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Collection Policy

Ceredigion Archives is the record office to Ceredigion County Council

Statutory Position / obligations

Ceredigion Archives seeks to select, acquire and preserve holdings relevant to the local authority area now known as Ceredigion.

The authority maintains holdings under the provision stated in the Local Government Act of 1972 Section 224, and section 60 of the Local Government (Wales) Act 1994, and acts in accordance with those parts of the Public Records Act 1958, the Law of Property Act 1922 ( as amended by the Law of Property (Amendment) Act 1924 ), the Manorial Document Rules 1959 amended 1963 and 1967 and the Tithe Act 1936 ( Copies of Instruments of Apportionments ) Rules 1960 amended 1963 which apply to local authority record offices.

Official external recognition of the repository

Ceredigion Archives is approved under the Public Records Act 1958 as a repository for holding the individually specified classes of public records listed below :

Legal and court records:
• Records of the Coroners' court
• Records of the court of Petty Sessions

Health records :
• Dept. of Health NHS records

Military and War records :
• Territorial and Auxiliary Forces Association records

Environmental records :
• Health and Safety executive : plans of abandoned non-coal mines

Trade and Industry records :
• HM Customs and Excise shipping registers

• The record office is recognised by The National Archives as a suitable repository under the Standard for Record Repositories.

• Ceredigion Archives is designated by the bishop of the Diocese of St. David's as a repository for ecclesiastical records.


Ceredigion Archives has adopted The National Archives'document Standard for Record Repositories as the basis of its collection policy.

Information about the scope of the policy

Mission statement

Ceredigion Archives will seek, acquire, preserve, manage and conserve documents and ephemera relating to the history and present state of the county. It will always try to make these items available to the public for research.

The purposes of the county archive service are
• to preserve documents and ephemera for current and future generations to use
• to encourage and develop the use of its records as a source of enjoyment and inspiration, of learning potential, of economic prosperity, and social equity.
• The archive service will particularly seek to acquire material which is of historical interest but is in danger of neglect or destruction.

Ceredigion Archives includes in its definition of records any manuscript material, printed matter or material on other media, of a rare or ephemeral nature which relates to, or has a bearing upon the history and present of the county as defined below.

Geographical area

• Ceredigion Archives collects and preserves documents relating to the history of the county known as Ceredigion since April 1st 1996, and formerly known as Cardiganshire, latterly the Cardiganshire area of Dyfed. The record office will only normally acquire material from within, or relating to, the administrative county.
• Subject to the over-riding principle that the integrity of archival groups should normally be preserved as far as possible and practicable, the record office will not normally acquire records relating to places outside Ceredigion.
• The record office will not actively encourage the deposit of records primarily relating to or arising in areas outside the current boundaries, unless there were exceptional circumstances and the agreement of any other interested archive authority has been sought.

Subject area

Ceredigion Archives will not seek to represent any particular historical, sectarian or other viewpoints in its acquisition of records, but to reflect as objectively as possible all aspects of Ceredigion's past and present.

Chronological period

All records are accepted, regardless of date.

Genre or media of records held

Ceredigion Archives is a local authority record office. Whilst the repository was created primarily to care for the records of the parent authority, it collects far more widely and welcomes accessions from businesses, chapels and charities, families and individuals.
All media are accepted but the record offices reserves the right to transfer or suggest the transfer of magnetic media ( spool recordings, cassette and videotapes ) and film to an more appropriate repository. Electronic media may require updating to retain information.

• The archives service will work in close co-operation with the Records Management Department to ensure the systematic transfer of official records to its custody.
• The office seeks to acquire microform copies and facsimiles of documents in other repositories or private hands which relate closely to its own holdings.
• Films will normally be referred to the Welsh Film Archive, at Llanbadarn Science Park, Cefn Llan, Aberystwyth.
• The record office will not normally accept three-dimensional artefacts unless they have a special relationship with the associated archives held.
• Artefacts will normally be directed to the appropriate museum on the advice of Michael Freeman, the Curator of the County Museum.

Cooperation/demarcation with other repositories whose collection policy overlaps
• Ceredigion Archives does not seek to compete for papers with other repositories
• The office will seek to avoid competition, conflict and duplication of effort.
• When advising potential depositors the staff will draw attention to the existence of other repositories with similar and overlapping interests, to ensure that material is offered to the most appropriate institution.
• In the case of dispute between Ceredigion Archives and another repository as to the proper custodian of the records, the advice of a neutral arbiter such as the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts will be taken.


Methods of acquisition

Ceredigion Archives seeks to acquire records by gift, loan and purchase.

• Donations are preferred to deposits on loan.

• Purchases will be made only of documents of outstanding importance to the county.

Conditions associated with accessions

• No documents will be accepted without clear and valid title of ownership
• Only documents which in the judgement of the archivist in charge are of sufficient quality for permanent preservation will be accepted..
• Finding aids may be required with deposits where bulk is likely to render the documents inaccessible until processed.
• It is normally a condition of acceptance that documents will be available for public access either immediately or at the expiry of a specified period.
• The office will not normally accept archives and records which are of a particularly specialist nature, requiring skills or equipment beyond the office's resources to preserve, exploit or interpret.
• Acquisitions purchased with the assistance of a grant will be held subject to the terms and conditions of bodies from whom such aid has been received.

Selection / de-accessioning policy

• Ceredigion Archives accepts the principle that there should be a strong presumption against the disposal by sale of any documents in their ownership.
• The record office shall have authority to transfer records to a more suitable repository if it is considered that the documents would benefit from relocation.
• The record office shall, in accordance with the wishes and requirements of depositors , evaluate and select for destruction those documents not deemed worthy of permanent preservation and the intention shall be made clear at the time of transfer.
• Once selected and accessioned, there is a presumption that records will be preserved permanently.


Public Availability

• Notice of every new acquisition and of any restriction on its access or use will be made public at the earliest opportunity.
• The archives service will systematically supply copies of its finding aids to the National Register of Archives.


Date of the issue of this policy statement

20th October 2002

Date for the next formal review

October 2005

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Cyngor Sir Ceredigion County Council

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