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ADX/18: Receipts

Acc. 57

Ref: ADX/18

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/18
Title: Receipts
Date(s): 1889 - 1909
Level: Fonds
Extent: 44 items

Scope and Content:

1. Aberaeron Intermediate School - receipt No. 37 for £1.1.Od. Signed by the Treasurer
16 August 1898

2. Cambrian Railways - receipt note issued at Aberystwyth station for articles received from Mr. E.H. Davies, Pentre.
2 December 1898

3. Davies and Evans, auctioneers and valuers of Aberaeron - 2 receipts for cloth bought at a sale at 5 Portland Place.
4 January 1902

4. Daniel Davies-of Pencastell, Talsarn - 2 receipts for items bought at Llanon and Fronfield sales by Capt. Jones of Aeron Villa, Llanon.
1 May 1889-1 January 1899

5. Lewis Davies, tailor and draper of 5 Portland Place, Llanon - 4 receipts.
January 1897-December 1901

6. J.E. Davies, silk mercers and fancy drapers of London and Manchester
- 1 receipt.
19 September 1898

7. David Davies, plasterer of 10 Vaenor Street, Aberystwyth - 1 receipt made out to Mr. Thomas Evans, Trial House.
25 April 1907

8. E.H. Davies and Sons, general furnishers of the Rhondda Furnishing Warehouse, Pentre, receipt no. 5484 made out to Mrs. Jones of Aeron
Villa, Llanon.
10 November 1898

9. John Davies, general grocer and provision merchant of Cambrian Stores, Llanon - 2 receipts.

10. John Davies, general grocer and provision merchant of Penlanfair
Stores, Llanon - 2 receipts
February 1898-January 1899

11. Davies and Evans, corn, flour, timber, state, brick and coal merchants of Cadwgan Stores and Steam Saw Mills, Aberayron - receipt made out to Jenkin Evans.
29 November 1898

12. John Evans, Coal merchant - receipt made out to Mrs. Jones of Aeron Villa
21 Sep 1895

13. Evans and Son, boot and shoe manufacturers of Anchor House, Aberayron - 2 receipts made out to Mrs. Jones of Aeron Villa (House),
March 1899-January 1902

14. Thomas Evans, grocer and provision merchant of 29/30 Castle Street, Tredegar - 2 receipts
November 1898-January 1906

15. David George, pharmaceutical chemist of the Central Drug Stores, Pentre - receipt
25 November 1905

l6. David Howell, family draper and silk mercer of Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth - receipt
20 August 1898

17. Howell and Son, grocers, tea dealers and ironmongers of Market
Street, Aberayron - receipt made out to Mr. Thomas Jones of Ty Mawr, Llanon
23 August 1898

18, Alex Hamilton, general draper, clothier and Matter of Temple Hill, Troon - receipt made out to Capt. Jones
28 March 1889

19. David Jenkins, draper and grocer of Millet Park, Llanon – 6 receipts. December 1898-December 1899

20. J.D. Jenkins, drapery and millinery establishment of Manchester House, Llanrhystyd - receipt made out to Mrs. Jones of Aeron Villa.

21. Evan D. Jones, tailor and draper of Llanon - 2 receipts made out to Mrs. Jones of Aeron Villa.
May 1902 - July 1906

22. A.W. Jones, family butcher of White Hall, Pennant 2 receipts, one made out to Mr. Jones, Aeron Villa, Llanon.
September 1899 - March 1905

23. William Jones, grocers and ironmongers of Llanon - receipt made out to Capt. Jones of Aeron Villa.
10 July 1897

24. William Jones, cabinet maker of Llanon - valuation of furniture and other effects of the late Capt. Griffith Jones of Aeron Villa, Llanon, at £18.

25. J.D./D.D. Jones, grocer, ironmonger and general dealer of Siop Newydd, Llanon - 2 receipts.

26. J.H. Jones, linen and woollen draper, silk mercer and grocer of Aberayron - receipt.

27. Maria Davies - receipt made out to Mrs. Jones of Aeron Villa, for items bought at Little Cottage sale.

28. Frisby, Dyke and Company, drapers and silk mercers of Lord
Street, Liverpool - receipt.
3 February 1902

29. John Jones, boot and shoe dealer and picture frame maker of
Carpentaria House, Llanon - 6 receipts.
February 1899-July 1906

30. David Jones, joiner of Llanon - 2 receipts made out to Mrs. Jones of Ayron Villa, Llanon, or her executors.
November 1902-August 1906

31. Dr. Jenkyn Lewis, physician and surgeon of Llanon - 4 receipts for professional attendance, made out to Capt. or Mrs. Jones, Aeron Villa,
January 1902-January 1909

32. Lewis Lewis of Llanon - receipt made out to Mrs. Jones of Aeron Villa for wood bought at the sale at the Chapel.
November 1898

33. Morgan and Davies, tailors and woollen drapers of Regent House,
Llanon - 4 receipts made out to Capt. Jones of Aeron Villa, Llanon.
June 1903-March 1907

34. Evan Morgan, corn, flour, slate, seed, brick and coal merchant of Aberclydan Stores, Llanon - 27 receipts made out to Mrs. Mary Anne Jones of Aeron Villa, Llanon.
January 1895-March 1907

35. D. Morris, general draper and milliner of Llanon - 21 receipts.
January 1895-July 1906

36. Thomas Pugh, linen and woollen draper, silk mercer, hosier, haberdasher, grocer and general merchant of Paris House, Aberayron
- 3 receipts made out to Mrs. Jones of Aeron Villa or her Executors.
1899 - 1905

37. David Rees, cloth, flannels, shawls, turnovers and stocking manufacturer of Aberbank, Henllan - 1 receipt made out to Mrs. Jones, Aeron Villa, Llanon.
April 1906

38. John Richards and Company, tailors, drapers and general outfitters of 4 Market Street, Aberystwyth - 3 receipts made out to Mrs. Jones.

39. Titley, Evans and Company, manufacturers and merchants of
Llanidloes - bill made out to Mrs. Jones, Aeron Villa, Llanon.
Goods sent care of Mr. Jenkin Evans, Swan Inn.
14 April 1906

40. The Ocean Fine Art Photographic Works of Cardiff (proprietor - W. Wall of Queen's Road, Aberystwyth) - Memorandum sent to Mrs. Jones, Aeron Villa, Llánon, asking for the balance in payment for a picture.
28 February 1906

41. David Williams, boot and shoe maker, of Boot House, Llannon -5 receipts made out to Mrs. Mary Anne Jones, Aeron House, Llanon.
December 1897-September 1904

42. Williams and White, iron merchants and wholesale ironmongers of
Aberystwyth - memorandum re: quotes for pipes and pumps.
April 1889

43. Receipts and demand notes for the Poor Rate in the Parish of Llansantfread, Aberayron Union.
September 1897-March 1909

44. Receipt made out to Mrs. Jones, Aeron Villa, for cloth, buttons and other haberdashery items.
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