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ABY/X/27: Aberystwyth Yesterday: Business Ephemera


Ref: ABY/X/27

Reference: ABY/X/27
Dates: c.1956-1994
Level of description: Fonds
Extent: 12 Items
Scope and Content: Business Ephemera

Ref: ABY/X/27/1
Date(s): n.d. [pre 1971]
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Tea Price List

Produced by Spencer, Turner & Boldero Ltd (Wholesale Tea Dealers), Lisson Grove, London N. W. 1

Ref: ABY/X/27/2
Date(s): c.1971
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Lampeter House Advertisment

Advertisement card for Lampeter House Ltd., Terrace Road, Aberystwyth c.1971.

Ref: ABY/X/27/3
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Reg Edwards Envelope

Envelope advertising Reg Edwards, Jeweller, 44 Terrace Road, Aberystwyth.

Ref: ABY/X/27/4
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: M. H. Davis Advertisment

Advertisement leaflet for M. H. Davis, Bar Iron and Steel Merchant, Bridge Street, and Queen Street, Aberystwyth.

Ref: ABY/X/27/5
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Cecil Jones Envelope

Envelope advertising Cecil Jones, Optician and Jeweller, Great Darkgate Street and Market Street, Aberystwyth.

Ref: ABY/X/27/6
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Evan Rowlands Envelope

Envelope advertising Evan Rowlands, Family Butcher, 13 Bridge Street, Aberystwyth.

Ref: ABY/X/27/7
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Aberystwyth Local Businesses Advertisments

Page advertising James’ Stores for Groceries and Provisions, 33/34 Terrace Road; D. Jones and Sons, Family Butchers, the Central Meat Stores, 5, North Parade; and Owen’s bakery, 19/21 North Parade: Aberystwyth.

Ref: ABY/X/27/8
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Alliance & Leicester Advertisment

Pamphlet advertising the new Alliance and Leicester Building Society in 16, Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth.

Ref: ABY/X/27/9
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Rickshaw Rides Advertsiment

Poster advertising Aberystwyth Rickshaw Rides, operated by Rickshaw Enterprises.

Ref: ABY/X/27/10
Date(s): n.d.
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Cardigan House Bag

Paper bag advertising Cardigan House, 14, 16, 18 Pier Street, Aberystwyth.

Ref: ABY/X/27/11
Date(s): 1956
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Press Ball Ticket

Ticket to Aberystwyth’s First Press Ball, King’s Hall, 21 December 1956.

Ref: ABY/X/27/12
Date(s): 1994
Extent:  1 Item
Scope and Content: Vale of Rheidol Railway Advertisment

Advertisement for the Vale of Rheidol Railway, with timetable, fares and map. 
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