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ABY/X/28: Aberystwyth Yesterday: Local Events Ephemera


Ref: ABY/X/28

Reference: ABY/X/28
Dates: 1909-1994
Level of description: Fonds
Extent: 13 Items
Scope and Content: Local Events Ephemera

Ref: ABY/X/28/1
Date(s): 1909
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Boys Brigade Programme

Programme for Inaugural Demonstration, Boys’ Brigade, Aberystwyth, 20 January 1909.

Ref: ABY/X/28/2
Date(s): 1938
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Sheep Dog Trials Programme

Programme for Sheep Dog Trials, Aberystwyth Horse Show Society, Vicarage Field, Aberystwyth, 10 August 1938.

Ref: ABY/X/28/3
Date(s): 1946
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: British Legion Silver Jubilee Programme

Programme of the Order of Service for the British Legion Silver Jubilee, Castle Grounds, Aberystwyth, 30 June 1946.

Ref: ABY/X/28/4
Date(s): 1977
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Old Tyme Music Hall Programme

Programme for ‘Old Tyme Music Hall’, produced by the Social Committee, Buarth Hall, 20 May 1977.

Ref: ABY/X/28/5
Date(s): 1980
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Aberystwyth Summer Festival Programme

Programme for the First Aberystwyth Summer Festival, 19 July – 3 August 1980.

Ref: ABY/X/28/6
Date(s): 1985
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: The Triumph of Henry Tudor Programme

Programme for The Triumph of Henry Tudor, by Bwrdd Croeso Cymru / Wales Tourist Board, 3 – 26 August 1985.

Ref: ABY/X/28/7
Date(s): 1983
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Aberystwyth Summer Festival Programme

Programme for the Fourth Aberystwyth Summer Festival, 16-31 July, 1983.

Ref: ABY/X/28/8
Date(s): 1939
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Aberystwyth Film Festival Programme

Programme for Aberystwyth Film Festival, advertising a day of films at The Coliseum, 30 September 1989.

Ref: ABY/X/28/9
Date(s): 1990-1991
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Y. W. C. A. Programme

Programme for Y. W. C. A, Girls’ Memorial Club, Haulfan, North Parade, Aberystwyth, 1990-1991.

Ref: ABY/X/28/10
Date(s): 1994
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Versme Choir Programme

Tour programme for the Visit to Wales of the Versme Choir, Jurbarkas, Lithuania, July 1994.

Ref: ABY/X/28/11
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Gandey’s Circus Tickets

Two tickets for Gandey’s Circus, Aberystwyth, Llanbadarn Fawr, Blaendolau Flats, 27 – 30 June [year not given].

Ref: ABY/X/28/12
Date(s): n.d. [pre 1971]
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Grand Fete Advertisment

Advertisement poster for Grand Fete in aid of the Freedom from Hunger Campaign, , Castle Grounds, Aberystwyth, 17 June [year not given].

Ref: ABY/X/28/13
Date(s): 1992
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Radio Ceredigion Leaflet

Advertisement and information on the launch of Radio Ceredigion, 14 December 1992.

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