The Brongwydd Estate, sale catalogue, 4 August 1944

11-25 Files of correspondence etc. 
11. File 10237 A, general, June 1944 - February 1959
12. 10237 B, valuations
13. 10237 C, Plans
14. 10237 D, Notes and copies
15. 10237 E, 2 x Sale catalogues, 1944
16. 10237 F, Draft advertisements, 1944
17. Tithes: details of tithes on lots
18. 10237, Correspondence concerning Llanfyrnach Hall June 1950 - June 1952
19. 10237, Mine cottages, Llanfyrnach, June 1950
20. 10237, Felinfawr, Nevern, May 1953 - January 1957
21. 10237, Llwyncelynfach [Tynewydd], Llanfyrnach, June 1950 - July 1952
22. Property in Eglwyswrw and Velindre, August 1946 to July 1947
23. 10237, Lamb Inn, Hermon, July 1951 - December 1951
24. Bundle of miscellaneous correspondence, 1951-64
25. Newspaper cutting, Daily Sketch 16 April 1956, "The Lady of Cemaes escapes to freedom' 

26. Bundle of newspapers, Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser, 3 May 1907, labelled 'Mr. J. V. Colby's homecoming. [p. 5 contains an article concerning the return of Mr. J. Vaughan Colby, Ffynone, from Africa] [5 copies] 

27-32. Individual Newspaper issues or parts of issues
27. Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser, 1 March 1907
28. Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser, 5 April 1907
29. Pembrokeshire Herald, 12 April 1907
30. Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser, 12 April 1907
31. Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser, 19 April 1907
32. Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser, 20 Sept. 1907

Acc. 855

Ref: D/JF

Reference: [GB 0212] D/JF/33-34
Title: Records of John Francis, Solicitors of Carmarthen.
Date(s): 1904
Level: Fonds
Extent: 2 items

Source of Acquisition: Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office per County Archivist, 16 April 1993. 

Scope and Content:
33 - 34. Particulars and conditions of sale, of freehold farms in the parishes of Llandyssil and Llandissiliogogo, part of the Alltyrodin Estate. To be sold by auction at the Forth Hotel, Llandyssil, Friday, 19 August 1904, 2 copies

[Six lots, namely: Gwarallt-y-ferdre; quarry; The Castle Howell Arms; Pantgwyn and Moylach; cottage and carding mill known as Bont Cottage and Carding Mill; St Mary's Cottage]

Acc. 2200

Ref: D/JF

Reference: [GB 0212] D/JF/35-49
Title: Records of John Francis, Solicitors of Carmarthen.
Date(s): 1786-1923
Level: Fonds
Extent: 0.026m3

Source of Acquisition: Transferred from Carmarthenshire Record Office, 25 April 2008.

Scope and Content:
35. Copy will of Herbert Evans of Highmead, dated 23 March 1786

36. Draft abstract of title of Dolgoy, p. Llangrannog. 1855.

37. Bundle of documents belonging to Thomas Davies, timber merchant, Aberaeron, relating to the estate of Evan Davies, Blaenantgwenog. Deeds, memoranda, notes and other miscellaneous documents. 1880s-1890s.

38. Abstract of title of David Thomas of Llanfair to farms and lands called Plasllwyd, Dolwalter, Rhydycynydd and Blaeneinon in the p. of Llandysul, late part of Alltyrodyn Estate. 1880.

39. Plan of Troedrhiwgam hairpin bend sent by J. Williams of Cefncwrt farm, Llangrannog to John Francis Carmarthen office, with covering note. 22 May 1937

40. Sale catalogue: Gogerddan sale of pedigree shorthorn cattle, horses, Berkshire pigs, and sheep on 7 September 1911. 2 copies.

41. Copy draft abstract of title of Alban Thomas Jones Gwynne, Clerk, to estates in the parishes of Cilcennin, Llanddeiniol, Llanrhystud, Llanddewi Aberarth and Llansantffraed, prepared on 18 June 1811.

42. Poster advertising sale by auction of Bryngranog estate, comprising the farms of Bryngranod, Tynyfron and Blaencwmcrychydd with Rhosymryson, to be held at the Black Lion Hotel in Llanybyther on 2 July 1883. 3 copies, one in Melinex.

43. Poster advertising sale by auction of Llainyfran, p. Llandysiliogogo, to be held at the Feathers Hotel, Aberaeron, on 11 November 1879. 2 copies, one in Melinex.

44. Abstract of title of David Thomas Esq. to the Clittau Ceimon estate in the parish of Llanfihangel Ystrad. Prepared in 1876. 

45. Abstract of title of David Thomas Esq. to Tyrcwmissa, p. Llannerchaeron. Prepared in 1880.

46. Abstract of title to Lochtyn Estate, p. Llangrannog. Prepared in 1880.

47. Abstract of title of David Thomas Esq. to estates in Cardiganshire devised by the will of Jenkin Beynon Esq. Prepared in 1874.

48. Abstract of title of the Revd. William Davies and Mr. Thomas Morgan to Caer Droia (Cae Dria), p. Cilcennin. Prepared in 1860.

49. Documents relating to the sale of the Clyngoleu Estate (situate in and near New Quay), to be conducted by Lloyd & Thomas at the Black Lion Hotel, New Quay, 9 August 1923. Each conveyance is accompanied by a copy of the printed sale catalogue with a filled and stamped contract on the last page. The vendors in all cases are Thomas E. Davies of Castell Howell and Hannah Letitia Davies of Werndrefi (both in Carmarthenshire). 
See also documents in the Trant Collection, Acc. 2207, D/Trant/2.

     1. Copy of conveyance of Lot 4, Perthygwenyn fields and Garden of Old Cottages in Llanwchaiarn New Quay to David James of Eryl, New Quay. 4 March 1924.
     2. Copy of conveyance of Lot 19, no. 1 Francis Street, New Quay, to Elizabeth Jane Davies, Sallie Elinor Davies and Owen ?Melotta Davies. 3 March 1924.
     3. Copy of conveyance of Lot 17, no. 5 George Street, New Quay to Miss Helen S. Patrick of no. 5 George Street and Capt. William Charles Patrick of New Quay. 3 March 1924.
     4. Copy of conveyance of Lot 8, Glanrhyd otherwise known as Garden Cottage, New Quay to Jenkin Evans and Constance Dorothy Evans (his wife) of Vronwig, New Quay. 3 March 1924.
     5. Copy of conveyance of Lot 6, Glan Nant, to Lucilla Patrick and Mary Rebecca Patrick , both of The Black Lion Hotel, New Quay.3 March 1924.
     6. Copy of conveyance of Lot 1, Zoar Farm, parish of Llanllwchaiarn, to Evan Lewis Esquire of Penrhiwpistyll Farm. 3 March 1924.
     7.  Copy of conveyance of Lot 3, Clyngoleu Fields in the Parish of Llanllwchaiarn to George Patrick esquire of the Black Lion Hotel, New Quay. 3 March 1924.
     8. Copy of conveyance of Lot 20, no. 2 Francis Street, New Quay to  Enoch Thomas Olsen esquire of 42 Beclands Road, Tooting, in the County of London. 3 March 1924.
     9. Copy of conveyance of Lot 2, Clyngoleu field to Daniel Rees Davies of Lynfield, New Quay. 3 March 1924.
     10. Copy of conveyance of Lot 12, Upper House (now wooden shed) on Francis Street, New Quay, to John Thomas Evans and his wife, Mary Evans, both of Ger-y-nant, New Quay. March 3 1924.
     11. Copy of conveyance of Lot 22, no. 2 Field Place to Margaret Sarah Watson, Margeurite Esme Watson and Annie Muriel Watson all of 2 Francis Road, New Quay. 8 March 1924.
     12. Copy of conveyance of Lot 5, Tanrardd, New Quay, to Michael Davies of number 11 Station Street, Treherbert, Glamorgan. 8 March 1924.
     13. Copy of conveyance of Lot 42, no. 1 Field Road, New Quay, to David John Brown of 1 Brynmair Terrace, Penydarren. 23 February 1924.
     14. Copy of conveyance of Lot 27, no. 1a George Street, New Quay to Mr Evan David Thomas and Elsie Thomas, his wife of no. 1a George Street. 1 October 1923.
     15. Copy of conveyance of Lot 31, no. 10 George Street, New Quay to John Parry Jones of Plasnewydd, Beulah in the Parish of Bettws Evan. 5 October 1923.
     16. Copy of conveyance of Lot 38, no. 9 Francis Street, New Quay to Annie Mary Thomas of Derlwyn, New Quay and David Edwin Thomas of no. 16 High Terrace, New Quay. 1 October 1923.
     17. Copy of conveyance of Lot 36, no. 7 Francis Street, New Quay to John Thomas, Mary Thomas (his wife) and John Thomas Evans all of no. 7 Francis Street. 1 October 1923.
     18. Copy of conveyance of Lot 33, no. 4 Francis Street to Miss Anne Thomas of number 4 Francis Street. 1 October 1923.
     19. Copy of conveyance of Lot 25, Manchester House and Ty Nant, New Quay to Walter Timothy James of no. 85 Bordesley Green, Birmingham. 9 April 1924.
     20. Copy of conveyance of Lot 9, Crossroads (otherwise known as Penlon), to Simon Rees Evans no. 9 Priory Street, co. Carmarthen. 5 March 1924.
     21. Copy of conveyance of Lot 44, Maglona, no. 2 Margaret Street, to Mary Tees Evans wife of [blank] Evans of Ivy House, New Quay. 2 April 1924.
     22. Copy of conveyance of Lot 18, no. 6 George Street to Evan Jones and Annie Jones, his wife, of no. 6 George Street. 5 March 1924.
     23. Copy of conveyance of Lot 11A, Garden plot adjoining Lot 11 with entrance from Francis Street, to Jane Olwen Jones of End House, New Quay. 5 March 1924.
     24. Copy of conveyance of Lot 14, no. 2 George Street to Elizabeth Jones of no. 2 George Street. 5 March 1924. 
     25. Copy of conveyance of Lot 15, no. 3 George Street to Elizabeth Hannah Rees of no. 3 George Street. 5 March 1924.
     26. Copy of conveyance of Lot 43, Arnant, no. 1 Margaret Street, to Eileen Catherine Evans wife of David Owen Evans of Arnant. 5 March 1924.
     27. “Sale of Clyngoleu estate”. A list of each Lot in the auction, the purchaser and the solicitor dealing with each purchase.
     28. A list of the Lots being handled by Mr. W.H Lewis, solicitor, Aberayron. Includes a letter to each buyer, detailing the price of the property, the deposit and the balance left to pay. The Lots in question are: 
Lot 1: Zoar Farm, Lot 2: Clyngolau Field, Lot 3: Clyngolau Fields, Lot 6: Glan Nant, Lot 8: Glanrhyd, Lot 10: Lower and middle house on Francis Street, Lot 11: Plots of land on Francis Street,  Lot 12: Site of upper house,  Lot 13: Garden sites, Lot 16: Number 4 George Street,  Lot 17: Number 5 George Street, Lot 19: Number 1 Francis Street, Lot 20: 2 Francis Street, Lot 21: 3 Francis Street, Lot 23: 3 Field Place,  Lot 29: Prince of Wales Inn, Lot 30: 9 George Street, Lot 32: 11 George Street, Lot 39: 10 Francis Street, Lot 40: 4 Field Place, Lot 41: 5 Field Place and Lot 46: 5 Margaret Street. 
     29. A bundle of documents relating to the payment of legacies by the vendors upon the sale of the Clyngoleu estate. 
     30. A letter from a Mr. Davies, declining the offer of some cart horses. Dated the 8th June.
     31. A rough draft of a statutory declaration of Griffith Einion Owen. Dated 1924.
     32. Letter to Messrs Barker, Morris and Owen, solicitors about the payment of £4046-4-4.
     33. Sepia postcard of Salisbury training college.
     34. A schedule of deeds and documents handed over on the completion of Lot 44 of the Clyngoleu Estate sale, New Quay, Carmarthenshire. Dated 2nd April 1924. 
     35. Document relating to the outgoings of Lots 9, 11a, 14, 15, 18 and 43. Dated March 5th 1924.
     36. Schedule of deeds and documents handed over on the completion of the following lots: Lot 9, 11a, 14, 15, 18 and 43.
     37. Statutory declaration of Griffith Einion Owen of number 9 Notts Square.
     38. A bundle of documents relating to the price of Lots: 9, 11a, 14, 15, 18, 43 and 44.
     39. Particulars and conditions of the New Quay sale
     40. Draft bill of costs, Mr Thomas Davies of Castell Howell and the Reverend Henry Evans – trustees of the will of the late Mr. Rees Thomas of Priory Street, Carmarthenshire.
     41. Letter to M. Davies, requesting that he help the writer’s aunt draw up a new will.
     42. A list of events relating to the sale of the New Quay property

Acc. 2343

Ref: D/JF

Reference: [GB 0212] D/JF/50-52
Title: Records of John Francis, Solicitors of Carmarthen.
Level: Fonds
Extent: 3 items

Source of Acquisition: Transferred from Carmarthenshire Record Office, 23 February 2009.

Scope and Content:
50. Map of Geneu'r Glyn manor, showing lead mines and other landmarks. No date - early 19th c. 

51. Part of OS 25'' map of Lodge Park area

52. 6 inch map of Llanfair Treflygen and Llangynllo parishes. Apparently relating to an estate sale [Bronwydd?].

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