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Ref: MUS/59

The William(s) family of Penralltddu p. Llantood, Pembrokeshire

Documents relating to John William and the William(s) family of Penralltdu, and also to James William Bowen of Rhos Hill, Barrister at Law in Carmarthen.

Invitation to the Mayor & Lady Mayoress of Cardigan to attend a ball at The Mansion House, London Thursday October 21st [1897]           

Lease between John Symmons Gent. of Llanstinan, co. Pembroke and David James, miller  of p. Llantood, co. Pembroke concerning a water corn grist mill known as  Briyan Mill in p. Llantood, and a messuage in p. Bridell. Rent:  £10. 10 .0 annually (plus six fat hens at every Shrovetide and a dog to be kept) 
6 November 1765

Administration on the goods of the late Lettice Williams widow, who died intestate on 13 December 1851, addressed to her son, John Williams of Penralltddu
9 June 1852

Copy of the will of Morris Morris residing then at Penralltddu,  p. Llantood made 7 April 1848. The copy is by John Williams of Penralltddu, and is dated  29 April 1848.

Administration of the goods, chattels and credits of John Williams, farmer, a Bachelor, intestate, deceased, during the minority of his brother and sister. Llantood. 
29 April 1854

Copy of the will of Anne Morris of Broyan Mill p. Llantood co. Pembroke, widow. 
7 November 1842

Lease for 21 years of Penralltddy (sic) p. Llantood and Bridell, co. Pembroke between William Williams of Trevach co. Pembroke, Gent. and Stephen Williams of the parish of Llantood, yeoman. Rent £15 per annum plus 4 fat pullets at Shrovetide yearly and one barrel of coal yearly to be delivered to the dwelling house of William Williams.
10 March 1768.

Petty sessions summons to act as Constable in the parish of Llantood. Document made out to John Williams of Penralltddu in the parish of Llantood, Pembrokeshire. 
4 April 1840.

Administration on the goods of the late Griffith Edward of Bridell co. Pembroke to his widow Mary Edward. 1 June 1775. Also an agreement between Griffith Edward and John Edward?

Probate copy of the will of Morris Morris, carpenter of Penralltddu, p. Llantood, co. Pembroke
17 June 1848

Lease for one year between John Williams, of p. Ashby de la Zouche co.  Leicester, officer of excise and Thomas George of Bridell in p. Bridell Co. Pembroke and David John of Briyan Mill p. Llantood co. Pembroke on lands known as Park Isa and Park Ucha, and other lands. 
4 April 1798     

Will and Testament of John Williams, farmer, of Penralltddu p. Llantood, Co. Pembroke.  11 August 1826, with administration of 22 January 1827

Probate will of Anne Morris, widow, of Broian Mill p. Llantood,  co. Pembroke. 7 November 1842, with administration of 13 February 1843

Probate will of  Stephen William p. Llantood co. Pembroke. 24 June 1763, with administration  of 16 November 1771 to John Williams.

Copy will of David John of Broyan Mill, p. Llantood, co. Pembroke
15 August 1806

Typed copy will of Thomas Williams of Glanpwllafon,  p. St. Dogmael’s co. Pembroke. 14 January 1823, with typed notes concerning the life of Thomas Williams prepared by Mr. J. Lloyd Edwards of 37 Ann Boleyn’s Walk, Cheam in February 1936 (2 copies)

Administration of the goods, chattels and credits of William Williams of Penralltddu to Lettice Williams widow of the deceased. 
7 September 1839

Memorandum of an agreement made 4 May 1759 between William Williams of Trevach.

Notebook – leather bound, old repair containing notes in Welsh, mainly religious in nature. Contains the names of Thomas and John Williams of Penralltdu and the date 1852, but probably most of the text is older.

James W. Bowen in account with David Davies, merchant of Cardigan. Small account book – mostly building materials
1862 – 1875

Small account book relating to payments made relating to the farms of Penralltdu and Cnwch Shinkin. Includes payments for church rate and land tax, cheese, oats, dung, book-binding etc.
1853 – 1856

Small account book – Thomas Williams in account with J.W. Bowen Esq. Mostly payments for building materials for farm improvements, also income tax payments etc.
1865 – 1875

‘The Royal Exercise Book’ ‘William Mathias Receipts October 1878’ Contains receipts for payments made by Thomas Williams on behalf of J.W. Bowen for the lease of Pistill Megan.
1878 – 1884

Sixteen small notebooks used for accounts, mostly expenditure on improvements to farm buildings etc. on Penralltdu and Noyadd, Tryal and Cwmbetws, Gwndwn, Pwllach, Ravel and Gnol, Llwynllwyd, Parkshop, Tygwyn, Blaenpant, Trevach, Cnwcksheulan.
A. ‘Account for Mr. Bowen. Thomas Williams 1859 & 1860’
B. ‘J.W. Bowen Esq. Timothy Phillips, mason’ Contains an almanac for 1865.
C. ‘Account of Timothy Phillip [Blaenffos] work for J.W. Bowen Esq’. 
1863 and 1864
D. ‘J.W. Bowen Esq. Bot. of J. S. Evans’ [chemist]. Records purchases of paint, linseed oil, turpentine etc. 
E. ‘Timothy Phillips Mason Count Book 1868’ accounts of his work for J.W. Bowen Esq. 
Aug. 1866 – Feb. 1868
F. ‘J. W. Bowen Esq. estate – J. Williams Ironmonger a/c Mostly nails, hinges etc. 
1868 – 1869
G. ‘J. W. Bowen Esq.’ J.S. Evans of Cardigan [chemist]. Purchases mostly oil, paint, turpentine etc. Contains almanac for 1869. 
H. ‘Estate of J. W. Bowen Esq. – J. Williams, ironmonger a /c 1870 & 1871’. Contains almanac for 1870.
I. ‘Estate of J. W. Bowen Esq. – J. Williams, ironmonger a /c 1871. Contains almanac for 1872.
J. ‘Estate of J. W. Bowen Esq. – J. Williams, ironmonger a /c 1872. Contains almanac for 1873.
K. ‘J.S. Evans, Chemist Feby. 1873’ Accounts for 1871 and 1872. Contains an almanac for 1872.
L. ‘1874 & 75 J. W. Bowen Ironmongery a /c  [with J. Williams as above]
M. ‘1875 – 1876 & 1877 J.W. Bowen Esq. Ironmongery  a /c   etc. [with J. Williams as above]
N. ‘1878 & 1879 J.W. Bowen Esq. Estate Williams Ironmongers a /c’
P. ‘Smith Book’ J. W. Bowen Esq. to Wm. Davies, smith 1876 and 1877 with almanac for 1874.
Q. ‘County of Pembroke’ J.W. Bowen to Timothy Phillip, mason for work at Penralltdu. 1883 and 1884. With almanac for 1860.

Note listing the baptisms of children of John William and Esther his wife: Thomas, bapt. 1785; Daniel, bapt. 1788; William, bapt. 1791; Caleb, bapt. 1793, at Llantood parish church. Signed by John William and countersigned by William Jones, minister who performed the baptisms.

Leather-bound book inscribed ‘John William is book 1786 / Bought / by [i.e. from] Samuel Hughs Book binder / prise 2s. Bound’ containing household and accounts, details of servants’ contracts wages, expenditure on children etc.

Letters of the Williams family, 1811-1824. Letters are sewn together to form a book. Contains letters to and from the Williams children and their parents. [A transcription has been made]

Itemised bill from Mr John Phillips (possibly of Crymych Arms Railway Station) to Thomas James for freight. 
13 April 1854

Bill from Mr John Phillips (possibly of Crymych Arms Railway Station) to Barber and Son. 
28 May 1861

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