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ADX/413: Ephemera from Magistrates Court Open Day


Ref: ADX/413

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/413
Title: Ephemera from Magistrates Court Open Day
Date(s): 1994-1998
Level: Fonds
Extent: 7 items

Scope and Content

Ephemera from Magistrates Court Open Day, held at Swyddfa’r Sir, Aberystwyth on 9 July 1998.

1. CPS – Crown Prosecution Service

1/1. CPS 1997 Annual Report (Dyfed Branch)
1/2. Booklet: ‘The Code For Crown Prosecutors’, June 1994 – printed by Imediaprint, Centric Close, Oval Road, London NW1 7EP
1/3. Booklet: ‘Gwasanaeth Erlyn y Goron’ (Welsh)
1/4. Booklet: ‘If you have a complaint… tell us’. Published by the Crown Prosecution Service. Produced by Red Group, Banbury, Oxon. Printed by Lithomaster, Warwick.
1/5. Flyer: ‘Crown Prosecution Service Welsh Language Policy/Gwasanaeth Erlyn y Goron Polisi iaith Gymraeg’ (2 copies, bilingual)
1/6. Statement on the treatment o victims and witnesses by the Crown Prosecution Service – November 1993
1/7. CPS Policy for Prosecuting Cases of Domestic Violence/Polisi Gwasanaeth Erlyn y Goron ynghylch Erlyn Achosion o Drais Domestig – August 1995 (1 copy Welsh, 1 copy English)
1/8. Crown Prosecution Service in brief – a day in the life of David Masters, principal Crown Prosecutor – June 1997
1/9. Crown Prosecution Service in brief – brief guide to the code for crown prosecution – June 1997
1/10. Crown Prosecution Service in brief – the director of public prosecutions and the law officers of the crown – June 1997

2. DVLA – Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

2/1. DVL Today – News from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency – Issue 14, Winter 1997/1998
2/2. Road Tax. There’s No Getting Away With It. – June 1998 (bound)
2/3. Retaining a Vehicle Registration Mark – Information sheet and form. Unused. January 1998
2/4. Transferring a Vehicle Registration Number – Information sheet and form. Unused. February 1998

3. TV Licensing

3/1. Myfyrwyr! – booklet: information re: TV licensing and form. Unused. (Welsh)
3/2.  Easy ways to pay for your TV licence – booklet: Information and form. Unused.
3/3. Ffyrdd Hawdd o dalu am eich Trwydded deledu – booklet: Information and form. Unused. (Welsh)
3/4. Do you need a TV licence? – booklet. (Multilingual – English, Arabic, Bengali, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, Gujarati, Greek, and Cantonese)
3/5. TV Licensing – Your questions answered/Trwyddedu Teledu – Eich cwestiynau wedi’u ateb – folder containing information flyers. Bilingual.
3/6. Cash Easy Entry – A Guide for Caring Agencies/Taliadau Hawdd – Arweiniad I Asiantaethau Gofal – folder containing information, forms and envelopes. Unused. (1 copy English, 1 copy Welsh)
3/7. Cynllun dwyieithog ar gyfer Gymru/A bilingual scheme for Wales – booklet. Bilingual. June 1997
3/8. Easy ways to pay for your TV licence/Ffyrdd Hawdd o dalu am eich Trwydded deledu – A4 booklet, in plastic wallet. With Braille punched into cover. (1 copy English, 1 copy Welsh)

4. Police

4/1. A Guide to Dyfed-Powys Police/Arweiniad I Heddlu Dyfed-Powys – booklet, including map of force areas in the Cardigan Bay region. Bilingual.
4/2. Get Physical and be Fit to Join Dyfed-Powys Police – booklet.
4/3 A practical guide to Personal Safety/Cyngor ymarferol ynghylch Diogelwch Personol – booklet produced by Dyfed-Powys Police. Bilingual.
4/4. Dyfed-Powys Police/Heddlu Dyfed-Powys – Booklet. Bilingual.
4/5. The Police – Serving the Community – A4 booklet produced by the Home Office. May 1997
4/6. Steer Clear of Car Crime – booklet produced by the Home Office 1995
4/7. Coded for Keeps – booklet produced by the Home Office 1995
4/8. In Doubt? Keep Them Out – booklet produced by the Home Office 1994
4/9. Beat the Burglar – booklet produced by the Home Office 1994
4/10. Peace of Mind While You’re Away – booklet produced by the Home Office 1991
4/11. Your Practical Guide to Crime Prevention – booklet produced by the Home Office 1994

5. Magistrates’ Court

5/1. You too could be a Magistrate/Beth am fod yn Ynad – booklet. (1 copy English, 1 copy Welsh)
5/2. Dyfed Magistrates’ Courts/Llysoedd Ynadon Dyfed – booklet including map showing location of Magistrates’ Court on Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth. Bilingual.
5/3. Magistrates in the Community – What Penalties are available? booklet listing criminal sentences.
5/4. The Magistrates’ Courts’ Pivotal Role in the Criminal Justice System – textual diagram.
5/5. Who Deals With Family Matters at the Magistrates’ Court – information sheet produced by The Magistrates’ Association, 1995.
5/6. Cases in the Magistrates’ Court – flow diagram.
5/7. Some Facts and Figures about Magistrates – information sheet with facts and wordart
5/8. Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court Open Day – information sheet. 9 July 1998
5/9. Open Day – Quiz  - quiz sheet. Unused (2 copies). 9 July 1998

6. Drugs

6/1. Drugs & Solvents – you & your child – booklet produced by the Central Office of Information on behalf of the Department of Health. March 1994
6/2. Solvents – A parent’s guide – booklet produced by the Department of Health. March 1994.

7. Miscellaneous

7/1 Checklist/Prawf Restr – window sticker produced by British Gas encouraging home safety.
7/2. Community Service in Ceredigion in 1997 – photocopied report by Gwasnaaeth Prawr Dyfed Probation Service
7/3. Licensing – Who is Responsible – information sheet regarding liquor licenses, produced by The Magistrates’ Association. 1998.

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