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ADX/1360: Coybal, Llanllwchaiarn


Ref: ADX/1360

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1360
Title: Coybal, Llanllwchaiarn
Date(s): 1758-1917
Level: Fonds
Extent: 0.048m3

Scope and Content:
ADX/1360/1-42: Legal documents regarding Coybal [Coubal], p. Llanllwchaiarn [Llanllwchaearn], c. Cardigan

LEASE for a year
     1. Thomas Jones, p. Llangeler, c. Carmarthen, gentleman
     2. David Lewis, p. Kilrhedyn [Cilrhedyn] and David Mathias, p. Llangeler, both c. Carmarthen, gentlemen.
Property: Several messuages, tenements and lands with appurtenances commonly called Noyath y Towyn, Penrhyn, or Skybor y Penrhyn, Clyngole ucha, Clyngole issa, Tythyn y park, and Perth y Gwynyn with a parcel of land now or late in the tenure and occupation of Bridget Evan, all situated in p. of Llanllwchaearn, c. Cardigan, and messuages etc known as Penrhiwronw, Trevawr, Dol hen and Abernant gwyn all situate in p. Conwyl Elvet [Cynwyl Elfed], c. Carmarthen, and Penllwyn gwiney, p. Llanpumsaint, c. Carmarthen, Pen y Lan, Camnant or Tyr y Brownant and Pil bach all p. Llangeler, Coedstre ycha Park Swadog or Park ffos Vadog and Llain penallt geler p. Llangeler, c. Carmarthen, with houses, buildings, etc. 
Consideration: 5 shillings each
15 May 1758

MARRIAGE settlement
     1. Thomas Jones, p. Llangeler, c. Carmarthen, gentleman (son and heir-at-law of Hector Jones, by Joyce his wife), of p. Llangeler, lately deceased, esquire)
     2. David Lewis, p. Kilrhedyn [Cilrhedyn], gent. and David Mathias, p. Llangeler, both c. Carmarthen.
     3. David John Thomas, p. Penboyr, c. Carmarthen, gent. and victualler
In consideration of marriage shortly to be had between Thomas Jones and Mary Jones, eldest daughter of David John Thomas, lands to be settled on (1) by (3), as a marriage portion for Mary Jones
Property: As in ADX/1360/1
Consideration £100
16 May 1758

Revocation of former settlement made by Thomas Jones gent. on Mary his wife by virtue of a proviso therein contained and in covenant to settle other lands in lieu
10 August 1771

LEASE for a year
     1. Joice Rice, widow, Pen y Llan, p. Llangeller [Llangeler], c. Carmarthen, and Mary Lloyd, widow of John Lloyd of the town of Cardigan, and Thomas Jones of Coedstrea ycha, p. Llangeller [Llangeler], c. Carmarthen, eldest son and heir apparent of Joice Rice by the late Hector Jones
     2. Vaughan Horton and Iltid Evans
Property: Noyath, Towyn Llanllwchaiarn, Penrhyn, Tythyn y park, Clyngole ycha, Clyngole issa, Perth yr Gwenyn, Coibal or Coybal [Coubal] 
Consideration: 10 shillings apiece
16 March 1772

DEED to lead common recovery
     1. Joice Rice, Mary Lloyd widow of John Lloyd, and Thomas Jones
     2. Vaughan Horton and Iltid Evans
Property: see ADX/1360/4
Consideration: 10 shillings
17 March 1772

     1. William Lewes esq.
     2. Vaughan Horton esq. and Iltid Evans, gent.
     3. Thomas Jones, gent., Anthony Morgan
Indenture by King George III that (2) unlawfully seized land belonging to (1). (3) freely warrant the land to (1). 
20 April 1772
Large pendent seal

Joice Rice, Thomas Jones, Rees Davies
     1. Joice Rice, Mary Lloyd, widow of John Lloyd, both daughters of Jane Howell, widow of Morgan Howell, gent., and sisters of Oliver Howell, deceased.
     2. Thomas Jones, gent., eldest son and heir apparent of Joice Rice by the late Hector Jones
     3. Reverend Richard Thomas of Llwynderw, p. Llangeler, c. Carmarthen
     4. Rees Davies, gent., p. Newchurch c. Carmarthen
Property: Lands from (1) to (2), for £200.
13 November 1772

LEASE for a year (attested copy)
     1. Thomas Jones gent., Coedstrea ucha, p. Llangeller [Llangeler], c. Carmarthen.
     2. Rees Davies gent., Wainllany Issa, p. Newchurch, c. Carmarthen.
Property: Penrhyn or Scybor wn y Penrhyn, Coibal or Coybal [Coubal], and Clyngoleu ucha and Clyngoleu issa, lately divided into three farms known as Clyngoleu ucha, Clyngoleu genol and Clyngoleu issa, and Perth y Gwenyn or Perthy yr Gwenyn
Consideration: 5 shillings
Original 1 March 1785, this copy 10 March 1830

RELEASE of claim
     1. The Rev. Owen Bowen and Jane his wife, daughter of Hector Jones
     2. Thomas Jones gent. and Rees Davies gent.
Property: lands etc. p. Llanychayarn [recte Llanllwchaearn], c. Cardigan
Re: lease and release dated 23 and 24 December 1743 between [1] Hector Jones and Joyce his wife and [2] John Phillipps esq. of Kringa, c. Carmarthen, [3] Griffith Phillipps esq. of Cwmgwilly, c. Carmarthen, [4] David Lewis esq. of Dollhayd, c. Carmarthen, [5] James Lloyd gent. of Foes y Blyddedd, c. Cardigan. Release of original indenture with a view to full purchase (with exception of Noyarth and Towyn Llanllwchayarn)
Properties: Llanllwchayaen: Noyath, Towyn Llanllwchayarn, Penrhyn or Scybor wn y Penrhyn, Tythyn y Parck, Clyngole Ucha and Clyngole Issa, Perthyr Gwenyn, 
Consideration: £400
2 March 1785

RELEASE and surrender (attested copy)
     1. Thomas Jones gent., Coedstrea ucha, p. Llangeller [Llangeler], c. Carmarthen
     2. Rees Davies gent., Wainllany issa, p. Newchurch, c. Carmarthen
Release in fee of premises in the parish of Llanllwchaiarn [Llanllwchaearn], c. Cardigan by (1), and assignment and surrender from (2) to (1) of premises in the same parish.
2 March 1785

     1. Rees Davies
     2. Thomas Davies, son of Rees Davies
     3. Thomas Davies, gent., Pentrecoon, p. Llandeveylog [Llandefaelog], c. Carmarthen
     4. Jane Davies, 19 years old, eldest daughter of (3)
     5. David Davies, gent. of Cwmdymawr, and George Thomas of the Blue Boar, of the same county
     6. John Morgan, gent., of Cwm Castle, p. Newchurch
Marriage settlement of (2) with (4) of lands and premises in p. Llanllwchayarn [Llanllwchaearn], c. Cardigan, and in the borough of Carmarthen.
Properties: Clyngoleu issa, Coibal or Coybal [Coubal], Perthy gwenin or Perth yr Gwenyn, Ty yn y Park
8 March 1794

     1. Thomas Davies and Jane his wife, late of Kidwelly but now Lammas Street, Carmarthen
     2. Herbert Lloyd, gent., c. Carmarthen
Demise of 1000 years of lands in p. Llanllwchaearn. 
Consideration: £100
29 November 1800
Dorse: loan and bond for the sum of £100 from Thomas and Jane Davies to Herbert Lloyd
28 February 1809

ASSIGNMENT of mortgage
     1. Walter Rice Howell, gent., and Charlotte Maria his wife, Mount Pleasant, c. Carmarthen
     2. Mrs Anne Williams, widow c. Carmarthen
Properties: lands and premises in p. Llanllwchaiarne [Llanllwchaearn], c. Cardigan: Clyngolau issa, Corbal or Coybal [Coubal], Perth y gwennin or Perthyr Gwennin, Ty-yn-y park, 
4 November 1818

1. Copy WILL (original proved at Doctor’s Commons) of Thomas Davies, assistant surgeon attached to HMS Northumberland, died 16 May 1819 at Port Royal, Jamaica aged 24. Original will dated 7 March 1817.
2. Letter (one sheet) addressed to Mr. Thomas Davies in Carmarthen, containing:  
- Copy WILL of Thomas Davies, assistant surgeon (see above)
- Copy letter from Thomas Harris of the ship Serapis to William Frasier Esq. informing him of Thomas Davies’ [junior’s] death and of the ship’s movements. 13 June 1819
- Letter from Hector Powell to Thomas Davies senior, relaying the news. 11 September 1819.
3. Letter from Hector Powell, 70 Black Friars Road, to Rees Davies, Carmarthen, 2 May 1828, including copy of reply, 15 May 1828. 
4. List of births and deaths for the Davies family, 31 Aug 1800-23 May 1832

LEASE for a year
     1. Mr Joseph Bally, Liverpool, c. Lancaster, Thomas Davies, ironmonger and bankrupt and Rees Davies, his son, both c. Carmarthen
     2. David Davies esq., Trawsmawr, c. Carmarthen
Properties: Perthygwenin, Clyngole, and Coybal [Coubal].
Consideration: 5 shillings
4 April 1828

     1. Mr Joseph Bally, Liverpool, c. Lancaster
     2. Mr Thomas Davies and Jane his wife
     3. Rees Davies
     4. David Davies esq., Trawsmawr, c. Carmarthen
Properties: As in ADX/1360/15
Consideration £100
5 April 1828

FURTHER CHARGE on messuages and lands in p. Llanllwchaiarn [Llanllwchaearn] for £100
     1. Rees Davies, hatter, of Cardigan, c. Cardigan
     2. David Davies, esq., Trawsmawr, c. Carmarthen
23 December 1828
With attached promissory notes dated 3 October and 1 December 1829

LEASE for a year
     1. Mr William Jones of Maesleague Iron works, c. Glamorgan, miner, and Mary his wife (one of 2 surviving younger children of the late Thomas Davies, c. Carmarthen, ironmonger)
     2. Mrs Mary Jones, Lammas Street, c. Glamorgan, widow maltster
Properties: Perth y gwenin, Clyngole, Coybal, p. Llanllwchaiarn [Llanllwchaearn]
Consideration: 5 shillings
11 February 1830

CONVEYANCE of premises in p. Llanllwchaiarn [Llanllwchaearn] and covenant to levy a fine
     1. Mr William Jones and Mary his wife (see ADX/1360/18)
     2. Mrs Mary Jones, widow
Properties: see ADX/1360/18
12 February 1830
Enclosed, signed paper sheet ‘instructions for preparing a conveyance’ dated 11 February 1830, added to on 30 March 1830

LEASE for a year
     1. Miss Jane Davies, spinster, c. Carmarthen (one of two surviving younger children of Thomas Davies, Ironmonger)
     2. Mrs Mary Jones, widow maltster, Lammas Street, c. Carmarthen
Properties: Perthygwenin, Clyngole, Coybal [Coubal].
Consideration: 5 shillings
1 April 1830

CONVEYANCE of premises in p. Llanllwchaiarn [Llanllwchaearn], c. Cardiganshire and covenant to levy a fine
     1. Miss Jane Davies
     2. Mrs Mary Jones, widow
Properties: see ADX/1360/20
Consideration: £60
2 April 1830

     1. John Fussell c. Carmarthen, hat manufacturer and Mary his wife (late Mary Jones, widow)
     2. Rhys Davies, c. Carmarthen, hatter
7 January 1832
Enclosed is an agreement dated 29 September 1834 relating to Perthygwenin Ucha

LEASE for a year
     1. Mr Rees/Rhys Davies, the Black Lion, Newquay, hatter (only surviving son of Thomas Davies, ironmonger), David Davies esq., late of Trawsmawr, now Greenhall, c. Carmarthen, Lewis Morris, gent., c. Carmarthen, and John Fussell, Lampeter belfry, c. Pembroke, hat manufacturer, and Mary his wife
     2. John Atwood, gent., Aberayron, c. Cardigan
Properties: Coibal or Coybal [Coubal], Perthyr-gwenyn or Perthy-yr gwenyn
Consideration: 5 shillings
26 May 1836

CONVEYANCE and ASSIGNMENT for 2 terms of 1000 years and 500 years
     1. Mr Rees/Rhys Davies, the Black Lion, Newquay, hatter (only surviving son of Thomas Davies, ironmonger)
     2. David Davies, late of Trawsmawr, now Greenhall, c. Carmarthen
     3. Lewis Morris, gent., c. Carmarthen
     4. Richard Gardnor, esq., c. Carmarthen and Anne his wife
     5. David Thomas, Queen Street, c. Carmarthen, grocer, and Margaret his wife (formerly Margaret Morgan, widow of John Morgan, late of Cwmcastle, p. Newchurch, c. Carmarthen)
     6. John Fussell, Lampeter Velfry, c. Pembroke, hat manufacturer and Mary his wife (late Mary Jones, widow)
     7. David Nichols, grocer, and Frances his wife (late Frances Jones, spinster)
     8. John Atwood, gent., Aberayron [Aberaeron], c. Cardigan
     9. John Parry, gent., Aberystwith [Aberystwyth], c. Cardigan
     10. James Morice, gent., Wallog, c. Cardigan
     11. Thomas Griffiths, gent., Dolegwartheg, p. Henfeniw [Henfynyw], c. Cardigan
Properties: see ADX/1260/23
27 May 1836

BOND for the title and quiet enjoyment of premises for 1000 years
     1. Richard Gardnor (the elder), esq. and Anne his wife, and their sons Thomas Stanhope Gardnor and Richard Gardnor (the younger), c. Carmtharthen [Carmarthen]
     2. John Atwood, gent., Aberayron [Aberaeron], c. Cardigan
Properties: See ADX/1360/23
27 May 1836

COPY and MEMORANDUM of Thomas Jones’ agreement with Mr and Mrs Nicholls
Properties: Coybal [Coubal] and Perthygwenin
28 May 1836

CERTIFICATE of fitness for legal testimony of Mary Fussell, wife of John Fussell, regarding indentures made on 26 May 1836
28 May 1836

LEASE for a year
     1. John Atwood esq., Aberayron [Aberaeron], c. Cardigan and John Parry, gent., Aberystwith [Aberystwyth], c. Cardigan
     2. Henry Lawson and William Milton, esqs., both Hereford
Property: Coibal or Coybal [Coubal]
Consideration: 5 shillings
1 September 1837

     1. John Atwood, esq., Aberayron [Aberaeron], c. Cardigan
     2. John Parry, gent., Aberystwith [Aberystwyth], c. Cardigan
     3. Martha Jennings, widow, Poswick Lodge, p. Whitburne, c. Worcester
     4. Henry Lawson and William Milton, esqs., both Hereford
Properties: Coibal or Coybal [Coubal]
2 September 1837

COPY APPOINTMENT and RELEASE (copy of ADX/1360/29)
Original 2 September 1837; copy date unknown

MORTGAGE for securing £300 and interest
     1. John Jones Atwood, gent., Aberystwith [Aberystwyth], c. Cardigan
     2. Thomas Jones, gent., Cylpyll, p. Nantcwnlle [Nancwnlle], c. Cardigan
Property: Coybal [Coubal], p. Llanllwchaiarn [Llanllwchaearn], c. Cardigan
31 January 1872

MORTAGE for securing £620 and interest
     1. John Jones Atwood, gent., Aberystwyth, c. Cardigan
     2. Robert Davies Roberts, merchant and Sarah Roberts, widow, both of Bridge Street, Aberystwyth
Property: One fifth part of premises called Coybal [Coubal], p. Llanllwchchaiarn [Llanllwchaearn], c. Cardigan
13 July 1878

MORTGAGE for securing £130.10.0 and interest
     1. John Jones Atwood, solicitor, Llanbadarn, c. Cardigan
     2. John James Griffiths, contractor, Portland Street, Aberystwith [Aberystwyth]
Property: One fifth part of premises called Coybal [Coubal]
16 December 1880
With attached receipt and promissory note, 19 June 1882

     1. Mr John James Griffiths, Portland Street, Aberystwith [Aberystwyth], c. Cardigan
     2. Mrs Eleanor Atwood, widow, Tanyfron, Llanbadarn fawr, c. Cardigan
Property: Fifth part of the Coybal [Coubal] Estate, Llanllwchaiarn [Llanllwchaearn], Cardiganshire
22 November 1882

Supplemental ABSTRACT of TITLE. Refers to indenture of same date between John Picton Meredith George, gent. of ?Cidigill, c. Pembroke, and Owen William Lloyd esq., 4 Oxford Parade, Cheltenham, c. Gloucester
1. Rev. R.J. Lloyd and Owen William Lloyd esq.
Properties: Freehold estates in p. Llannon, Llanarthney, Llangendeirne and Trelech-ar-bettws [Trelech Ar Betws], c. Carmarthen
3 January 1889

Written intention and permission to sell inherited lands. Reference to will of Susanna Maria Atwood, deceased, dated 24 July 1896
Eleanor Atwood, widow, 84 Grove Avenue, Hanwell, c. Middlesex, to Messieurs Sutton Corkran and Henry Weaver Holtham, trustees. 
Property: Three undivided fifth parts of freehold premises at Coybal [Coubal]
30 July 1910

William Henry, gent., Borkenham, Saint Vincent Lodge, Hanwell, c. Middlesex, and William Booth Hulme, solicitor, Worcester, the surviving executors of the will of Susanna Maria Atwood, dated 24 July 1896, giving permission for lands to pass to Eleanor Atwood (SMA’s sister-in-law) for her life, and Edgar Atwood (SMA’s nephew) on EA’s death.
Property: Coybal [Coubal]
4 August 1910

MORTGAGE to secure £1000 and interest
     1. Mr Thomas Morgan, builder, Tumble, Llannon, Llanelly [Llanelli], c. Carmarthen
     2. Mr Richard Smith, retired farmer, Michenford (?), c. Worcester
Property: Coybal [Coubal]
11 November 1910
Dorse: RECONVEYANCE between (2) and (1) on all moneys being repaid
23 June 1917

SCHEDULE of deeds relating to mortgage (see ADX/1360/38)
     1. Mr Thomas Morgan
     2. Mr Richard Smith
Property: Coybal [Coubal]
19 November 1910

     1. Mr Frank Pole, farmer c. Hereford
     2. Mr Thomas Morgan,, builder Tumble, Llannon, Llanelly [Llanelli], c. Carmarthen
Property: Coybal [Coubal]
22 November 1910

MORTGAGE of shares in premises at Coybal [Coubal], regarding the will (24 June 1896) of the late Susanna Maria Atwood, spinster, of Britannia Square, Worcester
     1. Mrs Eleanor Atwood, widow, Cherington Road, Hanwell, c. Middlesex
     2. William Henry Bokeham esq., Saint Vincent Lodge, Hanwell, c. Middlesex and William Booth Hulme, solicitor, Worcester
13 December 1907

ABSTRACT of the TITLE to Coybal [Coubal]

Other documents:

43/1: Sales particulars for Coybal [Coubal], to be sold by auction: 13 November 1835 at Newcastle-Emlyn, and 4 August 1910 at the Black Lion Hotel, New Quay

43/2: Correspondence regarding finances

43/3: Bills, receipts, etc.

43/4: Fire insurance forms and certificates for Mr T. Morgan

Cruden’s Concordance, London, 1810.
Belonged to Sergeant William North, rector of Llangoedmore [Llangoedmor] and Archdeacon of Cardigan. Given by Miss North, Sgt. William North’s only surviving daughter, to Rev. E.G. Jones, curate of St. Mary’s Cardigan between 1919-1924. Given by Rev. E.G. Jones in 1960 to his friend E.T. Parry-Morgan, rector of Llangoedmore [Llangoedmor].

2 modern prints by Robert Meyrick depicting the interior of the Old College, Aberystwyth, showing the great staircase and the quad staircase. 
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