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ADX/393: Deeds and other documents

Acc. 1073

Ref: ADX/393

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/393
Title: Deeds and other documents relating to properties in Aberystwyth
Date(s): 1801 - 97
Level: Fonds
Extent: 13 items

Scope and Content

1. ASSIGNMENT of a term of one thousand years in trust for Mr. William Davies Dan yr alltlwyd  p. Llanrhystid, the purchaser to protect inheritance.
1. William Lewis Esq. of Llanychairon by the direction of Thomas Johnes Esq. of Hafod
2. Mr John Jones of Penybont p. Caron
29 September 1801

2. LICENCE to approve part of Morfa Swnd.
Term 99 years.
1. The Mayor [Job Sheldon] and Burgesses of Aberystwyth
2. Mr. William Davies
14 December 1813

3. SETTLEMENT made previous to the marriage of Mr. Julian and Miss Morice. [involving Aberllolwyn and the brig or sloop "Ruth" of Aberystwyth].
1. Mr. William Julian and Miss J.A.W. Morice
2. Trustees
9 May 1823

4. ASSIGNMENT of a piece or parcel of land in the town of Aberystwyth for the remainder of a certain term of 89 years, being waste land between Corporation Street and Chapel Row.
1. Mr. Enoch Hughes, innkeeper
2. Mrs Elizabeth Roderick, widow
17 May 1828

5. LEASE of a piece of land, coal yard and premises situate in Trefechan in the county of Cardigan.[with plan showing limekilns, coal yard, "turnpike road" and the Fountain Inn]
1. The Trustees of the Harbour of Aberystwyth
2. Mr. Richard James
26 July 1843

6. MORTGAGE of Poor Rates to secure £600 and interest.
1. The Burial Board for the Town & Liberties of Aberystwyth.
2. The Secretary of the Public Works Loans Commissioners
11 October 1873

7. VALUATION and REPORT on Mr. H.E. Taylor's Railway at Aberystwyth. [a short loop of branch line connecting the two main lines of railways with the harbour]
17 November 1879

8. LEASE of Life Boat House situate in Queen's Road Aberystwyth for a term of 75 years.
1. The Corporation of Aberystwyth
2. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution
3 August 1880

9. RECEIPT from Aberystwyth Corporation to Vaughan Davies Esq. to acknowledge £800.
29 March 1888

10. SALE CATALOGUE for premises in Llanbadarn Upper and the Borough of Aberystwyth including the Aberystwyth Harbour Railway, Pantmawr and Geufron p. Llanbadarn-y-Croyddyn Lower.
27 August 1894

11. REPORT on the purchase of the Gas Works addressed to the Special Committee of the Corporation of Aberystwyth and prepared by Albury, Turner & co. of 42 Spring Gardens, Manchester
March 1898

12. COPY [?] LEDGER of Aberystwyth Gas Works [possibly submitted with above document]

13. Documents Concerning Marine Terrace

13/1. ASSIGNMENT of a piece of land on the Marine Terrace in the town of Aberystwyth for the residue of a term of 99 years commencing  on the 5th day of October 1808. 
Consideration £145.
1. Rice Williams Esq.
2. Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd
18 May 1834

13/2. Mortgage of leasehold premises on the Marine Terrace in the town of Aberystwyth, for securing £500 and interest.
1. Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd
2. Mr. John Morgan
1 August 1834

13/3. MORTGAGE of the Equity of Redemption of the said Elizabeth Lloyd in a leasehold house and premises situate on the Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth for securing the sum of £106 and interest.
1. Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd
2. Mr. Thomas Jones
22 August 1837

13/4. TRANSFER OF MORTGAGE of leasehold premises on the Marine Terrace in the town of Aberystwyth in the county of Cardigan for securing £400 and interest.
1. John Morgan Esq. & another
2. Mr. John Cole
13 September 1851

13/5. TRANSFER OF MORTGAGE of leasehold premises on the Marine Terrace in the town of Aberystwyth in the county of Cardigan for securing £100 & interest.
1. Mr. Thomas Jones & another
2. Mr. John Cole
31 October 1857

13/6. COPY WILL of Elizabeth Lloyd, widow of 51 Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth
22 June 1861

13/7. TRANSFER OF TWO SEVERAL MORTGAGE DEBTS or sums of £400 and £100 respectively upon a Leasehold dwellinghouse and premises on the Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth.
1. Mrs. Jane Cole
2. Mr. David Alban
22 April 1868

13/8. ASSIGNMENT of leasehold premises known as no. 51 situate on the Marine Terrace in the town of Aberystwyth, for the unexpired residue of a term of 99 years. 
1. Mr. David Alban and others
2. David Thomas, master mariner
11 May 1870
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