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Acc. 2661

Ref: MUS/58

Papers of the Morgan family of Aberystwyth and London

Newspaper. Seren Cymru: Newyddiadur Wythnosol y Bedyddwyr Cymreig  
27 Hydref 1922
Envelope marked "Bwlch" containing four items:
1. Release: Mrs. Mary Morgan and others to Messrs. Richard Morgan and Rowland Richards of a property called Bwlchgeuffordd in pa. Llanbadarn Fawr
21 December 1894
2. Lease: Mr. Thomas Morgan and wife to Mr. Richard Morgan of a property called Bwlchgeuffordd in pa. Llanbadarn Fawr
26 May 1902.
3. and 4. Lease and Counterpart Lease: Mrs. Mary Morgan to Mr. Richard Morgan of a property called Bwlchgeuffordd in pa. Llanbadarn Fawr
5 January 1905.  

Share certificates issued to members of the Morgan family
- Caerhun Slate Company (1866) 
- British Slate Company Ltd. (1867)
- The Caernarfon and Bangor Slate Company (1867) - 2 shares
- Aberystwyth and Cardigan Bay Steam Packet Company Ltd. (1868) - 10 shares
- The Emma Silver Mining Company
- Aberystwyth Corn and General Market Company (1874) - 2 shares
- Aberystwyth Public Baths Company (1879)

Counterpart Lease of messuage and cowyard at 33 Easton Street, Wilmington Square, Middlesex from 25 December 1871 to 25 December 1915. Mr. John Morgan to Mr. R. Richards
8 November 1872

Re-assignment of Mortgage premises with covenant. Mr. Samuel King to Mr. William Howard
4 November 1858

Assignment of a piece of ground and eight messuages in Spa fields by way of mortgage for securing £800 and interest. Mr George Mitchell to Messrs. Hawks.
20 August 1825

Assignment by way of mortgage of a piece or parcel of land and eight messuages thereon erected in Yardley Street and Easton Street, Clerkenwell, county of Middlesex. Sir R. J. Hawks and others to Mr William Beechey. 
8 February 1830

Deed Arrangement regarding property bequeathed to Miss E. Mitchell by the late G. Mitchell. Miss E. Josephine Mitchell and Mr William Howard. 
14 May 1846

Abstract of the Title of the trustees of the will of John Wilson to a leasehold piece of land on the north side of Northampton Road and a leasehold piece of ground on the east side of Wood Street, St James Clerkenwell, Middlesex. 
30 July 1841

Abstract of Title of the late William Howard to leasehold premises in Yardley Street and Euston Street in the Parish of St James Clerkenwell, Middlesex. 

Abstract of the Title of Charles Kemp to premises in Wood Street, Clerkenwell. 
10 March 1845

Copy Lease of No 4 Pine Street, formerly 4 Wood Street, formerly 19, 21 and 23 formerly 32, 33 and 34 Northampton Road, Clerkenwell, Middlesex. Mr John Morgan by the direction of Mrs Sarah Matilda Wilson and Thomas Smith Jennings to Mr William Thorne. 
26 February 1878

Probate of the will of John Morgan deceased. 
21 August 1893

Printed testimonials of [Dr.] M.J. Morgan from fellow physicians. Three copies.

Roberts and Evans, Solicitors, Aberystwyth: bill for services in connection with the estate of John Morgan deceased, addressed to Richard Morgan and Rowland Richards, executors. Also receipt dated 12 December 1894 from Roberts and Evans to Mr Richard Morgan and Rowland Richards acknowledging the receipt of £100 9s 4d.

Cheque book for the North and South Wales Bank Limited, Aberystwyth. Details of payees noted on stubs. 

Agreement for sale of dairy business at No 13, Yardley Street, Rosebery Avenue, London and to grant a lease on the same. Mr Rowland Richards to Mr John Rowlands. 
19 June 1893

Estate of John Morgan deceased. Inland Revenue Form of Residuary Account and six receipts for legacies received. 

Charges for obtaining probate of John Morgan’s will and receipt for the payment of £13 18s 4d from Mr. Richard Morgan and Rowland Richards to Roberts & Evans Solicitors. 
12 December 1894

Settlement on the marriage of Mr John Jeremiah of Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell and Mrs Anna Betha James of Wootton Street, Lambeth. John Jeremiah and Messrs. John Morgan & Isaac James. 
8 October 1860

Short valuation and appraisement of Nos. 5, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 37 Easton Street, No. 40 Wharton Street, and Nos. 17, 26 and 28 Pine Street, Clerkenwell in matter of the leasehold estate of the late John Morgan.  
14 June 1893

List of Mr John Morgan’s securities verified 26 April 1893.

Will of John Morgan of 33 Easton Street, Clerkenwell, London. 
11 July 1882

Abstract of the title of Mr Thomas Hopkins to leasehold premises No. 13 Yardley Street, Clerkenwell in the County of Middlesex. 

Estate of Elias Lewis deceased (Mrs Morgan as administratrix in account with the next of kin):  list of assets and payments. Also receipt from Elizabeth Evans to Mrs Morgan for her share of the estate dated 23 February 1886.

Note from Roberts and Evans (Solicitors of Aberystwyth) regarding John Morgan deceased, listing the entitlements of Mr Morgan Morgan.

Letter and Envelope from the Cardiganshire Branch of British Red Cross Society to John Morgan. Originally also included a medal and letter from Queen Alexandra for services rendered during the Great War. Medal now in the Ceredigion Museum’s collections.
September 1921

Estate of John Morgan deceased. Seven documents clipped together: Particulars of real and leasehold estates sold; Valuation of six cottages and a piece of land in the p. of Llanfihangel Geneu’r Glyn; List of simple contract debts; List of legacies; Particulars of rent of real and leasehold estates [lists properties in Easton Street, Pine Street and Charlton Street, London]; Particulars of dividends received until date of death; Particulars of payments out of interest. No date except the valuation which is dated 26 June 1894.

Agreement for lease of premises at 33 Easton Street, Wilmington Square, London and sale of Goodwill of Dairy Business. Mr John Morgan of 33 Easton Street, cowkeeper to Mr R Rowland of 141 Tooley Street, Bow, dairyman.
30 October 1872

Draft Authority from William George Howard, George South Howard, Mary Mitchell Millard, Thomas Ross Howard and James Harris Howard, children of William Howard (late of 63 Barbican, London), to executors of the latter’s will to sell his real and leasehold estates by auction. Also a lawyer’s receipt for drafting a lease of 13 Yardley Street, London (1871)  
19 December 1870

Will of Mary Evans of 9 Skinner Street in the town of Aberystwyth in the county of Cardigan. 
7 November 1901

Interest or Share in the Joint Stock of Three Per Cent, Annuities belonging to John Morgan. 
2 October 1860

Two cheques from Mr John Morgan, the first dated the 16 December 1867 and the second 27 March 1868. Both are for new shares accounts in the Aberystwyth and Cardigan Bay Steam Packet Ltd. 

Documents in envelope labelled ‘Elias Lewis Deceased’
1. List of assets and payments regarding Elias Lewis with Mrs Morgan’s name on the cover. 
2. The same document as MUS/58/34 (1) but addressed to Mrs James.
3. Receipt for Mrs Morgan regarding the administration of the late Elias Lewis from J.R. Roberts. 23 January 1886
4. Another receipt for Mrs Morgan for the administration of the estate of the late Elias Lewis from Roberts and Evans. 23 August 1886.
5. The same document as MUS/58/34 (1) and (2) but addressed to Mrs E. Evans.
6. Copy of the Will of Elias Lewis. 23 May 1862.

Envelope addressed to Richard Morgan. 

Another copy of MUS/58/34 (1), (2) and (5) but addressed to Mrs Jones. 

Three copies of MUS/58/25.

The same document as above but with a receipt written at the bottom dated 26 August 1886. There are many copies of this document with the receipt at the bottom, a second one dated 20 July 1886, the third July 1886 and a fourth dated 24 August 1886. 

A more in detailed account of the assets of Elias Lewis. 

John Morgan: Doctor’s Ledger, visits to patients 1936-1939. 

Doctor’s Ledger, visits to patients 1918-1936.  Inscribed ‘John Morgan of 35 North Parade, Aberystwyth’

Receipt from the University of London for an examination certificate of Morgan John Morgan. 
13 July 1885
Certificate after instruction in the practice and principles of vaccination for Morgan John Morgan, from the Local Government Board. 
20 April 1887
Receipt from the Royal College of Surgeons to M. J. Morgan for five guineas, to fee for the final entry examination. 
7 January 1889
Medical student's registration certificate for Morgan John Morgan. 
15 October 1883
Certificate from the Society of Apothecaries of London that Morgan John Morgan is qualified to practice medicine, surgery and midwifery. 
20 February 1889
Certificate for a diploma in Public Health for Morgan John Morgan. 
15 February 1898
Certificate from the Royal College of Surgeons for Morgan John Morgan. 
15 April 1889
A qualification to practice medicine, surgery and midwifery from the Royal College of Physicians, for Morgan John Morgan. 
2 May 1889
Certificate from the Université Libre de Bruxelles for Morgan John Morgan. 
16 February 1899
Certificate for passing the preliminary examinations for a degree in medicine from the University of London, for Morgan John Morgan. 
24 October 1883
Certificate for Membership and Licence from the Royal College of Surgeons, for Morgan John Morgan. 
15 May 1889
Certificate for Licence from the Society of Apothecaries for Morgan John Morgan, of 30 Great Darkgate Street. 
22 February 1889
Certificate for Morgan John Morgan ‘matriculated as a student in the University of London’. 
27 July 1881
Certificate for a diploma in public health for Morgan John Morgan. 
10 February 1898

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