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Important information about the County Archives Research Network (CARN)

(Reproduced by permission of The Honourable Registrar, County Archives Research Network)

The CARN ticket allows access to all participating offices without further requirement to provide proof of identity. Please note the following:

Do not forget your ticket. You may not be allowed access to documents in participating offices without your CARN ticket.

The ticket remains the property of the Association of Chief Archivists in Local Government and the participating offices. Please note the terms printed on the back of the ticket.

CARN tickets do not exempt holders from any fees or charges levied by participating offices. In addition you will be expected to observe any additional rules which may be laid down by those offices. In many you will be required to sign a separate undertaking to observe the office's regulations.

Please take care of your ticket, there may be a charge for replacement.

You may be asked to surrender your ticket while documents are issued to you. Normally your ticket will only be returned once the documents issued have been received and checked by the searchroom staff.

To avoid the possible misuse of tickets please promptly report the loss of a CARN ticket to a participating record office or direct to the Hon. Registrar.

The scheme is registered with the Data Protection Registrar. This gives you certain rights about the way information about you is stored. You may contact the Hon. Registrar at the address below for more information.

If you have queries about the scheme please contact

The Hon. Registrar
County Archives Research Network
Cornwall Record Office
County Hall


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