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ADX/1489: Ronald Everson Slides


Ref: ADX/1489

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1489
Title: Ronald Everson Slides
Date(s): 1970s
Level: Fonds
Extent: files
Scope and Content:

1. Notebook labelled 'Subsidiary Geometry Lecture Notes, 1929-30. Ronald Everson, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth'. Contents as follows. 

Slide lists, ordered and sequentially numbered according to Order of Showing, with non-sequential four-figure Box Numbers,  for named holidays: holidays in Yorkshire: the City of York; the Yorkshire coast; the Yorkshire Dales; a holiday in Somerset; Torquay holiday (September); Ilfracombe holiday (June); Falmouth holiday (June); Minehead holiday (September); pictures taken at different times of the year; a Cotswold town; a Cornish holiday, June 1976; miscellaneous pictures; holiday in south and south-eastern England; a River Thames town, Henley-on-Thames

Two copies or drafts of text for talk preceding slide show, 'When a photographer goes on holiday or walks the countryside & seashore taking his camera with him he is always in a dilemma about the kind of picture he wants to take'

Slide list, ordered and sequentially numbered according to order of showing, with non-sequential four-figure Box Numbers, 'The English Scene. Anglo-Welsh Society, Llanon, 18 March 1975'

Text for talk preceding slide show to be presented to Llanon Anglo-Welsh Society, 18 February 1974, made up of views of various parts of England, with notes on Fotheringhay and Queen Eleanor crosses.

2. Green leatherette-bound book containing notes on slides and talks, as follows Ė

Anglo-Welsh Society, Llanon, 22 October 1974, 'Wales land of mountains, castles, lakes and seas'

'East Anglia, a tour along the coast'

'Film Show Transparencies: at Home and Abroad'

'Film Show Transparencies: views to please the eye, some near, some far'

3. Thirteen boxes of numbered slides, each box containing 200 slides giving a total of 2,600. The majority of the images were taken on Agfa CT 18.

Box 1. 'Best Slides', 200 slides (Nos. 1-200) taken from October 1969. These include many views taken in Aberystwyth and northern Ceredigion as well as others of England and other parts of Wales, particularly Pembrokeshire (slides 190-200). The following slides have been digitised, and larger images can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail.
     12. View from Pendinas over Aberystwyth Harbour, South Beach, and Castle.

View from Pendinas.

     13. View from National Library of Wales towards Aberystwyth Harbour.

View from National Library of Wales.

     14. View from National Library of Wales towards Bronglais Hospital.

View from National Library of Wales.

     15. View from Danycoed, over garden towards Aberystwyth Castle and St. Michael's Church.

View from Danycoed.

     16. View from National Library of Wales over the field and houses on Llanbadarn Road towards the Old College.

View from National Library of Wales.

     27. Nantymoch, view over reservoir.


     31. Penbryn, Cardiganshire, beach scene with bathers.

Penbry, Cardiganshire.

     32. Newquay Harbour with tide out.

Newquay Harbour

     33. Beach at Aberporth

Beach at Aberporth.

     34. Beach at Aberporth and coastal path

Beach at Aberporth.

     35. Cwmtydu


     36. Cwmtydu


     37. Llangranog Village over beach.

Llangranog village.

      38. Llangranog coast

Llangranog coast.

      39. Tresaith, waterfall and coast


      65. Nant yr Arian, view over valley in Winter

Nant yr Arian in Winter.

      66. Lake Ponterwyd, Winter

Ponterwyd lake in Winter.

      67. View over Clarach from the South, Winter

Clarach in Winter.

      68. Constitution Hill, Winter

Consitution Hill in Winter.

      69. Dyfi Estuary in Winter, over and along railway

Dyfi Estuary in Winter.

      70. View of Llangorwen Church and valley in Winter

Llangorwen in Winter.

      71. Cwm Woods in Winter

Cwm Woods in Winter.

      72. Cwm Woods in Winter

Cwm Woods in Winter.

      73. Cwm Woods in Winter

Cwm Woods in Winter.

      74. Cwm Woods in Winter

Cwm Woods in Winter.

      75. Clarach Road in Winter

Clarach Road in Winter.

      76. Aberystwyth Harbour

Aberystwyth Harbour.

      78. Falls Glyn Rheidol

Falls, Glyn Rheidol.

      79. Falls Glyn Rheidol

Falls, Glyn Rheidol.

      80. Falls Glyn Rheidol

Falls, Glyn Rheidol.

      81. Aberystwyth Harbour, view towards the town

Aberystwyth Harbour.

      82. Ystwyth Bridge

Ystwyth Bridge.

      83. Tanybwlch Beach

Tanybwlch Beach.

      84. Glyn Rheidol Bridge

Glyn Rheidol Bridge.

      85. Glyn Rheidol Bridge

Glyn Rheidol Bridge.

      86. Glyn Rheidol Bridge

Glyn Rheidol Bridge.

      87. Penglais Woods

Penglais Woods.

      88. Penglais Woods

Penglais Woods.

      89. Penglais Woods

Penglais Woods.

      90. The Ystwyth at Trawscoed

The Ystwyth, Trawscoed.

      91. Ystwyth at Trawscoed

Ystwyth, Trawscoed.

      106. Ystwyth Valley, view along road

Ystwyth Valley.

      107. View from the staffroom window of Ardwyn School

View from Ardwyn School staffroom.

      129. Cardigan Bridge

Cardigan Bridge.

      137. University College of Wales, entrance, from Laura Place, cars parked on the road.

 University College of Wales, Entrance.

      138. Nant-y-moch Dam, wide view.

 Nant-y-moch Dam.

      139. Cwm Ceulan

 Cwm Ceulan.

      142. Dyfi Bridge, Machynlleth

 Dyfi Bridge, Machynlleth.

      143. Aberystwyth, view along North Beach towards Constitution Hill.

 Dyfi Bridge, Machynlleth.

      148. St Michael's Aberystwyth, Aberystwyth, seen over churchyard with the Old College in the background

St Michael's Church.

      149. University College of Wales, entrance seen from St Michael's Church

University of College Wales.

      150. Nant-y-Moch Dam, seen from front.

Nant-y-Moch Dam.

          155. Penparcau, looking towards Pendinas


      156. Miner's Cottage

Miner's Cottage.

      157. Houses, seen from harbour, Aberaeron

Houses, Aberaeron.

      158. Houses and shops in Aberaeron, near carpark.

Houses, Aberaeron.

      159. Houses, shops, and car park, Aberaeron

Houses, Aberaeron.

      160. Plynlymon view


      161. Snow on Dyffryn Castell

 Snow on Dyffryn Castell.

      162. Nant yr Arian, view from Goginan

 Nant yr Arian, from Goginan.

      163. Llyn Ponterwyd

 Llyn Ponterwyd.

      164. Rheidol Meander, view over valley, sheep grazing.

 Rheidol Meander.

      165. Cwm Rheidol

 Cwm Rheidol.

      166. Nant Bwa Drain, waterfall

 Nant Bwa Drain.

      167. View over Borth towards Aberdyfi

 Borth and Aberyfi.

      188. Gorse in bloom, Aberdyfi. The image encompasses a car, possibly the photographer's, and a sign warning of brush fires.

 Gorse in bloom Aberdyfi.

Box 2. 'Continuation best slides', 200 slides (Nos, 201-400). These include many views taken in Aberystwyth and northern Ceredigion as well as others of Scandinavia, England and other parts of Wales (including: 1-4, St Davids,; 33-9, Talyllyn; 52-6, Elan; 121-5, Border; 126-8, Gwynedd; 141-3 Gwynedd; 161-8 Llandudno). Views of Penglais Campus, University of Wales, Aberystwyth: Box Nos. 84-88; shots of 1972 Milk Race: Box Nos. 157-60.
5. National Library of Wales from St Davids Road

 National Library of Wales.

     6 . View from Buarth towards Llanbadarn Road

 View from Buarth.

     7 . Town Clock Machynlleth, and surroundings.

 The Clock, Machynlleth.

     8 . Talyllyn from the North

 Talyllyn, and valley.

     40 . Devil's Bridge train, No. 7, with British rail livery, and the town in background.

Devil's Bridge train.

     41 . Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill

 Aberystwyth .

     50 . Clarach from Constitution Hill, cows grazing.


     82 . National Library of Wales

 National Library of Wales.

     83 . National Library of Wales

 National Library of Wales.

     84 . Natural Sciences Block, UCW

Natural Sciences Block, UCW.

     85 . Rural Sciences Block, UCW

Rural Sciences Block, UCW.

     86 . Social Sciences Block, UCW

Social Sciences Block, UCW.

     87 . Great Hall, UCW

Great Hall, UCW.

     88 . Great Hall, UCW

Great Hall, UCW.

     115 . Llyn Syfydrin

Llyn Syfydrin.

     116 . Llyn Pendam

Llyn Pendam.

     117. Plant breeding station

Plant breeding station.

     118. Sunset over the bay from jetty, Aberystwyth

Sunset from Aberystwyth jetty.

     119. Sunset South Prom

Sunset from South Prom, Aberystwyth.

     120. Sunset, Tanybwlch

Sunset, Tanybwlch.

     129. Aberystwyth Harbour from South Prom

Aberystwyth Harbour from South Prom.

     131. Wellington Arch, Devil's Bridge

Wellington Arch.

     132. Study of a boat in the Harbour at Newquay

Harbour at Newquay.

     133. Harbour, Newquay

Harbour at Newquay.

     138. Aberaeron from the South

Aberaeron from the South.

     139. Aberaeron from the South

Aberaeron from the South.

     144. Ystwyth River and Valley

Ystwyth Valley.

     145. Pendinas and Tanybwlch

Pendinas and Tanybwlch.

     146. Devil's Bridge, through trees

Devil's Bridge.

     147. Hafod Arms, Devil's Bridge, seen from road

Hafod Arms.

     170. Waterfalls at Furnace

Waterfall, Furnace.

     171. The bridge at Furnace


Box 3. 200 slides (Nos. 401-600). These include many views taken in Aberystwyth and northern Ceredigion as well as others of Scandinavia, Scotland, Switzerland, England and other parts of Wales. Start of cycle race along South Marine Terrace July 1972: Box Nos. 15-17. Penglais Campus: Box Nos. 98-103; Royal Welsh Fusiliers' band: Box Nos. 160-62.
15. Cycle Race Start 1972, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/15 Cycle Race Start 1972, Aberystwyth.

     16. Cycle Race July 1972, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/16 Cycle Race Start 1972, Aberystwyth.

     17. Cycle Race July 1972, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/17 Cycle Race Start 1972, Aberystwyth.

     26. Ystrad Fflur

ADX/1489/3/2/26 Ystrad Fflur.

     89. Milestone, Penglais

ADX/1489/3/2/89 Milestone, Penglais.

     90. Milestone, Penglais

ADX/1489/3/2/90 Milestone, Penglais.

     91. Milestone, Penglais

ADX/1489/3/2/91 Milestone, Penglais.

     92. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/92 Glyn Rheidol.

     96. Autumn Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/96 Autumn Glyn Rheidol.

     97. Old Coach Road Cwmystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/97 Old Coach Road Cwmystwyth.

     98. Penglais Campus

ADX/1489/3/2/98 Penglais Campus.

     99. Entrance to Rural Studies Department

ADX/1489/3/2/99 Entrance to Rural Studies Department

     100. Doorway, rural studies department

ADX/1489/3/2/101 Doorway, rural studies department.

     101. Figure in stone from rural studies department entrance

ADX/1489/3/2/101 Figure in stone from rural studies department entrance.

     102. Figure in stone from rural studies department entrance

ADX/1489/3/2/102 Figure in stone from rural studies department entrance.

     103. Figure in stone from rural studies department entrance

ADX/1489/3/2/103 Figure in stone from rural studies department entrance.

     104. Ystwyth upper reaches

ADX/1489/3/2/104 Ystwyth upper reaches.

     105. Ystwyth upper reaches

ADX/1489/3/2/105 Ystwyth upper reaches.

     106. Ystwyth upper reaches

ADX/1489/3/2/106 Ystwyth upper reaches.

     119. Snow on rooftops, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/119 Snow on rooftops, Aberystwyth.

     120. Snow Pendinas

ADX/1489/3/2/129 Snow Pendinas.

     125. Houses, Aberaeron

ADX/1489/3/2/125 Houses, Aberaeron.

     126. Harbour, New Quay

ADX/1489/3/2/126 Harbour, New Quay.

     132. Dawn Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/2/132 Dawn Danycoed.

     134. Bwa Drain Fin

ADX/1489/3/2/134 Bwa Drain Fin.

     135. Dyfi Bridge

ADX/1489/3/2/135 Dyfi Bridge.

     136. Ystwyth valley

ADX/1489/3/2/136 Ystwyth valley.

     137. Rheidol Valley

ADX/1489/3/2/137 Rheidol Valley.

     138. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/138 Glyn Rheidol.

     139. Rheidol Ponterwyd

ADX/1489/3/2/139 Rheidol Ponerwyd.

     140. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/140 Glyn Rheidol.

     141. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/141 Glyn Rheidol.

     142. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/142 Glyn Rheidol.

     143. Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/2/143 Glyn Rheidol.

     157. Shilo, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/157 Shilo, Aberystwyth.

     158. Town House, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/158 Town House, Aberystwyth.

160. Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/160 Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Aberystwyth.

161. Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/161 Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Aberystwyth.

162. Royal Welsh Fusiliers in front of Shilo, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/2/162 Royal Welsh Fusiliers in front of Shilo, Aberystwyth.

163. Ardwyn School Playground, 1973

ADX/1489/3/2/163 Ardwyn School Playground, 1973.

164. Adwyn, 1973

ADX/1489/3/2/164 Adwyn, 1973.

173. Roses, Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/2/173 Roses, Danycoed.


Box 4. 200 slides (Nos. 601-800). These include many views taken in Aberystwyth and northern Ceredigion as well as others of Switzerland, England and other parts of Wales. (Amongst others: 1-56, Switzerland; 57-61, Bala, Tryweryn etc.; 64-9, Llyn Dinas, Talyllyn; 72-3 Herefordshire; 74-6 Caernarfonshire; 90 Rhayader; 91-3 Stratford; 94-9, Llyn Brianne; 100-121 England, Waltham, Southend, London etc.; 118, 128-9 Aberdyfi; 136-145, England, churches, rivers, etc.; 151-157, Fishguard, St Davids; 158-165 Gwynedd; 166-169, Family; 172-6, Gwynedd)

62. Cwm Ceulan

ADX/1489/3/4/62 Cwm Ceulan.

     63. Cwm Ceulan

ADX/1489/3/4/63 Cwm Ceulan.

     70. Scene Dyfi Estuary

ADX/1489/3/4/70 Dyfi Estuary.

     71. Walk Dyfi estuary

ADX/1489/3/4/71 Dyfi Estuary.

     77. Coast, S. Clarach

ADX/1489/3/4/77 S. Clarach.

     78. Coast, Clarach Wallog

ADX/1489/3/4/78 Clarach Wallog.

     79. Aberystwyth, Constitution Hill, Victoria Terrace

ADX/1489/3/4/79 Aberystwyth, Constitution Hill, Victoria Terrace.

     87. Cwmystwyth

ADX/1489/3/4/87 Cwmystwyth.

     88. Miner's Houses [Cwmystwyth] 

ADX/1489/3/4/88 Miner's Houses.

     89. Devil's Bridge, Hafod Hotel

ADX/1489/3/4/89 Devil's Bridge, Hafod Hotel.

     122. Raised Valley Ponterwyd

ADX/1489/3/4/122 Raised Valley Ponterwyd.

     123. Raised Valley Ponterwyd

ADX/1489/3/4/123 Raised Valley Ponterwyd.

     125. Waterfall, Devil's Bridge

ADX/1489/3/4/125 Waterfall, Devil's Bridge.

     126. Waterfall, Devil's Bridge

ADX/1489/3/4/126 Waterfall, Devil's Bridge.

     130. Inner Harbour, Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/4/130 Inner Harbour, Aberystwyth.

     131. Harbour Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/4/131 Harbour Aberystwyth.

     132. Coast Clarach Wallog

ADX/1489/3/4/132 Coast Clarach Wallog.

     133. Coast Clarach Wallog

ADX/1489/3/4/133 Coast Clarach Wallog.

     134. Coast Clarach Wallog

ADX/1489/3/4/134 Coast Clarach Wallog.

135. Wallog House

ADX/1489/3/4/135 Wallog House.

     146. Llan Craig y Pistyll

ADX/1489/3/4/146 Llan Craig y Pistyll.

     147. Near Power house G[lyn]. R[heidol]. 

ADX/1489/3/4/147 Glyn Rheidol.

     148. Falls, Bridge, Glyn R[heidol] 

ADX/1489/3/4/148 Glyn Rheidol.

149. Near Anglers Retreat

ADX/1489/3/4/149 Near Anglers Retreat.

150. Plas y Mynydd

ADX/1489/3/4/150 . Plas y Mynydd.

170. Evening Ynyslas

ADX/1489/3/4/170 Evening Ynyslas.

171. View Cwm Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/4/171 Cwm Rheidol.

179. Hafod Hotel

ADX/1489/3/4/179 Hafod Hotel.

180. Hafod Hotel

ADX/1489/3/4/180 Hafod Hotel.

181. Victoria Terrace

ADX/1489/3/4/181 Victoria Terrace.

182. Aberystwyth Prom

ADX/1489/3/4/182 Aberystwyth Prom.

183. College by the sea

ADX/1489/3/4/183 College by the sea.

184. Rheidol, Trefechan Bridge

ADX/1489/3/4/184 Rheidol, Trefechan Bridge.

185. View Aberystywth Harbour

ADX/1489/3/4/185 Aberystywth Harbour.

195. Storm Clouds, Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/4/195 Storm Clouds, Danycoed.

196. Storm Clouds, Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/4/196 Storm Clouds, Danycoed.

Box 5. 200 slides (Nos. 801-1,000) These include many views taken in Aberystwyth and northern Ceredigion as well as others of England. Nant-y-moch fishing notice: Box No. 69; Nant-y-moch road sign: Box No. 70; lead mine notice (Cwmrheidol?): Box No. 103), 'Danger, Mine Shaft. Any person found throwing stones etc., loosening masonry or in any other way causing damage to the shaft and hazard to the persons working below, will be prosecuted. NCMC'. (c. 1975). (1-47, Shipping etc.; 55-7, Aberdyfi; 81 -94, England, Stratford, Market Harlow, Woburn, Sawbridgeworth; 107-10, Nature and agriculture scenes; 111-2, Aberdyfi; 113-122, Woolwich, Greenwich, Cutty Sark etc.; 130-2 Plants in bloom, snow; 134-140, Precipice walk, Snowdonia?;  148-152, flowers; 152-200, England, Yorkshire, Richmond Castle, Knaresborough Bed Race, etc.;)
     48.  Borth beach from south

ADX/1489/3/5/48  Borth beach from south.

     49.  Dolybont, Borth

ADX/1489/3/5/49  Dolybont, Borth.

     50.  Devil's Bridge, Mountain Scenery

ADX/1489/3/5/50  Devil's Bridge, Mountain Scenery.

     52.  River Teifi, Cardigan

ADX/1489/3/5/52  River Teifi, Cardigan.

     53.  Sunset Aberystwyth Castle

ADX/1489/3/5/53  Sunset Aberystwyth Castle.

     54.  Aberystwyth Castle Tower

ADX/1489/3/5/54  Aberystwyth Castle Tower.

     58.  Old Goginan mine waste

ADX/1489/3/5/58  Old Goginan mine waste.

     59.  Nant yr Arian

ADX/1489/3/5/59  Nant yr Arian.

     60.  Cwm Ceulan

ADX/1489/3/5/60  Cwm Ceulan.

     61.  Borth Main Street

ADX/1489/3/5/61  Borth Main Street.

     62.  Borth from Old Road

ADX/1489/3/5/62  Borth from Old Road.

     63.  Borth from Old Road

ADX/1489/3/5/63  Borth from Old Road.

     64.  Miners' houses, New Road

ADX/1489/3/5/64  Miners' houses, New Road.

     65.  Nant y Moch Dist V

ADX/1489/3/5/65  Nant y Moch.

     66.  Nant y Moch Dist V

ADX/1489/3/5/66  Nant y Moch.

     67.  Nant y Moch Dam

ADX/1489/3/5/67  Nant y Moch.

     68.  Plynlimon

ADX/1489/3/5/68  Plymlymon.

     69.  Nant y Moch Fishing nets

ADX/1489/3/5/69  Nant y Moch Fishing nets.

     70.  Nant y Moch road sign

ADX/1489/3/5/70  Nant y Moch road sign.

     71.  Llyn Nant y Moch

ADX/1489/3/5/71  Llyn Nant y Moch.

     72.  Llyn Nant y Moch

ADX/1489/3/5/72  Llyn Nant y Moch.

     74.  Quayside, Aberaeron, Harbourmaster Hotel

ADX/1489/3/5/74  Aberaeron.

     75.  Breakers Aberaeron

ADX/1489/3/5/75  Aberaeron.

     76.  Lovers Bridge, Aberaeron

ADX/1489/3/5/76  Aberaeron.

     77.  Aberaeron, river + bridge

ADX/1489/3/5/77  Aberaeron.

     78.  Rough sea, Borth

ADX/1489/3/5/78  Rough sea, Borth.

     79.  Evening Borth
ADX/1489/3/5/79  Evening Borth.

     80.  South Aberarth

ADX/1489/3/5/80  South Aberarth.

     95.  Aberystwyth War Memorial

ADX/1489/3/5/95  Aberystwyth War Memorial.

     96.  Aberystwyth War Memorial

ADX/1489/3/5/96  Aberystwyth War Memorial.

     97.  Aberystwyth War Memorial

ADX/1489/3/5/97  Aberystwyth War Memorial.

     98.  View Cwmystwyth

ADX/1489/3/5/98  Cwmystwyth.

     99.  Cwmrheidol cottages

ADX/1489/3/5/99  Cwmrheidol cottage.

     100.  Cwmrheidol cottage

ADX/1489/3/5/100  Cwmrheidol cottage.

     101.  Mine entrance

ADX/1489/3/5/101  Mine entrance.

     102.  Lead mine entrance

ADX/1489/3/5/102  Lead mine entrance.

     103.  Lead mine notice

ADX/1489/3/5/103  Lead mine notice.

     104.  Cwm Rheidol snow

ADX/1489/3/5/104  Cwm Rheidol snow.

     105.  Snow Scene, 1975, Devil's Bridge Rd

ADX/1489/3/5/105  Snow Scene, 1975, Devil's Bridge Rd.

     106.  Snow Scene, 1975, Devil's Bridge Rd

ADX/1489/3/5/106  Snow Scene, 1975, Devil's Bridge Rd.

     123.  Upper Rheidol Valley

ADX/1489/3/5/123  Upper Rheidol Valley.

     124.  Upper Rheidol Valley

ADX/1489/3/5/124  Upper Rheidol Valley.

     125.  Upper Rheidol Falls

ADX/1489/3/5/125  Upper Rheidol Falls.

     126.  Chapel Upper Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/5/126  Chapel Upper Rheidol.

     127.  Sheep and lambs

ADX/1489/3/5/127  Sheep and lambs.

     128.  Sunset Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/5/128  Snowstorm, Danycoed.

     129.  Snowstorm, Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/5/129  Snowstorm, Danycoed.

     141.  Caravans, Clarach

ADX/1489/3/5/141  Clarach.

     142.  Caravans, Clarach

ADX/1489/3/5/142  Clarach.

     143.  Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill

ADX/1489/3/5/143  Aberystwyth.

     144.  Aberystwyth from Penygraig

ADX/1489/3/5/144  Aberystwyth.

     145.  Aberystwyth from Penygraig

ADX/1489/3/5/145  Aberystwyth.

     146.  Tanybwlch from Pendinas

ADX/1489/3/5/146  Tanybwlch from Pendinas.

     147.  View from Pendinas

ADX/1489/3/5/147  View from Pendinas.

Box 6. 200 (Nos. 1,001-1,200). These include a few of Aberystwyth and district, but were mostly taken in England. (1-51, England, Yorkshire, Fountain Abbey, Bridlington, Flamborough, Wensley, Masham, Aysforth, Hardow, York, Lancashire; 60-70, Norfolk, Bressingham, Steam Locomotive; 71-80, North Wales, Meirionydd, Gwynedd, etc.; 81-5, plants etc.;  87-94, Clywedog, Llanidloes, Dylife; 102-152, England, Westcountry, Lynmouth, Porlock, Bossington, Allerford, Selworthy, Clovelly, Dulverton, Bideford, Hartland Quay, Tarr Steps, Winsford, Bampton, Withypool, Exford, Dunkery Beacon, Oare, Malmsmead, Doone Valley, Dunster.)

     52.  Farm sale near Lampeter

ADX/1489/3/6/52  Farm sale near Lampeter.

     53.  Farm sale near Lampeter

ADX/1489/3/6/53  Farm sale near Lampeter.

     54.  Hafod Church

ADX/1489/3/6/54  Hafod Church.

     55.  Hafod Church

ADX/1489/3/6/55  Hafod Church.

     56.  Window, Hafod Church

ADX/1489/3/6/56  Window, Hafod Church.

     57.  Window, Hafod Church

ADX/1489/3/6/57  Window, Hafod Church.

     58.  View from Hafod Church

ADX/1489/3/6/58  View from Hafod Church.

     59.  Pontrhydygroes

ADX/1489/3/6/59  Pontrhydygroes.

     86.  Cliffs from Consitution Hill

ADX/1489/3/6/86  Cliffs from Consitution Hill.

Box 7. 200 slides (Nos. 201-400). These include a few of Aberystwyth and district, but were mostly taken in England and other parts of Wales. (Includes: 13-14, Lake Hatfield; 15, Talyllyn; 16-19 Cader Idris; 20-25 Dysynni Bridge, Bird Rock; 27-9, Hatfield Heath; 30-43, Flowers etc.; 44-62,  Pylons, Spring 1976, Dolgellau, Snowdon, Gregennen, Cader Idris etc.,; 63-165, Cornwall, Lands End, Falmouth, Helford, etc.,; 174-179, England, Wisbech, Sutton Bridge; 180-4, Clywedog.)
     1.  Aberystwyth Cliff Railway

ADX/1489/3/7/1  Aberystwyth Cliff Railway.

     2.  Aberystwyth Harbour

ADX/1489/3/7/2  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     3.  Aberystwyth Harbour

ADX/1489/3/7/3  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     4.  Aberystwyth Sunset  

ADX/1489/3/7/4  Aberystwyth Sunset.

     5.  Aberystwyth Sunset  

ADX/1489/3/7/5  Aberystwyth Sunset.

     6.  View near Goginan

ADX/1489/3/7/6  View near Goginan.

     7.  Cwm Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/7/7  Cwm Rheidol.

     8.  View Ysbyty Cynfyn

ADX/1489/3/7/8  Ysbyty Cynfyn.

     26.  Bwa Drain

ADX/1489/3/7/26  Bwa Drain.

     170.  Danycoed Garden

ADX/1489/3/7/170  Danycoed Garden.

Box 8. 200 slides (Nos. 1,401-1,600). These include a few of Aberystwyth and district, but were mostly taken in England and other parts of Wales. (Mainly England and landmarks: Also Aberdyfi, Harlech, Tywyn, etc.)
     135.  Aberaeron

ADX/1489/3/8/135  Aberaeron.

     136.  Aberaeron

ADX/1489/3/8/136  Aberaeron.

     137.  Sun Penglais Road

ADX/1489/3/8/137  Sun Penglais Road.

     138.  Seagull in snow

ADX/1489/3/8/138  Seagull in snow.

     139.  Seagull in snow

ADX/1489/3/8/139  Seagull in snow.

     167.  Llangorwen

ADX/1489/3/8/167  Llangorwen.

     169.  Clarach from Constitution Hill

ADX/1489/3/8/169  Clarach.

     177.  Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/177  Glyn Rheidol.

     178.  Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/178  Glyn Rheidol.

     179.  Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/179  Glyn Rheidol.

     180.  Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/180  Glyn Rheidol.

     181.  Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/181  Glyn Rheidol.

     182.  Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/182  Glyn Rheidol.

     183.  Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/183  Glyn Rheidol.

     184.  Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/184  Glyn Rheidol.

     185.  Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/185  Glyn Rheidol.

     186.  Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/186  Glyn Rheidol.

     187.  Glyn Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/8/187  Glyn Rheidol.

     188.  Ynyslas beach

ADX/1489/3/8/188  Borth Breakwater.

     189.  Borth Breakwater

ADX/1489/3/8/189  Borth Breakwater.

     190.  Ynyslas beach

ADX/1489/3/8/190  Ynyslas beach.

     191.  Ynyslas submerged forest

ADX/1489/3/8/191  Ynyslas submerged forest.

     192.  Ynyslas submerged forest

ADX/1489/3/8/192  Ynyslas submerged forest.

     193.  Devilís bridge train Railway

ADX/1489/3/8/193  Devilís bridge train.

Box 9. 200 slides (Nos. 1,601-1,800). These some of Aberystwyth and Ceredigion, including a series of studies of Aberystwyth Harbour (Box Nos. 172-192), but were mostly taken elsewhere in Britain. (Including: 1-137 are of various sites in Scotland; 138, Harlech; 139, Snowdonia; 140-147, Ely; 152-160, Bodnant House; 193-200, Portmeirion.)
     148.  Teifi Bridge, Cenarth  

ADX/1489/3/9/148  Cenarth.

     149.  Teifi Bridge, Cenarth  

ADX/1489/3/9/149  Cenarth.

     150.  Falls Cenarth

ADX/1489/3/9/150  Cenarth.

     151.  View Cenarth

ADX/1489/3/9/151  Cenarth.

     168.  Garden, Danycoed  

ADX/1489/3/9/168  Garden, 23 Danycoed.

     169.  Garden, 23 Danycoed  

ADX/1489/3/9/169  Garden, 23 Danycoed.

     170.  Garden, 23 Danycoed  

ADX/1489/3/9/170  Garden, 23 Danycoed.

     171.  Garden, 23 Danycoed  

ADX/1489/3/9/171  Garden, 23 Danycoed.

     172.  Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/172  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     173.  Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/173  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     174.  Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/174  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     175.  Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/175  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     176 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/176  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     177 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/177  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     178 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/178  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     179 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/179  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     180 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/180  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     181 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/181  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     182 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/182  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     183 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/183  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     184 - Aberystwyth Harbour M S  

ADX/1489/3/9/184  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     185 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S  

ADX/1489/3/9/185  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     186 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S  

ADX/1489/3/9/186  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     187 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S  

ADX/1489/3/9/187  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     188 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S  

ADX/1489/3/9/188  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     189 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S  

ADX/1489/3/9/189  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     190 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S  

ADX/1489/3/9/190  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     191 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S  

ADX/1489/3/9/191  Aberystwyth Harbour.

     192 - Aberystwyth Harbour A S  

ADX/1489/3/9/192  Aberystwyth Harbour.

Box 10. 200 slides (Nos. 1,801-2,000). These include a few of Aberystwyth and district, but were mostly taken in England and other parts of Wales. (Box number rather than slide number: 1-10, Pormeirion, Portmadog; 12-21, Usk, Elan Valley; 22-79, England, Dartmouth, Paignton, Salcombe, Polperro, etc.; 85-9, Aberdyfi; 90-125, various sites in England, including some commercial slides of Exeter Cathedral, somewhat decayed with red cast; 139, Harlech; 142-3 Gwynedd; 144-159, London Zoo; 165-6 Aberdyfi; 174-7, 186, Talyllyn; 178-185, Dolgoch; 187-200 England etc..)
     11.  View of Nant yr Arian

ADX/1489/3/10/11  Nant yr Arian.

     80.  New Quay from afar

ADX/1489/3/10/80  New Quay.

     81.  New Quay from Quay

ADX/1489/3/10/81  New Quay.

     82.  New Quay Harbour from Quay

ADX/1489/3/10/82  New Quay.

     83.  New Quay afternoon sunshine

ADX/1489/3/10/83  New Quay.

     84.  New Quay sunshine and shadow

ADX/1489/3/10/84  New Quay.

     126.  Aberystwyth

ADX/1489/3/10/126  Aberystwyth.

     127.  Aberystwyth South Marine Terrace

ADX/1489/3/10/127  Aberystwyth.

     128.  Aberystwyth Harbour

ADX/1489/3/10/128  Aberystwyth.

     129.  Aberystwyth Trefechan Bridge

ADX/1489/3/10/129  Aberystwyth.

     130.  Aberystwyth Trefechan Bridge

ADX/1489/3/10/130  Aberystwyth.

     131.  Aberystwyth Dinas Harbour

ADX/1489/3/10/131  Aberystwyth.

     132.  Aberystwyth Inner Habour

ADX/1489/3/10/132  Aberystwyth.

     133.  Aberystwyth from North

ADX/1489/3/10/133  Aberystwyth.

     134.  Aberystwyth from north

ADX/1489/3/10/134  Aberystwyth.

     135.  Aberystwyth from north

ADX/1489/3/10/135  Aberystwyth.

     136.  Aberystwyth from north

ADX/1489/3/10/136  Aberystwyth.

     137.  Aberystwyth from north

ADX/1489/3/10/137  Aberystwyth.

     138.  Devilís Bridge Winter

ADX/1489/3/10/138  Devilís Bridge.

     140.  Autumn on Plynlimon

ADX/1489/3/10/140  Autumn on Plynlimon.

     141.  Autumn at Nantymoch

ADX/1489/3/10/141  Autumn at Nantymoch.

     160.  Garden, Dan y Coed

ADX/1489/3/10/160  Garden, Dan y Coed.

     161.  Garden Dan y Coed

ADX/1489/3/10/161  Garden, Dan y Coed.

     162.  Garden Dan y Coed

ADX/1489/3/10/162  Garden, Dan y Coed.

     163.  Conservatory Dan y Coed

ADX/1489/3/10/163  Conservatory Dan y Coed.

     164.  Conservatory Danycoed

ADX/1489/3/10/164  Conservatory Dan y Coed.

     167.  Winter Rheidol Valley

ADX/1489/3/10/167  Winter Rheidol Valley.

     168.  Pendam Winter

ADX/1489/3/10/168  Pendam Winter.

     169.  Llyn Melindwr

ADX/1489/3/10/169  Llyn Melindwr.

     170.  Pendam

ADX/1489/3/10/170  Pendam.

     171.  Pendam

ADX/1489/3/10/171  Pendam.

     172.  Llyn Melindwr

ADX/1489/3/10/172  Llyn Melindwr.

     173.  Llyn Melindwr

ADX/1489/3/10/173  Llyn Melindwr.

Box 11. 200 slides (Nos. 2,001-2,200). These include a few of Aberystwyth and district, but were mostly taken in England and other parts of Wales, notably Godshill model village (Box No. 2/102). (139, Llanidloes; 140-2, Aberdyfi; 177, 189 Pontcysyllte, 190; Llyn Dinas; 191-2 Horseshoe Pass; 195-8, Plas Newydd; 199-200, Horseshoe Falls)
     91.  Cwmrheidol

ADX/1489/3/11/91  Cwmrheidol.

     92.  Cwmrheidol

ADX/1489/3/11/92  Cwmrheidol.

     93.  Cwmrheidol

ADX/1489/3/11/93  Cwmrheidol.

     94.  Rheidol Valley

ADX/1489/3/11/94  Rheidol Valley.

     156.  View at Clarach

ADX/1489/3/11/156  View at Clarach.

     157.  View at Clarach

ADX/1489/3/11/157  View at Clarach.

     158.  View Clarach

ADX/1489/3/11/158  View at Clarach.

     159.  View Clarach

ADX/1489/3/11/159  View at Clarach.

     160.  Wallog beach

ADX/1489/3/11/160  Wallog beach.

     161.  Wallog beach

ADX/1489/3/11/161  Wallog beach.

     162.  Wallog House

ADX/1489/3/11/162  Wallog House.

     163.  Wallog house

ADX/1489/3/11/163  Wallog House.

     164.  Winter Nantymoch

ADX/1489/3/11/164  Winter Nantymoch.

     165.  Consitution Hill

ADX/1489/3/11/165  Consitution Hill.

     166.  Constitution Hill

ADX/1489/3/11/166  Constitution Hill.

     167.  Constitution Hill

ADX/1489/3/11/167  Constitution Hill.

     168.  College Campus

ADX/1489/3/11/168  College Campus.

     169.  Borth vans

ADX/1489/3/11/169  Borth vans.

     170.  Borth view

ADX/1489/3/11/170  Borth vans.

     171.  Borth beach

ADX/1489/3/11/171  Borth beach.

     172.  Borth beach

ADX/1489/3/11/172  Borth beach.

     173.  Borth beach

ADX/1489/3/11/173  Borth beach.

     174.  Borth beach

ADX/1489/3/11/174  Borth beach.

     175.  Borth prom

ADX/1489/3/11/175  Borth prom.

     176.  Borth prom

ADX/1489/3/11/176  Borth prom.

     193.  Nantymoch

ADX/1489/3/11/193  Nantymoch.

     194.  Nantymoch

ADX/1489/3/11/194  Nantymoch.

     195.  Dam Nantymoch

ADX/1489/3/11/195  Nantymoch.

Box 12. 200 slides (Nos. 2,201-2,400). Largely unlabelled, these include some of the Aberystwyth district, but mostly appear to have been taken elsewhere. (3-8, Llangollen Canal)
     1.  Plynlimon Winter

ADX/1489/3/12/1  Plynlimon Winter.

     2.  Nantymoch

ADX/1489/3/12/2  Nantymoch.

     9.  Aberaeron Harbour

ADX/1489/3/12/9  Aberaeron.

     10.  Aberaeron Harbour

ADX/1489/3/12/10  Aberaeron.

     11.  Aberaeron Harbour

ADX/1489/3/12/11  Aberaeron.

     12.  Aberaeron Harbour

ADX/1489/3/12/12  Aberaeron.

13.  Aberaeron Harbour

ADX/1489/3/12/13  Aberaeron.

14.  Aberaeron Harbour

ADX/1489/3/12/14  Aberaeron.

15.  Aberaeron South Beach

ADX/1489/3/12/15  Aberaeron.

16.  Nant yr Arian Foresty Commission Walk

ADX/1489/3/12/16  Nant yr Arian Foresty Commission Walk.

17.  Cwm Nant yr Arian

ADX/1489/3/12/17  Nant yr Arian Foresty Commission Walk.

18.  View from forestry commission walk Nant yr Arian

ADX/1489/3/12/18  Nant yr Arian Foresty Commission Walk.

19.  View from forestry commission walk Nant yr arian

ADX/1489/3/12/19  Nant yr Arian Foresty Commission Walk.

20.  View from forestry commission walk Nant yr Arian

ADX/1489/3/12/20  Nant yr Arian Foresty Commission Walk.

39.  Aberaeron Harbour (Unlabelled) 

ADX/1489/3/12/39  Aberaeron.

40.  Plynlimon (Unlabelled) 

ADX/1489/3/12/40  Plynlimon.


Box 13. 200 slides (Nos. 2,401-2,600). These include some of Aberystwyth and district, as well as others taken elsewhere in Wales and in England.

81.  Cwm Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/13/81  Cwm Rheidol.

82.  Weir Cwm Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/13/82  Cwm Rheidol.

     84.  Waterfall Cwm Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/13/84  Cwm Rheidol.

     93.  Cwm Rheidol waterfall

ADX/1489/3/13/93  Cwm Rheidol.

     94.  Dam River Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/13/94  River Rheidol.

     95.  Dam River Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/13/95  River Rheidol.

     96.  Dam River Rheidol

ADX/1489/3/13/96  River Rheidol.

     100.  View of Ponterwyd

ADX/1489/3/13/100  Ponterwyd.

     101.  Afforestation [Nant yr Arian?] 

ADX/1489/3/13/101  Afforestation.

     102.  Afforestation [Nant yr Arian?] 

ADX/1489/3/13/102  Afforestation.

     103.  Afforestation [Nant yr Arian?] 

ADX/1489/3/13/103  Afforestation.

     104.  Afforestation [Nant yr Arian?] 

ADX/1489/3/13/104  Afforestation.

     105.  Afforestation [Nant yr Arian?] 

ADX/1489/3/13/105  Afforestation.

     106.  Afforestation [Nant yr Arian?] 

ADX/1489/3/13/106  Afforestation.

     107.  View Constitution Hill

ADX/1489/3/13/107  View Constitution Hill.

     108.  Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill

ADX/1489/3/13/108  Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill.

     109.  Aberystwyth Bay Winter sun

ADX/1489/3/13/109  Aberystwyth Bay Winter sun.

     110.  Aberystwyth Prom in Winter

ADX/1489/3/13/110  Aberystwyth Prom in Winter.

     111.  Clarach in Winter Sun

ADX/1489/3/13/111  Clarach in Winter Sun.

     154.  Tresaith [Unlabelled] 

ADX/1489/3/13/154  Tresaith.

     155.  Tresaith [Unlabelled] 

ADX/1489/3/13155/  Tresaith.

     156.  Aberystwyth [Unlabelled] 

ADX/1489/3/13/156  Aberystwyth.

     157.  Aberystwyth [Unlabelled] 

ADX/1489/3/13/157  Aberystwyth.

     158.  Aberystwyth Harbour [Unlabelled] 

ADX/1489/3/13/158  Aberystwyth.

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