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ABY/X/42: Aberystwyth Yesterday: Nanteos Mansion Ephemera


Ref: ABY/X/42

Reference: ABY/X/42
Dates: c.1920s-1983
Level of description: Fonds
Extent: 13 Items
Scope and Content: Nanteos Mansion Ephemera

Ref: ABY/X/42/1
Date(s): n.d. [post 1971]
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Guide Book

Illustrated Guide Book to Nanteos, by Geoffrey and Rose Bliss, printed by the Cambrian News; including a Powell Family Tree. 

Ref: ABY/X/42/2
Date(s): 1983
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Official Opening Invitation

Invitation to a Buffet Lunch for the Official Opening of Nanteos, from Mrs Edwina Colegate and Mrs Anne Dix, 27 May 1983.                                                                                                                                        

Ref: ABY/X/42/3
Date(s): 30 Awst1983
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Newspaper Cutting

Illustrated newspaper cutting, from Y Cymru, entited ‘Bywyd newydd  I Blas Nant Eos [New life for Plas Nant Eos]’, by Lyn Ebenezer; with photographs of Clementina Mirylees and Edwina Collgate.                                                                                                                                                                  

Ref: ABY/X/42/4
Date(s): 1961
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Film Script

Typewritten film script for ‘Dirgelwch Nanteos’; recorded on Monday 11 September and broadcast on 26 September, 1961. It concerns a guided tour of the mansion; the Nanteos cup, and the claims made for it. 

Ref: ABY/X/42/5
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Postcard of the Nanteos Cuo

Postcard with a sepia photograph of the Nanteos Cup, and a brief description. 

Ref: ABY/X/42/6
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Craft Class Leaflet

Leaflet and booking form for Craft Classes at Nanteos.

Ref: ABY/X/42/7
Date(s): n.d. [post 1971]
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Aberystwyth Yesterday at Nanteos

Leaflet advertising  Nanteos, including its becoming the home of the ‘famous Aberystwyth Yesterday exhibition’ (two copies).

Ref: ABY/X/42/8
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Notes relating to the Public Opening

Handwritten notes explaining the opening of Nanteos to the public.  

Ref: ABY/X/42/9
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: History of Nanteos

Handwritten notes some of the antique features of Nanteos, and its cup. 

Ref: ABY/X/42/10
Date(s): n.d. [c.1960s?]
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Trem Tros Nanteao

Tom Evan’s script, in Welsh, for the film about Nanteos; including notes relating to his plans to interview people who had seen the cup, and a poem about the graveyard of the dogs – Mynwent y Cwn.

Ref: ABY/X/42/11
Date(s): 29 May 1976
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Nanteos House and Gardens

Photocopied cutting from the Western Mail, entitled ‘Haunting melodies of Nightingale’s Brook’; written and illustrated (with a pen drawing) by Mary Traynor, and Judith Berrisford. 

Ref: ABY/X/42/12
Date(s): 1920s
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Rent Receipt

Receipt for the rent of Brynafon on the Nanteos Estate, received from Mr and Mrs Griffiths.


Ref: ABY/X/42/13
Date(s): n.d. 
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Headed Notepaper

Blank sheet of headed notepaper, with a small picture of Nanteos in a cartouche. 
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