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ADX/1410: Ysgubor Wen and Spite, p. Llanarth


Ref: ADX/1410

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1410
Date(s): 1880-1955
Level: Fonds
Extent: 12 items and one file

Scope and Content:
Deeds and documents relating to properties in the parish Llanarth, mostly Ysgubor Wen (formerly known as  Ysgubor Garfriw) and Spite.

Bond against claim of dower and for peacable enjoyment of lands in Llanarth [Tythyn or Tye Scybor, Garfriw and Spite]. Lewis Lewis of Newcastle Emly, gent. to John Evan John of Crygyfeilog, p. Llanerchaeron, gent.
June 1783

Lease of Tythyn or Tyr Scybor Garfriw. Lewis Lewis Gent. to John Evan John gent. 
24 June 1783

Release of lands. Lewis Lewis gent. and Mary his wife to John Evan John gent. Counterpart to [2]
25 June 1783

Copy will and probate of David Daniel of the parish of Llanarth gent. Bequeaths properties and land incl. Ysguborwen, Mydroilyn Mill, part of Spite. 
Will made 24 September 1808. Probate granted 9 October 1812.

Mortgage by Lease and Release of Tythyn or Tyr Scybor Garfriw and Spite. James Davies of Glandyffryn and David Davies of Tyhen to The Revd. David Evans of Lone, all p. Llanarth. 
7 April 1831

Lease of Possession of Ysguborwen, p. Llanarth. Revd. David Evans to James Davies and David Davies farmers. 
10 May 1838

Reconveyance of Ysguborwen, p. Llanarth. Revd. David Evans to James Davies and David Davies, farmers. Counterpart to [6]. 
11 May 1838

Lease of Ysguborwen (formerly known as Ysgubor gafriw). James Davies of Glandyffryn and David Davies of Tyhen (both p. Llanarth) to William Davies of Crygywheel, p. Llanwenog.
9 December 1841

Mortgage in fee of Scyborwen and Spite, p. Llanarth. James Davies of Glandyffryn and David Davies of Llanarth to William Davies of Crugywheel, p. Llanwenog. Counterpart to [8]
10 December 1841

Reassignment of a mortgage debt secured on Scyborwen and Spite. Herbert Davies of Crugywheel, p. Llanwenog and Mary his wife to Thomas Davies of Cefenrhyddlanucha and David Davies of Gwarbyscynwydd, both in same p. of Llanwenog. 
29 November 1848

Copy will and probate of James Davies of Tyhen. Bequeaths Ysgubor Wen. 
Will made 13 September 1862. Testator died 21 September 1863. Will proved 9 May 1864. 

Copy will and probate of Eliza Davies. Bequeaths Plas Mydroilyn, Cae Main and Cae Penlon Spite. 
Will made 7 March 1898. Testatrix died 14 May 1900. Will proved 11 June 1900.

Family history research mostly relating to the Edwards family of Pantyrhew, p. Llanddewi Brefi.
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