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Borough of Cardigan: Highways Department

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Reference: [GB 0212] CDM/HI
Title: Records of the Highways Department
Date(s): 1892-1956
Level: Series
Extent: 0.123m3

Scope and Content: including reports and financial records of the Borough Surveyor and Highways Department.

Ref: CDM/HI/1
CDM/HI/1: Reports.
1. Highways and Sanitary Matters, April 1892-September 1901
2. Highways and Sanitary Matters, October 1901-March 1917
3. Highways and Sanitary Matters, April 1917-May 1923
4. Borough Surveyor's Reports, January 1966-December 1968

Ref:  CDM/HI/2
CDM/HI/2: Financial Records.
1. Highways Accounts, June 1902–June 1904

2. Highways Accounts, October 1910–June 1914

3. Highways Expenditure, July 1924–April 1928

4. Highways Expenditure Book (Maintenance and Improvement), April 1932–March 1936

5. Highways Expenditure Book (Maintenance and Improvement), April 1936–September 1939

6. Highways Expenditure Book, July 1939–September 1942

7. Quarterly Summary of Highways Expenditure Account, 31 March 1942–31 March 1947

8. Highways Expenditure Book (Maintenance and Improvement), October 1942–March 1946

9. Highways Expenditure Book (Maintenance and Improvement), April 1946–March 1947

10. Highways Stocks and Stores Account, September 1928–June 1943

11. Waterworks  Expenditure Accounts, April 1932–April 1956

12. General Public Expenditure - Lighting, Sanitation, Pavements, Waterworks, etc., April 1909–March 1925

13. Receipts and Expenditure re Public Lighting and Waterworks, March 1916–December 1925

14. Expenditure Account - public buildings, highways, etc., March 1924–March 1928

15. Expenditure Account - public buildings, highways, etc., August 1931–March 1935

16. General Public Expenditure Accounts (lorries, common gardens, highways, parking ground etc.), April 1936–December 1936

17. General Public Expenditure Accounts, April 1937–March 1941

18. General Expenditure Accounts, April 1938–July 1941

19. Copy of Stock and Stores Account, March 1929–March 1931

Ref:  CDM/HI/3
CDM/HI/3: Miscellaneous
1. Contract Book, June 1933–March 1947
2. Water Inspector's Diary (log of water meters), December 1935–October 1942
3. Register of Regular Participants in the Salvage Scheme, (1948?)
4. Cardigan Borough Council Systematic Inspection of Houses, May 1946–June 1951

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